Drug and Alcohol Rehab Scholarship

Serenity offers a scholarship programme for clients in need that can not afford the fees for the programme. Often we are asked by people, usually past clients and the family of, "How can we help". If you feel you would like to help pay the fees for someone else or several people you can by using the button below. All money coming into Serenity through this programme will go directly to offsetting the fees for people who are in desperate need of help but can not afford to get it.

Due to the way PayPal works to make a button we must put in prices, so below we have set some amounts in the drop down box. If you would like to sellect a different amount you can by sending scholarship fees through PayPal directly to wade@rehabthailand.com

Fully or partially sponsor someone in needs treatment.
Sponsorship $100.00 USD Sponsorship $250.00 USD Sponsorship $500.00 USD Sponsorship $1,000.00 USD Sponsorship $2,500.00 USD Sponsorship $5,000.00 USD Sponsorship $10,000.00 USD Sponsorship $25,000.00 USD Sponsorship $100,000.00 USD

Serenity Rehab supports the idea that everyone should have access to world class addiction treatment. That said, we do not receive any government or charity funding for operating costs. Our fees are as low as we can maintain them without compromising on service and quality.

Our mission is to help as many people as possible become free from addiction. With this in mind we have developed our scholarship, or subsidized treatment program.

Scholarship Program at Serenity Rehab Thailand

There is no formal process for the Rehab Scholarship program. People in need who have limited means and cannot afford the full treatment program fee are asked to tell us their needs, and why they require a scholarship for their treatment, as well as how much they can reasonably afford to pay for their treatment.

When we have a space available in the program, or a donation from an individual or organization to help further fund the scholarship, we then fit the applicant into the program at a reduced fee that is affordable to them. Please understand there is rarely a free program, with the exception of when a past client has fully sponsored another person's treatment.

We want to help everyone, however a client's program can not jeopardize the financial viability of the company. If we go out of business, we won't be able to help anyone. So think well about what you can reasonably afford, and please apply and tell us about yourself. You cannot book in advance for this program, however when a space becomes available we will contact you to hopefully help you on your way to recovery and into the Serenity Drug and Alcohol Rehab Scholarship Program.

In the Drug and Alcohol Scholarship program you must arrive clean and sober, as we can not include detox as part of the program. If detox is needed, the scholarship applicant will need to be responsible for the fees directly to the hospital. The rest of the program however is exactly the same, as we have a balanced and effective program that we are not willing to compromise on.

Please contact us if you would like to apply for the Drug and Alcohol Rehab Scholarship Program