Drug and Alcohol Rehab Perth

Western Australia's capital has its own share of problems when it comes to drugs and alcohol. Not only have there been several fairly major drug busts in the city but local media has reported plenty of incidents related to illicit substances and heavy drinking. While there are a number of rehab centres in the area, locals who suffer from addiction may still find it difficult to find treatment for a number of reasons.

Drug Use in the Perth Area

Perth is a city that has seen it all when it comes to drugs. WA Today wrote about one of the state's largest drug busts with Perth police seizing 321 kilograms of methamphetamines. A gang of four illegal immigrants from Hong Kong had smuggled the drugs in concealed within Chinese tea packages. More than $1.4 million in cash was also confiscated.

Other arrests have also been made. In another case reported by Perth Now, a man was caught with large quantities of methamphetamines and cannabis plus over $100,000 in cash. Police also found seven motorbikes and off-road bikes in his home, four of which were confirmed to be stolen. It was believed this stolen property was sold to then purchase drugs.

In a more unusual incident, four women employed by the WA Substance Abuse Association were charged for drug-related offences. Police said one even tried to supply heroin. In a six-home raid, authorities found quantities of methamphetamines, heroin, cocaine and cannabis. All four were told to leave the Association with the chairwomen saying they needed to implement better screening protocols in the future.

Alcohol Consumption in Perth

There have also been a number of crimes reported that involved heavy drinking in Perth. One saw a 17 year old boy arrested for hosting a house party which got out of control. According to Perth Now, 200 youths were found intoxicated when police broke the event up. When told to go home, the youths trashed eight cars and disrupted train services by walking onto the tracks nearby. The host was sentenced to three months in juvenile detention.

Some incidents have been more serious. ABC News writes of one case in which a Perth driver pulled out in front of a vehicle carrying six people. The resultant crash killed the driver and injured all passengers. The individual was charged with drink driving with a positive blood alcohol reading over 0.08.

Authorities are aware of the issues with one magistrate warning alcohol use in Perth is actually more of an issue than the ice epidemic. Perth Now says heavy drinking causes more cases in the local court than any other type of addictive drug. Researchers are hoping consumption rates in WA fall in the future. According to ABC News, with local economic conditions declining, experts predict people will have less money for booze.

Rehab Options in Perth

There are a number of facilities funded by the Drug and Alcohol Office of the Western Australian government. These include the residential rehab centres of Palmerston Farm, Cyrenian House and the Saranna Program. Services include counselling, group therapy, family programs and art activities for adult and youths including indigenous Australians.

Although there may be a wide range of facilities, patients may come up against lengthy waiting lists. This is especially true thanks to the ice epidemic in Perth with treatment often taking as long as 15 weeks to complete after a three week detox programme. This means those who are seeking a faster solution may have to look elsewhere to successfully combat their addiction.

Alternatives for Perth Local

If you don't want to hop onto the waiting list at one of these government-funded clinics and don't have the funds to enter a private Australian treatment centre, we recommend looking overseas instead. Siam Rehab is found outside Chiang Rai, Thailand where the cost of living makes the total price of rehab so much cheaper. We still offer our clients an international standard of care as well.

We are also a great way for you to get treated in complete privacy. Rather than checking into a local Perth clinic where your family, friends or colleagues may find out, we offer a confidential setting in a foreign country where you can enter rehab without worrying about the negative stigma that drug and alcohol addiction can bring. Chiang Rai is an 10 or 12 hour flight from Perth Airport as well. We will also pick you up on arrival to make your journey here that much easier.