Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in Asia

Below you will find a list of Drug & Alcohol treatment centers in Asia. If you operate a treatment center in Asia and would like it listed drop us an email we would be happy to get it up there. Please also understand we are not endorsing or recommending centers on this list, most we have not visited so are unable to do that. The Thailand link below now redirects to the contact us page as the best way for me to give you information about the centers in Thailand is to speak with you directly.

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Of the drug and alcohol treatment center is Asia, I know the ones in Thailand the best as I was CEO of one for a while and also know pretty much all the people operating the drug and alcohol rehab centers here.

The Vietnam center is run by a Danish NGO and is primarily for locals, I probably wouldn't recommend a foreigner going there for drug and alcohol treatments centers in Asia when you have you choice of Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines.

The Thailand centers that I have listed I have personally visited and in some cases ran them when I was still directly in the industry. The Philippines rehabs are a different story you will find a considerable number on the list. My friend Junjun Abella graciously gave me the list that they put together a while back and I put it out there so the people could find the help that they need. I would like to mention however I have visited a number of rehabs in the Philippines and many of them are real horror stories that I wouldn't recommend at all for anyone. Locked gates and you are a virtual prisoner once you are in there. At the top of the list you will find my recommendations, in a couple months I am planning another trip there and am hoping to do a tour of as many of the centers as I can to hopefully get some more on the recommended list.

The center in Malaysia I have not been to however it is run by a guy I know and I believe from the reviews I have gotten back that they are doing good work. So where I can not say I have had boots on the ground there and due to the remote location it is unlikely I will go just to visit a single center I am fairly confident that it will be a decent center. That said since I have not personally interviewed the people on site so I can not endorse it.

If you are looking for a drug and alcohol treatment center in Asia that suits your needs I would say your easiest route would just be to give me a call or drop me a line, after a brief talk I can recommend which I feel would be the best center for you.