Newport, Wales Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Newport, Wales is facing an epidemic to drugs and alcohol. If you or a loved one has been caught in this debilitating health condition, there are addiction treatment options in Newport.

If you are dealing with an addiction to drugs or alcohol, at some point or another, you might have wondered what the worst thing that could happen to you whilst you’re in the throes of dependency. Although a majority of people begin as a recreational user, the journey towards a destructive addiction is not often by choice. Addiction can happen very fast and is characterised by a loss of control over choosing whether or not to drink or use drugs. The effects of an addiction can be catastrophic and range from organ damage, brain damage, gastrointestinal problems, contracted diseases, and death.

Knowing that an addiction can lead to these outcomes can be very upsetting, but there is hope. You can go to rehab for help. A rehab can safely guide you through a detoxification that is made as comfortable as possible. Afterwhich, an intensive programme can begin. This programme will help you to identify the reasons why you began to use, as well as, teach you how to cope and manage stressors, or triggers, that will arise throughout your daily life. We, at Siam Rehab, understand the devastating effects of an addiction. Many of our trained, well-educated staff has had a first hand experience with drug or alcohol addiction, so we can relate to what you are going through. If you are looking for a good private rehab, Newport men and women are encouraged to call Siam Rehab today.

Newport has experienced a tragic amount of poverty in the last five to ten years. The economy is so low that most people struggle from one day to the next. Drugs, in particular, have became the escape mechanism, but this comes with a harsh cost.

Newport, Wales Drug and Alcohol Use

Alcohol consumption is deeply ingrained within the culture of the UK, including Newport, Wales. Many people will consume alcohol in moderation; however, alcohol is a drug and does carry a risk of addiction. According to the Wales Centre for Health, based upon a survey of 15,000 Welsh residents, more men reported binge drinking, or drinking more than the recommended consumption, than women. This includes 56 % of Welsh men between the ages of 25 and 34 years of age. Women, approximately 27 %, who consumed more than the recommended amount were between the ages of 16 and 24; this number decreased with age. Each year, around 13,000 men and women are admitted to a Welsh hospital for an alcohol related medical condition. This number continues to increase on an annual basis. Around 62 % of the admissions included mental and behavioural disorders followed by alcoholic liver disease. In Newport, there are nearly 17 deaths attributed to alcohol, per 100,000.

In Wales, the total cost of class A substance misuse is 780 million pounds. Drug use is considered to be a serious epidemic and a major concern. Heroin, crack-cocaine, cannabis, psychoactive substances like synthetics, and steroids are widely used in Newport. Fentanyl use has risen over the last year, with some heroin users mistakenly injecting Fentanyl and overdosing on the drug within seconds.

Getting Help for an Addiction in Newport, Wales

In Newport, Wales, rehab options are limited. However, inpatient and outpatient programmes  are available through the NHS. Due to the demand for addiction treatment, Newport residents may face a waiting period between 2 and 6 weeks; depending on the time of the year. If you are interested in free rehab treatment, you should talk with your GP or a local harm reduction service who may be able to help you with a referral.

Private rehabs in or near Newport are accessible, including Primrose Lodge, a facility that is a part of UKAT. There are a number of benefits to going to a private rehab including the individualised attention, customised treatment, integrative therapies, comfortable environment, and more. In Wales, the average cost of a 28 day private rehab programme will be between £5500 and £8000. If you have private insurance, be sure to review your policy to determine how much will be covered. Should this cost be too high, consider going to a private rehab abroad, such as Siam Rehab.

Harm Reduction Services in Newport, Wales

Newport B@1 Service is a free service for young people with an addiction to drugs or alcohol. Information, advice, peer support, one to one counselling, educational workshops, and more are available.

Inclusion, formerly known as the Island Recovery Integrated Service, is provided by the NHS, Isle of Wight Council, and Cranstoun. Here you can receive advice on harm reduction, care planning, community alcohol detox, psychological interventions, and referrals.

Support Groups in Newport, Wales

GDAS Families and Carers Support – GDAS is a service for anyone who has been affected by an addiction, including children, spouses, parents, and other loved ones.

SMART Recovery – This group is well known and offers a scientifically based approach to overcoming an addiction to alcohol or drugs. Group support is available for men and women.

Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous meetings are open to the Newport public. These abstinence-based meetings offer support, advice, and guidance to anyone who is struggling with an addiction.

Have You Thought About Going to Rehab Abroad?

Sometimes one of the most effective ways to begin healing from an addiction is to get out of your environment and surroundings. This doesn’t mean one hour up the road or to the county nextdoor. Rather, it means to start your recovery in a completely new environment.

If you are in Newport, rehabs are limited, but there is an alternative option: going to a rehab in Thailand. Siam Rehab is a private rehab centre that offers confidential, affordable treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction. Just a 15-18 hour flight can bring you to Chiang Rai, where our staff will pick you up and take you to our comfortable facility. Equine assisted therapy, one to one therapy, counselling, physical fitness, meditation, and massage, are just a few therapies we have included in our comprehensive programme, Our private rehab programme is more affordable than those you will find in Newport or the UK as a whole. If you would like to learn more about our Thailand rehab, Newport, Wales residents can call us now.

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