Malaysia Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers

There is only one Malaysia Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center that I am aware of that accepts international clients. Called Solace Sabah, Solace Sabah is on the island of Borneo.

Solace Sabah Kota Kinabalu, Borneo Residential 12 Step program.

Now as I have mentioned in other write ups, I have not been there so can not endorse them, I also can not justify the expense of traveling to Solace Sabah to only visit one center so it is unlikely I will get over there anytime soon.

I do not know a terrific amount more about Solace Sabah then what is on their website and I must say they have someone that is really good at graphic design and info graphics. There are a considerable number of professionals willing to let the center use their name which speaks well for them.

What I also like about their site is they list their staff and the staffs credentials, when I am asked to review a center this is the first thing I really care about, accommodations and activities are nice and a good thing to fill your time but it is suppose to be a rehab, not a club med. I am more interested in the people that will be treating my client and their experience and qualifications. I really couldn't care less when evaluating a center what kind of training the massage girl has.

Solace Sabah has done a good job of laying out their information in an easy to find manner and seems to have a good team.

Do be warned however when traveling for drug rehab Malaysia, the drug laws in Malaysia are extremely strict, don't break them by bringing anything with you that you shouldn't have as it can land you in a pretty terrible jail for a considerable number of years, or in the grave if they bang you up for trafficking.

If you would like a review of the center prior to committing to the program I have done that in the past for people on a consulting basis however this generally does include fees and expenses for travel and what not.