Sep 2017 Issue – SDTR Journal

Welcome to the second issue of the Substance Dependence Treatment Review. As mentioned in our masthead, the Review is positioned between a trade journal and a popular magazine. It is meant both for practitioners in the field of substance dependence treatment, as well as a general audience who wish to learn more about different kinds of treatment. We provide edited and invited reviews of substance dependence and treatment topics of interest to those seeking treatment for substance dependence, for their family, friends, and acquaintences, and for the public at large. Publication frequency is six times per year.

September 2017 Issue Contents


Our second issue is comprised of four articles on the topic of substance dependence treatment. We start with two articles that focus on research on addiction and substance dependence. The first of these takes up the weighty matter of genetics and addiction, and the second the link between ADHD and substance dependence.

The third article takes up the most recent description of Substance Use Disorder in the DSM5, the diagnostic manual for psychiatrists which is predominant in North America, but also popular in Europe, Australia, and Asia.

Our fourth article presents the popular self-diagnostic tool The Three Circles of Addiction Recovery, used in substance dependence treatment, as well as process addictions.

We hope you find this second issue interesting and insightful, and welcome letters to the editor and general inquiries sent to

The Substance Dependence Treatment Review is part of the general educational mission of Serenity Rehab. The Review is meant to help inform and educate the general public regarding treatment methods and issues of interest regarding substance dependence. The Review covers topics which are not a part of the treatment methods used at Serenity Rehab. Discussion of treatment methods does not imply endorsement of those methods.