5 Signs You Need to Go to Rehab

Signs You Need to Go to Rehab Now

Are you wondering if you might need to get help for a drug or alcohol addiction? Perhaps your family members or friends have been telling you this for a long time, but you’ve been in denial. A lot of addiction specialists will tell you that if you’re thinking about going to rehab, you probably do need some help.

If you’re not wholeheartedly convinced, or still pondering the idea alongside denial, there are signs that you should be able to recognise in yourself. The following will allow you to gauge your current situation. It’s important that you take the time to slowly read through each one and ask yourself whether or not it applies to you. To get the most benefits of these signs you need to go to rehab, make a strong effort to let any denial go so you can be honest with yourself.

You have started to abuse drugs and alcohol on your own

It’s common for a substance abuser or addict to use more when they are surrounded by friends who also use. Sometimes, it is only during these times in which the abuse takes place. Once the person leaves that environment, they return home and make the attempt to hide using from loved ones. Call it occasional or recreational use, it can lead to further problems.

If you were in this situation, but now have started to drink or use drugs more frequently on your own, the abuse may have escalated. Ask yourself the following questions to help you determine just how often you’re actually engaged in abuse. Have you started to use drugs during the day, or week, when your friends are only using on the weekends or occasionally? Do you feel the need to drink alcohol when you wake up or as soon as you get home?

If you’ve reached a point in which your drug or alcohol use has became a regular routine in life, you may have crossed a line from abuse to a possible addiction.

A mental health condition enables you to abuse

Up to one in two substance abusers also have an underlying mental health condition like anxiety, depression, PTSD or bipolar disorder. These things can be very problematic for an individual leading to the urge to use drugs or alcohol as a coping method. This is especially prevalent with people who do not have access to adequate health care settings. Unfortunately, drugs and alcohol tend to make mental or emotional issues worse.

If you are struggling with any mental or emotional conditions and are turning to substance of abuse to alleviate these feelings, you would benefit from getting treatment. Rehab centres will help you to identify the disorder and any associated linkages or underlying causes. Both conditions will be addressed and you will learn how to cope with them in a healthier way.

You lie about how much drugs or alcohol you’re using

Coinciding with denial is lying to others about the amount being abused. Most, if not all, addicts will partake in this at one point or another. Sometimes they may not even realise just how much they are actually using, so loved ones may be the actual people who initially point this out.

You may, or may not, have an idea of how much you are drinking or using. If you find yourself lying about how much you’ve drank, how many pills you’ve taken, the number of prescriptions you have had written or the amount of money you’ve spent on other substances, you may have reached a point in which you need to start considering a rehab. When his defence mechanism is not truthfully addressed and accepted, the entire situation can worsen.

You are experiencing blackouts

Both heavy drug and alcohol abuse can lead to brain fog and full-blown blackouts in which you do not remember any of the previous events of that day. Most people have had this experience, especially from alcohol, at one point or another. It can be dangerous and lead to a wealth of problems which leave you feeling confused with no choice than to take another person’s word for what happened. This is a dangerous state to be in. If you find yourself experiencing frequent blackouts which may also be impacting your work, social or family life, it’s a sign you need to go to rehab.

You are involving yourself in risky behaviour

Legal problems, injuries or accidents and precarious sexual behaviours can be an immediate result of drug and alcohol abuse. These risky behaviours can be very regrettable and lead to a host of further problems, some of which will not be reversible.

If you find yourself saying things like “I should have never done that”, there is a good chance you’re involving yourself in risky behaviours. Moreover, if you’re starting to do things just so you can buy more drugs or alcohol, it is time to accept there is a problem. Keep in mind that risky behaviours do not necessarily mean those that have immediate consequences, but can also include things like hanging out with people you would normally not spend time with or going into unsafe neighbourhoods.

Do you need to go to rehab?

If any of the above signs apply to your own life, choosing to go to a rehab centre may be the best decision you could make for yourself.