Feb 2018 Issue – SDTR Journal

Welcome to the third issue of the Substance Dependence Treatment Review. As mentioned in our masthead, the Review is positioned between a trade journal and a popular magazine. It is meant both for practitioners in the field of substance dependence treatment, as well as a general audience who wish to learn more about different kinds of treatment. We provide edited and invited reviews of substance dependence and treatment topics of interest to those seeking treatment for substance dependence, for their family, friends, and acquaintances, and for the public at large. Publication frequency is six times per year.

February 2018 Issue Contents


Our third issue is devoted to the 1938 manuscript edition of the book Alcoholics Anonymous. This books is the pre-publication draft manuscript, original manuscript, or so-called Multilith Edition of the book Alcoholics Anonymous. There were 400 mimeographed copies made in December of 1938, which were sold for $ 3.50 USD ($ 60 USD in 2017, after inflation). The money was used to help fund the printing of the first edition, and also to receive feedback on the manuscript before the official first printing. Many of these books were returned with editorial notes. There were few changes between the original manuscript and the first edition, which was published in 1939.

The original manuscript did not have a copyright notice on it, which means it immediately went into the public domain in the United States. There are third party countries which enforce copyright if the work is not under copyright in the originating country, for example Germany has legal precedent, but most countries do not.

We hope you find this third issue interesting and insightful, and welcome letters to the editor and general inquiries sent to review@rehabthailand.com.

The Substance Dependence Treatment Review is part of the general educational mission of Serenity Rehab. The Review is meant to help inform and educate the general public regarding treatment methods and issues of interest regarding substance dependence. The Review covers topics which are not a part of the treatment methods used at Serenity Rehab. Discussion of treatment methods does not imply endorsement of those methods.