Drug Rehab Melbourne

There are a number of options for drug rehab Melbourne when you find you are in need of help however in Australia they are expensive and often have long waiting lists. A waiting list is about the last thing you should have to deal with when you have made the decision to seek drug rehab Melbourne, or anywhere else for that matter.

I usually start these articles by saying the main information on this website is on the home page, the rest is just fluff so you can actually find this site when you need it. Feel free to continue reading but mainly you will find it very repetitive.

Through medicare and government programs there is help available as well as there are plenty of AA groups and NA groups, In Melbourne alone you will find at least a dozen NA meetings a day around the city. Follow the link in the previous sentence if that is what you are looking for, there are enough meetings in Melbourne alone that you are sure to find one group or the other that fits what you are looking for and that you connect with. I usually advise people that say they didn't get along well with an AA or NA group to go check out the others in the area as no two groups are the same and just like people they all have their own personalities. When you have a dozen to choose from thats a great start.

What happens however when you are looking for a drug rehab Melbourne and not a 12 step meeting? Well as said about the options are there but limited. The costs of the private drug rehab Melbourne centers and others around the country can be quite high, the government run centers can have long waiting lists.

In my time running a rehab in Thailand the largest percentage of clients came from Australia, makes sense really since the staff at the centers here are all English speaking and mostly westerners and Australia is the closest Western country. Also with the huge amount of travel already between Australia and Thailand many people are already vary familiar with the country.

So when looking for drug rehab Melbourne, don't discount the possibility or going overseas, the last thing you should do is wait once you have made the decision to check into a drug rehab Melbourne. As I said above the largest majority of clients that come to the centers here are from Australia and were looking for a drug rehab Melbourne or a center somewhere else in the country before stumbling on this option.

What I do for people searching for a drug rehab Melbourne:

Mainly I can recommend better value services overseas in Thailand, the Philippines or Mauritius. I do not work for any of the centers and am completely independent, so I will recommend the best center for your needs with no bias to any specific center. The centers in Thailand are on par treatment wise with drug rehab Melbourne standards and the accommodation is far superior. Their fees are also considerably less then equivalent drug rehab Melbourne prices. You can do a 28 day program in Thailand for between US$ 9,000 and $13,000 when I wrote this on Jan. 2014, that would be about  $11,000 to $16,000 in Australian dollars. That will fluctuate however as all the centers in Thailand bill in US Dollars.

The staff are on par with the private drug rehab Melbourne centers and as I said above the facilities are probably better then most. With maybe the exception of the Sanctuary, however that one can easily run you over $100,000 a month. If a 100% private and 1 to 1 program is what you are looking for and money is no issue let me know and I have can the people in Byron Bay call you directly.

If the above costs for a program in Thailand are still out of reach I can also recommend a couple programs in the Philippines that offer incredible value for your money. The fees there at one center I know fairly well are peso's 150,000 or about AUD $4,100, thats for a 45 day inpatient program. There will probably be extra fees on top of that if you need medication or detox but they won't be much. Also as you would expect at that price you do not get private rooms, massage and all the other luxuries that you will get in a private drug rehab Melbourne or Thailand. That said you will get good therapy from people with many years experience.

If you are in need of a more medical option but with a luxury resort like environment I can recommend a center in Mauritius that is run by an Irish trained doctor and had a European trained Psychiatrist on staff. The center is very luxurious and the fees are reasonably and a considerable amount less then anything equivelent elsewhere in the world.

So when looking for a drug rehab Melbourne treatment center you might need to look a little father away, there are many benefits to getting well away from home for your primary treatment and over the years now literally thousands of people have travelled for their rehab and treatment.

If you are considering drug rehab Melbourne and thinking maybe overseas is a better option, give me a call I would be happy to discuss your options with you in a pretty laid back non-judgmental manner. You can get in contact with me via the contact page.