Halifax, West Yorkshire Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment

Halifax, West Yorkshire Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment

No part of England, or the UK for that matter, is free from addiction; whether it be to illegal drugs, medications, alcohol, or any combination of these substances. Halifax, West Yorkshire is no exception.

Halifax, West Yorkshire Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment

The small town has seen a drastic increase in drug use which is likely due to its near proximity to major drug markets and county lines gangs.

If you are struggling with an addiction to any substance and are ready to change your life for the better, going to an inpatient rehab will provide you with the best opportunity to do just that. West Yorkshire rehabs are available in various forms, but in the event that you are considering somewhere else, Siam Rehab may interest you.

Located in Chiang Rai, Thailand, our alcohol and drug treatment facility helps men and women living in the UK and other Western Countries. Recognised for being one of the best rehabs in Thailand, and one of the leading facilities in South East Asia, Siam Rehab has created an integrated programme blended with evidence based Western therapies, as well as Eastern therapies. This results in a well balanced approach to treating addiction and balancing the mind and body.

If you are living in Halifax, West Yorkshire, inpatient rehab treatment can begin as soon as you make the call to Siam Rehab.

Addiction Treatment Options in Halifax, West Yorkshire

For those who are dealing with an addiction problem in Halifax, West Yorkshire, there are very limited treatment options in the local area. If you are serious about getting help, you will need to travel elsewhere. In Yorkshire and Lancashire, there are several private rehabs that provide various types of programmes. Their costs differ and largely depend on the treatment, location, and amenities. The average starting price of a 28 day rehab with shared accommodation is £5500. Many people prefer to travel further outside of Yorkshire, and this can be a good idea, especially when you are looking for a rehab at a reasonable cost.

In the event of you being unable to cover the cost of a private rehab, the NHS provides treatment free of charge. This may include detoxification and inpatient or outpatient rehab. The NHS is limited in what they can offer, and this is partly to do with their resources and budget. You may also have to wait to gain access to help; depending on the demand for treatment, you may have to wait 3-8 weeks. If you cannot wait, or you are unable to go to rehab at all, please consider the local harm reduction services and charities.

Loved Ones Unite – A support group for family members and friends of loved ones who are struggling with an addiction.

Calderdale Recovery Steps – A self supporting group that provides recovery advice, detoxification, and a relapse programme. A sober living community is also available.

Branching Out – A popular confidential drug and alcohol service for people between the ages of 10 and 21.

The Basement Recovery Project – A service for drug and alcohol dependent people who are homeless or have a limited income.

Halifax, West Yorkshire Drug and Alcohol Use

Although it is widely accepted that drug and alcohol addiction is a problem in Halifax, West Yorkshire, and Yorkshire as a whole, there is very limited numerical data available regarding estimated numbers of dependent or high-risk people. That being said, what is known is that heroin, cocaine, and crack-cocaine use is rife amongst men and women of all ages. This fits a similar pattern to other towns in England. In the nearby area of Wakefield, 93 people died from a drug overdose between 2015 and 2017. Most deaths were linked to heroin and lethal cocktails of fentanyl-laced drugs. Antipsychotic medications are also to blame for the casualties.

Young people are prone to binge drinking, but it is people over 35 who are most risk of developing an addiction to alcohol. The number of alcohol dependent people is unknown, but likely to be around 3,000 adults in the resident population of Halifax, West Yorkshire.

Why Go to Rehab Abroad?

A drug rehab programme will empower you to take charge of your life, your body, and your recovery. You have the choice to choose the best rehab and the right treatment method. Today, there is more choice than ever. If you are living in Halifax, West Yorkshire, you are not limited to a local facility. You can go anywhere for treatment, and many of these centres provide a better alternative to what you might find close to home. The following are a few considerations to think about:

  • By going to rehab in Thailand, you may save money, even with the cost of travel and expenses accounted for.
  • There are unique treatment approaches that are not available in the UK.
  • You can avoid long waiting lists. 
  • You will have the opportunity to break away from your usual mode of thinking and your normal environment. 

By choosing to free yourself of an addiction, you will begin to take your life in a new direction. For many people, recovering in a new place can be the perfect compliment to starting this new, sober life. If you would like to learn more about Siam Rehab, a drug rehab in Thailand, call us today at +44 20 8638 6773.



Grimsby, Lincolnshire Alcohol and Drug Treatment for Addiction

Grimsby, Lincolnshire Alcohol and Drug Treatment for Addiction

Being addicted to alcohol, drugs, prescription medications, or any other substance can be extremely difficult for the user and their loved ones. You might struggle to raise a family, to think clearly, or to be healthy.

Grimsby, Lincolnshire Alcohol and Drug Treatment for Addiction

Eventually, without help, you may think that the drug controls you and hopelessness might set in. This scenario is all too common, especially for men and women living with an addiction in Grimsby, Lincolnshire.

The small town of less than 80,000 people has seen a drastic increase in drug dealing, drug related crime, and dependency. The Lincolnshire area as a whole has one of the highest rates of drug related arrests in England, and there are few signs that indicate any sort of decrease. When those who are living with an addiction in Grimsby, Lincolnshire do decide to get help, they might feel let down when they find out that the NHS is backed up and it will take anywhere from 4-8 weeks to get treatment. Thankfully, this is not the only option.

If you are living with an addiction in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, inpatient rehab through a private facility is available. Here you will have the best chance at recovering from an addiction. Siam Rehab is a leading drug and alcohol rehab in Thailand, and one of the preferred choices for UK residents. Our facility is located on over 30 acres of private, manicured gardens that offer comfort, seclusion, and tranquility. When you come to our Chiang Rai, rehab, you will be warmly welcomed by a well rounded team of English speaking addiction specialists. A tailored programme will be tailored to your needs and begin with a monitored detoxification that is made as pain free as possible. A broad range of Western and Eastern therapies will be utilised into your programme to ensure your physical, emotional, and mental needs are addressed. We are so confident in our comprehensive programme, that we offer a guarantee to our patients.

To learn more about our Thailand alcohol and drug rehab, Grimsby, Lincolnshire residents can call Siam Rehab now.

Grimsby, Lincolnshire Drug and Alcohol Use

In Grimsby, Lincolnshire, drug and alcohol use is rife. The small town is experiencing severe problems with county lines gangs who are smuggling hard drugs including cocaine and heroin into the area. Children and vulnerable women are often being used as the smugglers; while those buying the drugs range from adolescents, men, women, and people over 60. After cannabis, heroin, crack-cocaine, cocaine, and new psychoactive substances are the preferred drugs of choice. Steroids and ecstasy are also common; however, dependency rates are lower. The number of drug dependent people in Grimsby, Lincolnshire is unknown; however, in Lincoln, Lincolnshire, there are an estimated 25 crack or opiate users per 1000 residents.

Alcohol addiction in Grimsby, Lincolnshire is said to be close to the national average, with about 17,000 dependent people in Lincolnshire, with at least 5,000 in the North East area. Although alcohol related liver disease is a concern, hospital related alcohol admissions are at an all time low.

Getting Inpatient Treatment in Grimsby, Lincolnshire

In Grimsby, Lincolnshire rehab facilities are sparsely limited. This means that if you are ready to go to rehab, and you are living in Grimsby, Lincolnshire, you will likely need to go out of the area for treatment. This goes without saying there are organisations in the town that do offer outpatient services; however, these are not equivalent to an inpatient rehab facility.

If you are ready to get help, the NHS provides free treatment. What options are made available to you will depend on the severity of your addiction. For example, if a GP, or organisation, believes your addiction is not severe, you will likely be offered a community or hospital detox followed by outpatient services. Due to the limited resources, only those with a severe addiction will be provided with inpatient treatment. This is not to say that outpatient services are not valuable, but in the early days of recovery, it is widely accepted amongst researchers and addiction specialists that inpatient treatment is the most effective.

In the event that you would like to receive treatment at a private facility where there is an opportunity to be involved in numerous therapies and be given an adequate amount of individual attention, you can choose from various centres in and around Lincolnshire, or elsewhere. programmes vary by facility so you will need to carefully review what is included and what is not. For example, lower cost private rehabs might include shared accommodation or have limited outdoor space. Those in the countryside are more expensive. A 28 day private rehab in the UK starts at £5500, with the average cost being £8500.

If you are unable to get rehab treatment, Grimsby, Lincolnshire does offer harm reduction services, including:

Foundations – This is the point of access for men, women, and adolescents who are addicted to alcohol or drugs. Psycho-social care, interventions, detoxification, rehabilitation, and therapy is available.

Practices in Partnership – Chantry Health Group – As part of the NHS, this group helps people with an addiction to identify goals, seek treatment, and gain access to continued support.

Are You Interested in Going to Rehab Abroad?

Not only is going to rehab the best way to overcome an addiction, but it also provides people with the tools and techniques needed to remain sober. Siam Rehab has helped 100s of people reclaim their life after falling into the cycle of addiction. We understand the challenges that you may face and are ready to show you how to overcome them. If you are living in Grimsby, Lincolnshire and are ready to give rehab a try, call Siam Rehab. 




Eastleigh, Hampshire Drug and Alcohol Treatment

Eastleigh, Hampshire Drug and Alcohol Treatment

For thousands of people living in the UK, drug and alcohol consumption is affecting their health, life, family, job, and/or schooling.

Eastleigh, Hampshire Drug and Alcohol Treatment

The complexity of addiction is so comprehensive that it often takes the assistance of an alcohol and drug rehab in Eastleigh, Hampshire, or afar, to help a person break free of their dependency. Failure to get treatment can result in a broad range of consequences including mental health problems, liver disease, heart disease, cognitive impairment, financial losses, social issues, and death.

The longer you or a loved one waits to get addiction treatment in Eastleigh, Hampshire, or elsewhere, the more you may be at risk for the aforementioned effects. Furthermore, you may experience very uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms; therefore, will require intensive detoxification and rehab treatment. The sooner you get help, the easier it may be to recover, rebuild relationships, and start a new life.

Siam Rehab: A Renowned Rehab for Eastleigh, Hampshire Residents Who Prefer to Go Abroad for Treatment

Siam Rehab is a leading detoxification and rehabilitation centre that boasts en suite accommodations situated on more than 30 acres of well manicured gardens that are completely private and outside of the city. We are equipped with highly trained and skilled psychiatrists, psychologists, counsellors, therapists, social workers, nurses, and other addiction specialists. We will help you to understand why you started using and highlight practical techniques that can assist in relapse prevention and aftercare. Our Thailand alcohol and drug rehab will prepare you for abstinence while allowing you to get out of your normal environment that may have contributed to your addiction. 

If you would like to learn more about Siam Rehab, Eastleigh, Hampshire men and women can call +44 20 8638 6773.

Drug and Alcohol Use in Eastleigh, Hampshire

Alcohol and drug use in Eastleigh, Hampshire is increasing, along with the national trend. Statistics directly related to Eastleigh, Hampshire are unavailable; however, there is data for Southampton, one of the nearby towns. It is safe to assume that because drug and alcohol use and dependency is considerable in Southampton, it is also likely a concern in Eastleigh.

It is believed that at least 17,000 people living in Southampton took an illicit drug between 2015 and 2016. Cannabis is the preferred drug of choice; however, opiates, crack-cocaine, cocaine, and prescription medications are also popular. An estimated 1,647 Southampton residents are addicted to heroin or crack cocaine and a further 636 inject drugs. Drug related deaths in the area are slightly higher than the national average, but not significantly.

In terms of alcohol use, between 2013 and 2015, at least 78 people in Southampton died because of alcohol misuse; this equates to 13.5 deaths per 100,000 which is lower than the surrounding cities. Approximately 30,000 men and women in Southampton consume alcohol at risky levels; another 10,000 people are doing so at levels that carry significant risks of mental and physical health problems. Between 2015/16 and 2016/17, there was a 19 % decrease in alcohol related addiction treatment in Southampton even though alcohol dependency has risen.

In Jul7 2017, the NHS services for substance misuse cut their funding by 14 %, and this may be reflected in the growing concerns of alcohol and drug dependent people.

Getting Help for An Addiction in Eastleigh, Hampshire/Southampton

If you are ready to get help for an addiction in Eastleigh, Hampshire, you will have a few different options, including:

Public Healthcare – Anyone ready to get help from an addiction in Eastleigh, Hampshire will be able to access free treatment through the NHS. The waiting time is approximately3 weeks, and you will be offered detoxification as well as inpatient or outpatient services depending on the severity of your addiction. Although the treatment includes various therapies, it will likely not be as comprehensive as that of a private facility.

Private Rehab – This will be the preferred method of treatment as it offers better staff to patient ratios, more attention, individualised treatment, and comfort. In Eastleigh, Hampshire private rehabs can be accessed in the nearby towns, across England, and outside of the country. The cost will vary depending on the programme features, amenities, and location. A general beginning price is £5500 for 28 days.

Charities and Organisations – For those who cannot go to rehab, perhaps because of work or family obligations, or who would like extra support, there are a limited number of organisations in Eastleigh, Hampshire area.

Inclusion – Eastleigh – A service offering support and advice, intervention counselling, structured treatment programmes, and psychosocial help.

Parent Support Link – A service for parents (and siblings) of children who are addicted to drugs or alcohol.

CGL – Southampton Drug and Alcohol Recovery Service – Single point of access for people living in Eastleigh, and who are ready to get help for an addiction.

Going to Rehab Outside of the UK for Treatment

For many people, going to a rehab in the UK is too costly or too close to home. Others prefer to go somewhere completely new, different, and to a place that offers inspiration – of which can be beneficial to their recovery. If you can relate to this, going to rehab abroad may best for you. Siam Rehab is located in Chiang Rai, Thailand and can be accessed in less than one day’s flight. If you would like to know more about our inpatient, confidential drug and alcohol rehab, Eastleigh, Hampshire, and those in Southampton, can call +44 20 8638 6773.




Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment in Redditch, West Midlands

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment in Redditch, West Midlands

Redditch, West Midlands, a small town once famous for its fishing tackle production, is like other towns in the UK in that jobs are sparse, financial distress is rife, and social behaviour problems are a growing concern. To add to these issues, county lines gangs are said to be responsible for a surge in drug use amongst adolescents and adults. In addition to drug use and addiction, alcoholism and alcohol-related hospital admissions continue to increase.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment in Redditch, West Midlands

Data for the small town is unavailable; however, high risk drinkers and alcohol dependent people is thought to affect a quarter of the adult population. Cannabis remains the drug of choice followed by methamphetamine, heroin, and crack-cocaine. Illegal prescription medication use is also believed to be prevalent, but the number of users or dependent people is unknown. 

When a person is affected by a drug or alcohol addiction, they may feel as if their life is spiraling out of control. In reality, this might be happening. Without putting a stop to it, the risk of experiencing mental and physical health problems, loss of friends and family, or death is considerably high. If you are one of these people, it is up to you to make the choice to go to a rehab in Redditch, West Midlands or elsewhere.

Redditch, West Midlands Drug and Alcohol Rehabs

In Redditch, West Midlands inpatient rehabs and outpatient centres are available in the nearby area, as well as, out of town. Through the NHS you will find a few clinics that can provide you with a broad spectrum of treatment, including an assessment, treatment plan, detoxification, and inpatient or outpatient treatment (depending on the severity of your addiction). There are waiting times are above the average of three weeks, which means you may need to wait 4 or more weeks before you can begin. Although waiting to be treated for certain health problems may be acceptable, when it comes to addiction treatment, time is of the essence. In this case your options may expand to a private rehab facility in Redditch, West Midlands or further afar.

In the area, there are a handful of private facilities. Each of these offers different treatment approaches and programmes, as well as, amenities. The cost of a 28 day programme reflect what is being provided and the starting price is approximately £6,000. Unlike two decades ago when you may have felt forced into staying near home to go to a rehab, today, many people are choosing to leave their surroundings to recover in a new place. Not only can this encourage a dedicated focus, but it also may act as a catalyst for change.

If you believe that going to an alcohol and addiction treatment centre outside of Redditch, West Midlands may benefit you, ask yourself, “Should I go to rehab abroad?” This option is available to you and may save you money, even when plant tickets and expenses are factored in. Furthermore, the care, attention, and treatment you may receive will likely surpass what you would get in Redditch or elsewhere in the UK.

Siam Rehab: The Best Rehab in Thailand

Siam Rehab is considered to be a leading rehab in Thailand and one that is preferred by UK residents, including those living in the West Midlands. Even if you are looking for a “rehab centre near me”, it is important you weigh out all of your options and choose the one that will provide you with the most effective treatment. 

Our alcohol and drug treatment centre in Thailand will provide you with the following:

  • Individualised Care
  • Safe Detoxification
  • 24 Hour Support
  • One-to-one Attention
  • Counselling
  • Holistic – Alternative Therapies
  • Science-Based Therapies
  • Nutrition and Dietary Counselling
  • Fitness and Exercise
  • Peer Mentor Support
  • + More

We are also one of the only rehabs that are so confident in our programme that we offer a 14-28 day return programme.

Reaching out to Siam Rehab will be the very best thing you can do for yourself. Our team of English speaking staff will be there for you to guide you through the early days of recovery and remind you that you do have the strength to get through this.

Support and Outreach Services in Redditch, West Midlands

If you’ve completed a rehab programme, are waiting for a spot to open up through the NHS, or are unable to get help (due to family or work obligations), there are a limited number of help services in Redditch, West Midlands.

Swanswell Alcohol and Drug Recovery Service – Redditch – Part of the NHS, this service offers psychological and medical assistance, as well as, addiction rehabilitation and outpatient services.

Solihull Integrated Addiction Service – South – For anyone living in the West Midlands and struggling with a substance addiction or gambling disorder, SIAS can introduce you to various services that are available.

Are You Interested in Knowing More About Siam Rehab?

Whether you are living in Redditch, West Midlands or elsewhere in the UK, if you are ready to get treatment at a leading addiction treatment centre, please call Siam Rehab now.




Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment in Bury, Greater Manchester

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment in Bury, Greater Manchester

The consequences of an addiction are not limited to the individual, but also extend to their family members, friends, and the community as a whole. An alcohol or drug addiction can cause devastating problems varying from physical and mental health problems to job loss, relationship issues, deprivation, and death.

Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment in Bury, Greater Manchester

Perhaps you have tried to give up alcohol or drugs only to find that the withdrawal symptoms are so unpleasant that you cannot cope with the discomfort. You might feel stuck and as if you are hopeless in getting better. While this might seem so, you can get better. Recovery is possible.

Siam Rehab is a drug and alcohol rehab located in Thailand, and a facility that caters to Western clients based in the UK. Men and women come to our private facility because we are able to provide them with a high level of care at a cost that is less than the average UK rehab. Furthermore, by going to rehab abroad, men and women have the opportunity to get out of their normal environment, away from people and places that may act as a distraction or trigger. It’s also a great chance to escape the weather and come to a place where it is warm, rich in greenery, and conducive to a healthy recovery.

If you are living in Bury, Greater Manchester, and looking for a leading alcohol and drug rehab, consider Siam Rehab. To learn more about Siam Rehab, please call +44 20 8638 6773.

Drug and Alcohol Use in Bury, Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester has a fair amount of drug and alcohol use. In fact, it has some of the highest rates of dependency in Northern England. In Bury, Greater Manchester, there are growing concerns of an increase in alcohol or drug dependent population. The majority of drug dependent people in Bury are addicted to opiates. Approximently 52 % of people in NHS treatment seeking the services for an addiction to heroin or morphine. Just 5 % of people in treatment for drugs are non-opiates and usually attributed to crack-cocaine or prescription medications. Ecstasy and powdered cocaine, as well as, methamphetamine, is a concern and prevalent among users; however, the addiction rates is unknown.

Bury, Greater Manchester has the sixth highest rate of alcohol specific female mortalities in Greater Manchester, and males the second lowest levels in the area. It is known that high risk alcohol consumption is considerable, but exactly how many people may be engaging in this type of behaviour is not understood. Alcohol related hospital admissions were at 1,055 per year in Bury, and there were 292 adults seeking NHS treatment for an alcohol addiction in 2011/12 (the latest statistics available).

Getting Help for an Addiction in Bury, Greater Manchester

In Bury, Greater Manchester, and afar, there are various addiction treatment services available ranging from the NHS and charity organisations to private rehabs that offer alternative treatments and personalised care. Open support groups are also available around the country and are very useful for your aftercare and recovery.

If you have addiction treatment in mind, your options will include private rehab, which can be accessed around Bury, in the UK, or in Thailand, at Siam Rehab. A private rehab will provide you with an intensive, yet safe and comfortable form of treatment. It is the most ideal for anyone with a moderate to severe addiction. If you or a loved one has been addicted to alcohol or drugs for a long time, or you’ve tried other options with no success, a private inpatient rehab should be considered. The cost of a private rehab in the affordable range, and based in the UK, is typically around £1,200 per week. This often includes shared accommodation and limited amenities, such as massage or fitness sessions. At Siam Rehab, you can expect the price to be less than what you would pay in the UK, even when flights and small expenses are taken into consideration. This ensures you will have the opportunity to go to one of the best rehabs for a reasonable fee. 

In addition to a private rehab in Bury, Greater Manchester, or afar, you can consider counselling, helplines, and community groups which are often provided by local charities or government funded programmes . Most of these will not charge you anything; however, they may offer limited treatment due to their resources.

You can utilise the NHS for free detoxification and inpatient or outpatient treatment, depending on the severity of your addiction. The NHS recommends that you consult with your GP to explore your options and to schedule a time that you can begin treatment. The average waiting time is 3-4 weeks.

Time4Change – A confidential first point of contact service for anyone living in Bury with an addiction. A broad range of services are available.

One Recovery Bury – A council funded service for addicted individuals and their loved ones. Support and advice is provided.

Early Break – Bury – A support group for adults and youth who would like to receive information, advice, support, and intervention assistance.

Siam Rehab: A Rehab for Residents in Bury, Greater Manchester

While our addiction treatment centre in Thailand boasts a beautiful gardens, luxury-style accommodation, and a state of the art programme, these things are not all that matters. At Siam Rehab, we have a knowledgeable team who know how to make a difference in people’s lives. Our team comes from a broad range of backgrounds, and some of us have first hand experience with addictions. Others are qualified psychologists, psychiatrists, therapists, counsellors, social workers, and addiction specialists. The experience, skill, and support that our team can provide you with will help you to learn, grow, and recover. To learn more about our leading alcohol and drug rehab, Bury, Greater Manchester residents are encouraged to call us today. 




Bath, Somerset Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Bath, Somerset Drug and Alcohol Rehab

If you are living in Bath, Somerset and struggling with an addiction, please understand that there are people who would like to help you.

Bath, Somerset Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Perhaps you have tried to quit on your own only to find the withdrawal being too difficult to get through. On the other hand, this might be the first time you’ve come to realise that you don’t enjoy being addicted to drugs or alcohol. Whatever the reason might be for you wanting to get treatment for an addiction, Bath Somerset men and women have several options to choose from.

If you are ready to access an addiction treatment programme, Bath, Somerset residents are encouraged to call Siam Rehab to learn more about our rehab in Thailand.

Drug and Alcohol Use in Bath, Somerset

Bath, Somerset is well known for its Roman-era baths and historical buildings. It’s a popular tourist destination, and also home to just over 89,000. Although the area is considerably charming, it, like other areas in the UK, has a fair share of drug and alcohol related problems.

Although police in the area claim they have a good understanding of the drug market, they have not noticed any decrease in the demand for opiates, crack-cocaine, and amphetamines (the most popular drug of choice after cannabis). According to estimates, Bath has a higher than national average rate of opiate or crack users; with about 10.6 men and women, between the ages of 15-64, per 1000. When a drug dependent person seeks a Bath, Somerset drug and alcohol rehab, they will often have to wait at least three weeks to access treatment. Even though it is not advisable to wait to go to a rehab in Bath, this time is significantly less than the rest of the country. A majority of drug users who do get treatment, will be actively engaged in an inpatient or outpatient programme for at least three months; a total of 82 % of clients will complete the treatment. Furthermore, the success rate of abstinence from crack-cocaine or opiate use is 79 %, compared to the national average of 60 %.

Alcohol consumption in Bath, Somerset is comparable to many other areas in England. This is primarily due to the thriving drinking culture. According to the latest data, approximately 17 % of the population do not consume alcohol. A further 15 % binge drink, when they do consume alcohol, and 28 % of adult men and women are either high risk or dependent drinkers. Due to such large amounts of alcohol being consumed in Bath, Somerset and the increase in alcohol related problems; such as, crime, domestic violence, mental health issues, and so forth, the council is considering imposing an alcohol ban in certain areas of the town.

How You Can Get Help for an Addiction in Bath, Somerset

In Bath, Somerset rehab programmes for a drug and alcohol problem are available. The NHS offers free treatment that ranges from a community or hospital detoxification and inpatient treatment to outpatient treatment. Counselling, therapy, and skills training is commonly provided in these programmes. To go to an NHS drug and alcohol rehab in Bath, you can expect to have to wait for an average of three weeks. Public treatment has helped a large number of people recover from a drug or alcohol addiction; however, due to the high demand for the service and the limited resources, you will not get the same care or attention as you would at a private rehab.

In and around Bath, Somerset, private drug and alcohol rehabs are the alternative to the public treatment options. A private rehab will be able to gain access to their programme immediately and offer individualised care. You may also benefit from a broad range of therapies that are not limited to science-based treatment, but also those that are holistic by nature. A combination of these therapies can help to balance the body and mind; thereby, promote a successful recovery. The biggest drawback to a private rehab in Bath, Somerset is the cost. You can expect to have to pay at least £5500 for 28 days. This price is on the lower side and usually includes shared accommodation in city or town setting. Facilities that offer private accommodation and are situated in a secluded environment may cost £8000, upwards.

In the event you’re unable to go to a public or private rehab in Bath, or a nearby area, or you would like aftercare support after treatment, there are a few organisations that offer free advice and guidance.

Off the Record – A free service for those who are between the ages of 10 and 25 and need someone to talk to about life, trauma, addiction, or anything else that may be on their mind.

Healthy Families – An organisation geared to help anyone who may feel their loved one is struggling with an addiction.

ROADS Support Service – A peer support service that provides guidance to people recovering from a drug or alcohol addiction, as well as, friends or family members who have been affected.

DHI Bath and North East Somerset – A government service that can help you with aftercare, and also provides, counselling, complementary therapies, work assistance, resettlement, and floating support services.

Siam Rehab - An Ideal Choice for Addiction Treatment

Siam Rehab is a drug and alcohol rehab in Thailand. For years we have successfully helped men and women from Bath, and the UK as a whole, recover from addiction to alcohol, drugs, prescription medications, and other substances, as well as, emotional and mental health problems. Many of our clients come to our Thailand rehab because it offers them the best opportunity to get away from their normal environment and any possible stressor. Chiang Rai is situated in the north of Thailand and offers a cool, comfortable environment where you can focus on yourself. Our programmes are comprehensive, individualised, and very affordable. If you would like to learn more about our alcohol and drug rehab in Chiang Rai, Thailand, call Siam Rehab now.






Barnsley, South Yorkshire Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment

Barnsley, South Yorkshire Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment

When you or a loved one is struggling with an addiction to alcohol, prescription medications, or other substances, such as crack-cocaine, opiates, heroin, and methamphetamine, you may feel a broad range of emotions.

Barnsley, South Yorkshire Drug and Alcohol Rehab Treatment

A great deal of these feelings may encompass hopelessness, confusion, anxiousness, or even anger. You might want treatment, but in the UK, there are often lengthy waiting times for public assistance and the cost of a private rehab in England is considerably high. These are not the only options available.

If you are interested in, and ready to go to, an alcohol and drug rehab, Barnsley, South Yorkshire men and women weigh out their options and choose the one that is best suited to their needs and preferences. Today, more UK residents are opting to go to an addiction rehab abroad, and Thailand is the leading choice. One of the pioneering drug and alcohol rehabs in Thailand is Siam Rehab.

Located in Chiang Rai, Thailand, Siam Rehab offers a comprehensive programme for men and women. Since 2014, Siam Rehab has treated a large number of UK, Austrailian, and clientele from other countries with drug and alcohol addictions, as well as, those who have co-occurring illnesses such as depression. By choosing Siam Rehab to be your rehab, Barnsley, South Yorkshire men and women can feel confident in knowing:

  • We have one of the best staff to client ratios in the rehab industry
  • We are the only rehab in Thailand with a qualified addiction psychiatrist as the medical director and head of treatment
  • Siam Rehab has a large team of highly trained and well educated addiction professionals
  • All our addiction specialists speak fluent English
  • Our facility offers the utmost privacy with 30 acres of manicured gardens
  • Every client will receive their own private accommodation
  • The treatment programme is fully customised
  • Our programme is a unique blend of Western and Eastern philosophies
  • We offer a guarantee for those who complete the full programme

We know the importance of going to a drug and alcohol rehab for treatment. Barnsley, South Yorkshire facilities are limited, the prices are high, and if you are interested in a programme that includes features similar to the above, you can expect to pay over £10,000 for a 28 day stay. Due to its location in Thailand, Siam Rehab offers high quality care at a reasonable price.

To find out more about Siam Rehab, Barnsley, South Yorkshire residents are encouraged to call +44 20 8638 6773.

Drug and Alcohol Use in Barnsley, South Yorkshire

Like other parts of the UK, there has been a growing concern about the increase in drug and alcohol use in Barnsley, South Yorkshire. While high risk alcohol consumption has been an issue for 2 or so decades, opiate and crack-cocaine is relatively new to the town. Only in the last 10 – 12 years has it become a serious problem. This is likely to due with economic hardship, social pressures, mental health increases, and availability.

Data regarding alcohol and drug use in Barnsley, South Yorkshire is limited; however, it is known that alcohol related hospital admissions are higher than the average rate of England. It is believed that 18.7 % of men and women in Barnsley consume alcohol at hazardous levels and another 5.7 % drink at levels that could be harmful. There are at least 1,095 in public health treatment services for drug addiction. The actual number of users is unknown. Waiting times are between 4 and 8 weeks before a place will become available in the NHS system.

Getting Help for an Addiction in Barnsley, South Yorkshire

As mentioned previously, going to a rehab in Barnsley, South Yorkshire, or elsewhere, will offer the best chance at recovery. Apart from going to a private or public addiction treatment centre, there are harm reduction services available, as well as, organisations and charities. These are ideal for anyone who is unable to go to a rehab due to personal, work, or family obligations.

Barnsley Beacon – A support service for parents and loved ones of an adolescent or young adult struggling with an addiction.

Barnsley Young Person’s Service – A support service for people under 25 with an addiction.

Turning Point – Wakefield Talking Therapies – A service offering talking therapy to adults who have a dependency to a substance or are struggling with emotional disorders.

Siam Rehab: A Thailand Drug and Alcohol Rehab Barnsley, South Yorkshire Residents Will Benefit From

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Alcohol and Drug Treatment in Bracknell, Berkshire

Alcohol and Drug Treatment in Bracknell, Berkshire

Are you struggling with an addiction, but feel confused about where to go to for the right treatment?

Alcohol and Drug Treatment in Bracknell, Berkshire

If you are based in Bracknell, Berkshire, and are finding it difficult to quit, or otherwise, know that it is dangerous to quit on your own, there are treatment options to help you get through the earliest days of recovery. Yes, the symptoms of a withdrawal can make it feel as if recovery is not possible; however, with the right treatment, they can be managed. Right now, it is important to understand that an addiction can effectively be treated.

Located in Chiang Rai, Thailand, Siam Rehab is one of the leading facilities in Thailand and the preferred choice for UK residents who are looking for a treatment centre abroad. In less than one day, you can begin treatment in a comfortable setting, away from your normal environment, and surrounded by a large team of educated staff who want to help you.

If you would like to learn more about our drug and alcohol treatment programme in Thailand, please call Siam Rehab at +44 20 8638 6773.

Alcohol and Drug Use in Bracknell, Berkshire

According to the Reading Borough Council, alcohol misuse is of a primary concern and affects more people than drugs. At least 30,000 residents consume alcohol at risky or dangerous levels. In the borough, which includes Bracknell, there is an increase in alcohol-related deaths, as well as alcohol-related hospital admissions. For example, in England, admissions have increased by 50 % in the last decade. Mike Sarson, an addictions counsellor and the founder of a charity, East West Detox, says that most people are in denial when it comes to their alcohol consumption. He also believes the council is not providing treatment that tackles the root of the problem.

The Bracknell Forest Health and Wellbeing Survey 2014, shows males consume above the recommended limit of alcohol more than women, and there were 190 adults who sought treatment for an alcohol addiction in 2014/15. The waiting time was no more than three weeks, and there was 42.6 % completion rate.

In terms of drug use, heavy or dependent use is below the national average. The Bracknell Forest Health and Wellbeing Survey 2014 estimates that residents between 16 and 59 were most likely to use cannabis, followed by cocaine, and ecstasy. About 2.2 %of this age group were using illicit drugs on a regular basis. The number of drug dependent people is unpublished.

Going to a Rehab for Help

In Bracknell, Berkshire, there are private and public treatment services that may be able to help you break free from addiction. It is important that you weigh out your options to find a programme that is suited to your needs and personal situation.

The NHS provides free treatment for anyone who is in need of help. What you are offered will largely depend on the severity of your addiction, and there will likely be a waiting time of three weeks. The quality of care that the NHS and local charities are able to provide could be questioned – particularly when moderate to severe cases of dependency is involved. This is due to the limited resources, time, and attention they can provide the individual with.

Local Charities and Organisations in Bracknell, Berkshire

Young People’s Service – A service for people under 21 and in need of help for a drug or alcohol addiction.

New Hope – A substance misuse service for anyone over 18 and living in Bracknell. Counselling, aftercare support, and advice is available.

SMART Wokingham Recovery Service – A service aimed at young people and who are looking for structured support.

In Bracknell, Berkshire, outpatient rehabs may be ideal for someone with a mild dependency or who has been to rehab and need something to support their recovery. In the case of a chronic, severe addiction, inpatient treatment will be important to consider.

Inpatient addiction treatment centres in Bracknell, Berkshire, or afar, carry out their programmes in conducive surroundings that enable you to be disconnected from your previous environment. You will have the option to focus on your recovery and begin to make the changes that will lead you towards a healthy recovery.

Siam Rehab: A Drug and Alcohol Treatment centre for Bracknell, Berkshire Residents Who Wish to Go Abroad for Help

Siam Rehab is a leading alcohol and drug rehab in Thailand and provides treatment programmes that are tailored from start to finish and ensure all of your personal needs will be addressed. Aftercare is included and will encourage you to practice and perfect the tools you learned at our rehab, and to develop the behavioural changes that promote your sobriety. You will be provided with ensuite, fully furnished private room for comfort and tranquility. The grounds are spacious, spanning more than 30 acres, and are ideal for relaxation and socialisation. Built-to-purpose rooms for counselling, group sessions, and therapies are also on site. Other services including massage, Thai boxing, exercise, yoga, meditation, catered meals, and laundry are available in the programme.

If you are in Bracknell, Berkshire, and ready to go to rehab, call Siam Rehab today to begin the admissions process.





Addiction Rehab in Burnley, Lancashire

Addiction Rehab in Burnley, Lancashire

Addiction to drugs and alcohol in Burnley, Lancashire is a problem that affects a large number of people. Battling any sort of dependency is not easy for the addict, nor the people around them. If help is not sought, there will certainly be negative consequences.

Addiction Rehab in Burnley, Lancashire

It is important that anyone with an addiction ni Burnley, Lancashire or elsewhere be able to get help whenever they are ready. 

If you are living with an addiction in Burnley, Lancashire, rehab will give you the best opportunity to recover. Without inpatient treatment, you may not receive the knowledge to overcome stressors or triggers that encourage you to drink or use. Furthermore, rehab can help you to understand your reasons for using, and this is something that is very important for anyone who wishes to achieve long term sobriety. 

To learn more about Siam Rehab, an addiction treatment centre in Chiang Rai, Thailand, and a rehab that is popular with UK residents, call us today.

Burnley, Lancashire Drug and Alcohol Use

According to recent figures released by the Office for National Statistics, there were 7.6 heroin, morphine, or otherwise opiate related, deaths per 1000,000 people living in Burnley in 2016 The area comes in second place for the highest number of deaths, with Blackpool coming in first at an average of 14 drug related deaths per 100,000. The national average in England is 1.7 per 100,000. The alarming figures also suggest that the seaside is a hotspot location for heavy heroin and morphine use, as such, there are significantly more deaths in these areas. According to a report released by Public Health England, many of these areas, including Burnley are deprived; therefore, social factors, limited employment opportunities, and housing issues are associated with an increase in drug use.

In terms of alcohol use in Lancashire as a whole, there were 7,935 alcohol related hospital admissions between 2017 and 2018; of these, 959 were in Burnley – which had the highest rate of admissions. It is unknown just how many people are consuming alcohol at high risk or dangerous levels; however, when correlating the data, many believe that there are a significant amount of alcohol dependent people in and around Burnley, Lancashire.

Burnley, Lancashire Addiction Treatment Options

Lancashire is home to several cities, and these areas will be able to offer more resources than for anyone who is in need of addiction treatment and support. Burnley is limited; therefore, you will almost certainly have to go outside of the town for inpatient treatment. One of the concerns voiced by addiction specialists is the high use and availability of certain drugs. For people who are trying to recover, there may be an excessive amount of triggers and temptations which might not be conducive to their early days of sobriety. For this reason, it may be a good idea to explore your options beyond those that are available locally, such as the NHS.

These options vary from going to a rehab elsewhere in the UK, to go to a rehab abroad. The later option has fast become a leading choice for men and women as it enables them to truly get out of their environment and get a head start on their recovery.

Harm Reduction Services and Free Organisations

There are very limited services in Burnley, Lancashire for addiction treatment. The following are those nearest to the area, and a full list of services around Burnley can be reviewed at Talk to Frank.

CGL – Inspire Burnley – CGL Inspire East Lancashire is one of the go to services for people in the Burnley area with an addiction. Free support is available for adults, families, carers, affected friends, and offenders.

Calderdale Recovery Steps – This organisation is independently run and provides people with a detoxification and relapse programme. Educational awareness classes, a sober breakfast club, and sober living community can also be accessed.

Renaissance Community Drug & Alcohol Team – This is the single point of contact for adults with an addiction to get support. The organisation has partnered with other services and can help you to locate groups and options that may be of assistance.

UK Residents Going to Rehab Abroad

You are not limited to staying in Lancashire for rehab. As long as you have some sort of coverage or you are willing to pay for rehab out of pocket, you can choose to go to rehab abroad. For example, Thailand is one of the most popular healthcare destinations in the world, and for good reasons. The quality of care you will receive is similar to the West, but at a ½ to ⅓ of the price. The laid back culture of Thailand is also reflected in the treatment, and very useful for anyone who is trying to recover from an addiction. If you would like to learn more about Siam Rehab, one of the leading drug and alcohol rehabs in Thailand, call us today. 





Woking, Surrey Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Woking, Surrey Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Similar to other parts of the UK, Woking, Surrey has been significantly impacted by the surge in drug use, as well as, alcohol dependency. Sadly, misuse and addiction has taken a tragic toll on the resident’s of the small town, with ramifications for social care, families, and the community as a whole.

Woking, Surrey Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Thankfully, there are options available to those in need of help. In Woking, Surrey drug and alcohol rehabs are available in the form of public and private facilities. If you or someone you know has an addiction to drugs or alcohol, there are facilities that can help you. Siam Rehab is one of these.

Based in Thailand, Siam Rehab is a drug and alcohol rehab that treats adults who are 18 years of age and older, and whose lives have been disrupted by addiction. Staffed by dedicated, experienced professionals, we have successfully helped a large number of people from the UK, including those living in Surrey. Whether you are just feeling the first effects of an addiction, or are distressed by failed attempts at recovery in the past, Siam Rehab would like to help you. We understand you are your own unique person and should receive personalised attention and treatment. When you come to our rehab, you will get the attention you need thanks to our one to one staff to patient ratio. Our counselors and therapists only take on a limited number of patients to ensure they can get to know each one and address your needs as they evolve through the recovery process. Let us help you to make your recovery personal and effective.

If you are living in Woking, Surrey, rehab at Siam Rehab can begin shortly after you make the call. To learn more about our alcohol and drug treatment centre in Chiang Rai, Thailand, call Siam Rehab now.

Drug and Alcohol Use in Woking, Surrey

In Surrey, there are significant concerns from officials about the surge in alcohol and drug use, as well as, their related consequences ranging from illnesses and death. Addressing substance related harm is a key priority in Surrey.

Data specific to Woking is unavailable; however, alcohol related hospital admissions continue to rise and at least one quarter of adults consume alcohol above the recommended levels. It is believed that at least 21,671 men and women are severely dependent on alcohol in Surrey. Of these, 1,400 were received some kind of structured treatment.

In terms of drug use, amphetamines, opiates, and crack cocaine are the drug of choice after cannabis. Prescription medications follow, as does ecstasy and new psychoactive substances; such as Spice. The number of drug users in Woking, and Surrey, as a whole is unknown. However, at risk populations have been identified and include young adults, people over the age of 85, the LGBT community, black and minority ethnics, gypsy, roma travellers, and people with complex needs. In Woking, drug related deaths are lower than the national average with 3.3 deaths per 100,000. Surrey a whole also has a lower than average drug related death rate.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Woking, Surrey

In Woking, Surrey, public and private rehab is available in the surrounding area. A private rehab in Woking will offer you more individualised care and comfort when compared to the free public healthcare. The cost of a 28 day rehab programme in Woking varies, but a standard price is between £5,500 and £13,000. If you do not have private insurance coverage for rehab, you will need to pay this out of pocket. For many people living in Woking, private rehab is not an option. If this is true for you, be sure to consider going abroad for treatment.

The NHS and charity organisations also provide addiction services in Woking and across Surrey. You will need a referral from your GP before you can begin an inpatient rehab programme. Bare in mind that being able to receive this type of treatment will depend on the severity of your addiction. If your GP believes it is “not severe”, you may be offered a community detox and outpatient treatment services. The waiting time in Surrey is around 3 weeks. This can be more or less depending on the demand for treatment.

Woking, Surrey Charities and Organisations for Addiction

There are several charities and organisations who offer a broad range of free services to men, women, children, and families struggling with an addiction. In Woking, these services are limited; thus, you may need to travel to Guildford or one of the nearby towns. I-Access Drug and Alcohol Service is the point of access for many people looking for help. Comprehensive assessments, counselling, group sessions, and information is available. Surrey Drug and Alcohol Care helpline available 24 hours a day. Those struggling with an addiction, as well as, concerned individuals can call the manned helpline for advice and treatment referral information. Catalyst is part of The Welcome Project and offers support, guidance, and activities to those with an addiction, emotional or mental disorders, and other health conditions.

Siam Rehab: An Alcohol and Drug Rehab for Woking, Surrey Families

Your recovery begins with the decision to get help. If you are ready to take this first step towards recovery, Siam Rehab invites you to call our Director to learn more about our cost affordable private rehab in Thailand. Rest assured your call is confidential and will allow you to speak with supportive staff who are ready to guide you through the recovery process. If you’re in Woking, Surrey, rehab is one phone call away; call +44 20 8638 6773.