Choosing the Right International Rehab

Choosing the Right International Rehab Center Does Make a Difference

Thailand is well known for their medical services which include drug and alcohol rehab centers. Chiang Rai, Bangkok, and islands in the south have treatment facilities for people in need of help; however, all these places greatly vary in their features and surrounding environments. While you may not think choosing a location matters much, it actually will make a big difference.

For some people, getting out of the environment they're used to will be vital to their sobriety. Others depend on tranquility and nature to start rebalancing the body and mind. Then there are those who need to be away from temptations which certain areas, countries or cities may have. If you’re ready to go to rehab in Thailand or are sending a person you care about to the Land of Smiles, you will want to know about the benefits and surroundings.

Chiang Rai is a small city North of Chiang Mai. It is an unspoiled gem that combines mountains with cultural treasures and Western amenities. The city is not hugely popular with tourists; this has allowed it to stay true to its roots and keep out the nightlife scene. A rehab program in Chiang Rai, Thailand could be the most ideal choice for anyone in need of addiction treatment; here’s why.

Chiang Rai is Easy to Access from All Parts of Thailand

Unlike other parts of the country, Chiang Rai is very easy to get to from all main destinations. Direct flights from Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Phuket and Koh Samui are available every day of the week. If you’re coming on an international flight, you will only have a short stopover in one of the large airports. Trains, buses and vans are also available; however, in the case of an addiction, its important treatment begins immediately and so flights are generally the best option.

Close to the Border in Case you have a Visa Run

Many people going to rehab in Chiang Rai, Thailand will already have a 30 day visa which is available for free at the airport (on arrival). Or, they may have gotten the tourist visa in their home country. However, if this is not the case, or the treatment has been extended, Chiang Rai is only 1 hour from the Myanmar border. Here, an extra 15, 30 or 90 days can be extended in one day (depending on the country).

Great Weather All Year Round

Chiang Rai, Thailand is considered to have one of the best climates in country. Because it’s at an elevation of 400 m and nestled in a mountainous valley, the weather remains comfortable year round. Summers are hot, but have little humidity and winters are cool, but not freezing. For anyone coming from many parts of Europe, Australia or North America a Chiang Rai rehab program may be perfect for a comfortable acclimatization.

A Perfect Blend of the Tropics and Forest

For anyone who enjoys being in nature, Chiang Rai has a nice blend of tropical and subtropical flora and fauna with a sprinkle of evergreen and pine forests. This combination is quite rare to find and something that can be truly appreciated when in recovery from an addiction.

A City with Convenience and Charm

Although small, Chiang Rai will have everything a person needs during their stay. Supermarkets, shopping malls and small street markets are available for personal items, hygienic care and miscellaneous things. The addiction facility will have scheduled times in which a group can go to these places to purchase their goods.

World Class Healthcare Facilities

Should there be any serious emergency during the addiction treatment or detox, Chiang Rai has leading private hospitals with Western trained doctors and equipment on hand. This means air transport will not generally be required. Moreover, unlike Chiang Mai’s busy streets, the streets in Chiang Rai are less dense therefore, emergency personnel can access the facility and hospital more quickly.

Much Less Temptation from the Rest of Thailand

Thailand is renowned for its busy, tempting nightlife. However, what most travelers and medical tourists don’t realize is that these things primarily take place in the busy areas like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Pattaya and Phuket. Chiang Rai does not have these potential temptations, but is home to more of the cultural beautiful side of Thailand that you may see in guidebooks. Temples, museums, hill tribes, handicrafts, waterfalls, treks and nature is why anyone goes to Chiang Rai. This means for anyone with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, Chiang Rai rehab treatment can be focused completely on recovery without any outside distractions.

Leading Addiction Treatment Care at a Fraction of the Cost

In Thailand, the cost of living is much less than that of Western countries. Addiction treatment programs are available at nearly ⅓ of the cost of other facilities abroad. However, the actual care, support and guidance is not hindered.

Serenity Chiang Rai is a rehab center nestled in the foothills of Chiang Rai. Our cost affordable rehab programs feature a boutique like environment where you can rest, relax and restore the mind and body. Your days will be busy with a variety of therapies and group sessions, but this occupation will keep you from being bored or with wandering thoughts. Through the supportive integration of traditional and holistic modules, you will start to recover from the inside out. This innovative approach to addiction treatment is what makes Serenity Chiang Rai a leading rehab in Thailand and Asia.

If you would like to know more about our drug, alcohol and gambling treatment programs in Chiang Rai, Thailand, please contact us today.