Jun 2017 – SDTR Journal

Welcome to the inaugural issue of the Substance Dependence Treatment Review. As mentioned in our masthead, the Review is positioned between a trade journal and a popular magazine. It is meant both for practitioners in the field of substance dependence treatment, as well as a general audience who wish to learn more about different kinds of treatment. We provide edited and invited reviews of substance dependence and treatment topics of interest to those seeking treatment for substance dependence, for their family, friends, and acquaintences, and for the public at large. Publication frequency is six times per year.

June 2017 Issue Contents


Our first issue takes up treatment approaches and methods, that are timely and important. Our first article is a review of the Community Reinforcement Approach to Alcohol Dependency Treatment. This approach from the 1970s has always had positive research outcomes. However, the Community Reinforcement Approach is neither widely used, nor widely known. We feel it is important and begin our inaugural issue with a review of this approach.

The remaining articles focus on aspects of the Controlled Drinking treatment method for alcohol dependence, beginning with an introduction to that method: Controlled Drinking - Alcohol Dependence Treatment Method. It seems quite clear that the history of treatment deeply informs what treatments are available in a given location. North America has a deep and important history of substance dependence treatment that is deeply informed by the history of the Alcoholics Anonymous / Minnesota model, stretching back into the 1930s. With less of an impact from this model, European alcohol dependence treatment includes a model of controlled drinking, that can be more socially viable for certain populations (though which can be seen as heresy by its North American cousins).

Following up on Controlled Drinking methods, our first issue is rounded out by two further articles, one on The Sinclair Method and Controlled Drinking, and the second on Selincro (Nalmefene) and Controlled Drinking.

We hope you find this first issue interesting and insightful, and welcome letters to the editor and general inquiries sent to review@rehabthailand.com.

The Substance Dependence Treatment Review is part of the general educational mission of Serenity Rehab. The Review is meant to help inform and educate the general public regarding treatment methods and issues of interest regarding substance dependence. The Review covers topics which are not a part of the treatment methods used at Serenity Rehab. Discussion of treatment methods does not imply endorsement of those methods.