Residential Rehabs Yukon

Residential Rehabs Yukon

Unfortunately there is very little help in the Yukon for people struggling with drug and alcohol addiction. From our research were only able to find one Residential Rehabs Yukon. If you are in the Yukon and looking for help with your drug or alcohol behavior it would probably be best to start by speaking with your doctor. We also found adDrug and alcohol detox listed in Whitehorse which we have linked below at the same location as the small residential rehab Yukon. 

Alcohol & Drug Services - Detoxification Whitehorse, Yukon Phone: 867-667-5777 Toll Free 1-855-667-5777 To provide a safe and secure environment for individuals going through withdrawal from the use of alcohol and or other drugs

Alcohol and Drug Services Yukon Residential Rehab Whitehorse, Yukon Phone: 867-667-5777 Toll Free 1-855-667-5777

  • Clients must be clean and sober for at least five days prior to the program start date. Pre-treatment detoxification services are available if necessary through the Detox centre.
  • The Inpatient Treatment programs are open to adult residents of the Yukon.
  • Inpatient Treatment addresses the underlying psychological, spiritual, behavioral and emotional aspects of the individual and his or her substance use issues.

If you are in a reasonably decent financial situation your primary physician might be able to give you a referral to a residential rehab in the South. As well as there are government subsidized residential rehab programs that you may qualify for.

There are a number of overseas options if this is a possibility for you and I can help with that fairly well in Asia. I can recommend Western run rehabs between $3,000 and 13,000 for a months treatment.

The only assistance I have been able to find for people in the Yukon with the exception of the above detox who are looking to clean up or dry out is the Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous groups. Please click on the links to which one you need for a list of meetings, hopefully there are some in your area. You can also search online and find a number of online groups if you are in an area without local meetings.

With only one residential rehabs Yukon you are probably going to have to travel it looks like if you require a residential stay in order to get your life back on track and live without drugs and alcohol. Thats not necessarily a bad thing, having worked with residential rehabs in Asia I saw a considerable number of people come from other countries to attend our centers here, getting away from their home, regular triggers and social groups gave them the time and space they needed to focus on their drug or alcohol use while in residential rehab and get things back on track.

So first I would like to say if you are looking at this article for yourself or someone you care about who is in need of residential rehabs Yukon congratulations, you have taken the first step. We always say that recognizing that their is a problem is the first step to any form of a solution. Just because there are few Residential rehabs Yukon doesn't mean you should stop looking, you have taken the first step, now don't give you, get out there and speak to the people at the AA, NA, your doctor or social worker someone there will be able to guide you to the services you need.

If I can be of any help to you with referrals to Asian centers, don't hesitate to get in contact with me via the Contact page. I am a Canadian living over here and have worked with people suffering from addictions from all over the world.