How to Choose an Alcohol Rehab Center

How to Choose an Alcohol Rehab Center

Choosing an alcohol rehab for treatment is like trying to decide which health practitioner you should choose in your area. It’s not an easy task and evaluating a center can take a great amount of time. Often you or your loved one may not have this time; after all, when you require help, it needs to be done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Upon the initial review of rehabs’ alcohol programs, it can be easy to notice that every one of them is different. Some are short duration stays, around one week, and others are for a month or more. Alcohol rehabs can be intense and well structured and there are some which are more along the lines of a sober vacation.

If you’re unsure where to start or feeling overwhelmed at the sheer number of alcohol rehab centers, we’ve put together the most important aspects and features to consider when choosing a program. It will help you know what the alcohol rehabilitation process is like from the very beginning and into recovery. With this, you can determine what you may be looking for as well as, compile questions you may have for the rehab center. Ultimately, you will be guided towards finding the best alcohol rehab center for your own individual needs.

Financial Cost

Cost is usually one of the first things to consider when choosing an alcohol rehab center.  It’s not uncommon for a person with an addiction to be nearly, or already, broke when they reach out for treatment. Others may be on the verge of losing their job and some will be without insurance coverage. Financial exhaustion can not only lead to problems in the quality of life, but also hinder the opportunities of going to a quality rehab. Unfortunately, private facilities are expensive to operate- especially in the west. Going to a website to see a sticker price of $30,000-60,000 a month can be discouraging for someone who wants nothing more than to go to a good rehab, but cannot afford the high cost. A rehab center can be more affordable without compromising the program, care and support offered. In Thailand, alcohol rehab can be a third or less of the cost for the same, if not better, treatment.

Evidence Based Treatment

When you’re looking for an alcohol rehab for yourself or a loved one, the most important thing to consider is not the cost or the location, but the treatment protocols used. The best addiction facilities will have a program backed by evidence based treatment methods. This means there is research on the therapies offered and is proven to be effective at helping people overcome an addiction, heal emotional traumas and maintain sobriety.

Therapies Used at a Rehab

Coinciding with evidence based therapies to be included in a program are the therapies themselves. When you’re choosing an alcohol rehab center, you’ll want to look for counselling, individual therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy and more. These should take place throughout the week and be scheduled according to structure.

Alcohol rehab programs which integrate 12 step programs may implement this type of treatment because there have been numerous studies on its effectiveness. One recent outcome on 12 step treatment programs showed they can improve the overall chance of remaining sober, increase the quality of life and reduce the “need for further professional care”.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is another method of treatment widely used in alcohol rehabs because of its ability to help people change destructive thought patterns and improve behavior.

Other effective therapies which are found in integrated rehab programs are yoga, meditation and journaling. Each of these has profuse benefits to release stress, heal depression and improve concentration.  Keeping a journal of your recovery can allow you to process your thoughts, behaviors and feelings in a healthy manner. Ultimately writing can restore physical and psychological health; thereby, decrease the desire to turn to alcohol as a means of escape.

Private Over Public Treatment

Private and public treatment is the two foremost types of inpatient care. Public rehabs are typically run by the government or are funded by grants and organizations. These facilities make a great effort to take care of all patients, but there is often a severe lack of staff or outdated approaches to treatment. Private alcohol treatment programs are smaller and will ideally have between 2-1 and 1-1 staff to patient ratios. The program itself should offer the latest approaches and have any necessary tools or equipment to aid in the treatment. Private rehabs for alcohol addictions are more comfortable and most importantly, are private. This means no one can gain access to patient records or information without court mandated warrants (which is very rare).

Unfortunately, a large number of people will spend more time on choosing a car than they do when choosing a treatment center for addiction. Most likely this is to do with not knowing what to look for in an alcohol rehab. Hopefully by now, you will have a little more knowledge about the initial process of finding a facility. If you have further questions or would like to know more information about private alcohol addiction treatment in Thailand, we encourage you to contact Serenity Chiang Rai. Equipped with a team of professional addiction specialists and integrated program, we are able to treat the whole person, mind, body and spirit.