Physical and Psychological Effects of a Methamphetamine Addiction

Methamphetamine addiction is ravaging cities and towns throughout the world. Within a few seconds, the recreational drug can transform a user into a speed freak. It draws people in for its ability to cause rapid bursts of energy which, with repeated use, will allow a person to remain awake for hours or days at a time. Soon after has this rampant energy is worn off and the user slams into a state of exhaustion; feeling weak and powerless. Methamphetamine is no joke and can turn a novice user into an addict in no time at all.

What is Methamphetamine?

Japanese researchers derived Methamphetamine from amphetamine back in 1919.  These drugs were first used in nasal decongestants and other medications. By WWII, soldiers and housewives were using methamphetamine for its energy surges. However, the powerful   effects of meth were unbeknownst to the drugs’ victims. By 1970, the drug was made illegal in the US with European countries following. It made its way back onto the streets in the early 90s; since then the surge in abuse and addiction has skyrocketed.

Methamphetamine is known as meth, crystal, ice and chalk. It is an extremely addictive stimulant which resembles a white, crystal-like powder. There is no odor and it has a bitter taste. It can be taken orally, smoked, snorted or via injection.

How Methamphetamine Affects the Brain

Methamphetamine is very quick to produce its effects, especially when smoked or injected. The brain reacts within seconds, and the user will feel extreme euphoria and energy from the high release of dopamine and serotonin. This fades almost as quickly as it comes. After the initial rush, the body is still in an alert state of being, but the pleasurable effects are gone. Dopamine and serotonin has been depleted and a sense of depression may set in. With meth, a user will feel very high and then very low; hence why people will use over and over again. This pattern is known as “binging and crashing”. A regular user will build a tolerance to the drug; therefore, will need more to reach the same desired state of mind. To add to the effects of meth, ongoing research is showing that the drug destroys brain cells which store dopamine and serotonin. Without seeking help at a rehab for methamphetamine (or elsewhere), the user can have severely impaired motor and cognitive functioning.

Physical Effects of Methamphetamine Abuse

Methamphetamine alters the way a person makes decisions and can quickly lead the user into engaging in risky behavior which, had they not been on meth, they would never consider. The short term physical effects which an abuser of meth could endure are vast. They range from acne, twitching, weight loss, high blood pressure and malnutrition. Due to a lack of vital nutrients, frequent using will take a toll on their appearance. Often their teeth crack and fall out because of constant clenching and grinding of the jaw. With prolonged use, a methamphetamine addict could damage their brain, heart, kidneys and liver. Stroke, heart disease, brain disorders, skin infections and miscarriage are a true threat.

Psychological Effects of Meth Abuse

Many of the physical effects of a methamphetamine addiction can be reversed. It is the psychological effects which can be extremely damming. Abuse of methamphetamine has a high association with prolonged anxiety, psychotic behavior, extreme paranoia, delusions, hallucinations, insomnia, violent tendencies and even suicide. If the person has any underlying mental health disorders, the aforementioned psychological effects of meth could be increased.

Methamphetamine Use and Lead Poisoning

Methamphetamine can be produced by a number of methods. Many of these involve harsh chemicals and solvents ranging from battery acid, cleaners, detergents, OTC medications and even lead. Known as lead acetate, this poisonous substance can contaminate methamphetamine productions with lead; when injected, acute lead poisoning could occur.

Pregnancy Complications

A pregnant methamphetamine user will likely expose her unborn child to the drug via the blood, oxygen and umbilical cord. This can result in prenatal complications, premature delivery, congenital deformities as well as, cognitive malfunctioning and extreme irritability when born.

Overdosing on Methamphetamine

It is possible to overdose on methamphetamine. A mild to moderate overdose could include irregular heartbeat, high/low blood pressure, muscle aches, extreme agitation, confusion, tremors and rapid breathing. A high overdose can cause “methamphetamine psychosis”, shock, bleeding of the brain, life threatening body temperatures, kidney failure and intense tweaking. An overdose can also cause mild to severe brain damage, convulsions, coma and death.

If you or someone you know is experiencing any of these symptoms it is vital to contact your local emergency response unit.

Getting Help for a Methamphetamine Addiction

Methamphetamine addictions can tear apart a person’s life and those around them. They quickly take a toll on the psychological and physical well being of an individual leading them to do almost anything for the drug. A methamphetamine addiction center is the most appropriate form of treatment.

Treatment at a private methamphetamine rehab will offer a person the vital support and guidance which they will need. Personalized evaluations, monitored detoxification and daily therapy sessions will help the individual to consider the causes of their addiction and address them in a healthy way. From there they will begin to find appropriate ways to replace addictive behaviors while learning a variety or practical coping skills. In many cases, a person in recovery will continue their healing at a methamphetamine aftercare facility.

At Siam Rehab Thailand, we recognize that meth addiction requires very careful, precise and customized treatment. At any given time, we help no more than 25 people. Private therapy sessions, yoga, healthy meals and special activities are all included in our custom methamphetamine treatment plans. If you or someone you know has an addiction to meth and would like to seek the help of a private rehab center in Thailand, please contact us today.