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Siam Rehab Mauritius

Covid 19 update: Siam Rehab Mauritius is open for international clients from around the world. At the moment it is easy to get to Mauritius with weekly flights from Paris, Dubai and Mumbai.

Siam Rehab Mauritius

Siam Rehab Mauritius is a drug and alcohol rehabilitation programme on the Island of Mauritius. 

With a world class team we can successfully treat drug and alcohol addiction as well as other mental health disorders. 

At the moment with Coivd 19 travel restriction for most places in the world, Mauritius is an exception and you can easily travel to us from most places in the world, there is however a 14 day quarantine requirement on arrival. Our government has made it easy to book your flights and accommodations to get here. Simply go to this link and you will find available flights and accommodation options for your quarantine. Upon finishing your quarantine we will pick you up to drive you to the centre. 

Our programme is lead by Dr. Siddick Maurdarbocus, who trained as a medical doctor in Ireland and worked with the NHS in London for many years. The team also consists of 4 other medical doctors, psychologists, counsellors, yoga instructor, meditation instructor, acupuncture, massage therapist and everything else that people have come to expect from a drug rehab centre under the name of Siam Rehab. 

Mauritius Rehab Programme


  • Accommodations in a private luxury Room
  • Medical Assistance with detox if needed
  • Daily Counselling sessions 
  • Educational sessions 
  • Meditation Training
  • Fitness Training (With personal trainer)
  • Yoga Sessions
  • Massage Therapy 
  • Pick up / Drop from your quarantine hotel.
  • All meals (catered to your needs)
  • Laundry Service
  • Maid Service
  • 24 hour onsite staff
  • Excursions

Conditions This Programme can Treat:

  • Drug addiction
  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Obesity
  • Eating Disorder
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • Trauma
  • Bi-Polar Disorder
  • Anxiety Disorders
  • Burnout
  • Lifestyle Change
  • Nutrition and Healthy Living
  • Medication Management
  • Stress Reduction
  • Ibogaine Treatment

Gallery of Siam Rehab Mauritius

Mauritius Addiction Treatment Team

by Siam Rehab Thailand

Dr. Siddick Maudarbocus

Medical Director

Dr. Siddick, trained a a doctor in Dublin, Ireland. During his time working at the Alcohol Addiction unit in St. Bernard’s Hospital in Ealing, London he was fascinated by the powers of acupuncture as part of a holistic addiction treatment programme. So deep was this fascination that he decided to pursue further postgraduate studies in acupuncture, TCM and bio-energy medicine. These studies led Dr Siddick to work in various countries including France, Germany, India, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and China.

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Dr. Erik Fleischman

Medical Advisor

Dr. Erik is originally from America but has made his home overseas for many years.  His previous positions have included the medical advisor to President Bill Clinton, International Medical Director for Bumrungrad International Hospital, Medical Director for Newmont Mining and far too many others to list. 

One of Dr. Erik’s many specialities is Anti-Aging as well as hormone, vitamin and nutrient balancing within the body. As an add on to the programme if a client wishes, Dr. Erik will order the tests and bloodwork, analyze the results and then prescribe a regiment of oral and/or IV nutrients, vitamins and supplements that will help repair the damage that might have been done to your body due to your drug or alcohol use.

Many of his treatment, for example; NAD+ have been shown to help alleviate the symptoms of detox as well as give more energy, mental awareness, fat loss and an overall feeling of wellbeing.

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Dr. Jutta Pauls

Europe Medical Director


Dr. Jutta has been working as a Psychiatrist in Germany, The Netherlands and Switzerland for more than 20 years and can help you in English, German or Dutch. 
With extensive experience in treating people with substance abuse, Dr. Jutta always tries her best to give optimal advice to help you live a healthy and happy life. 
Doctor Jutta studied at the university of Göttingen in Germany.
For clients coming from Europe, Dr. Jutta will do your primary assessment and follow up care and be sure that treatment at Siam Rehab is the most appropriate option for you. 
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Dr. Shawkat


Dr Shawkat was trained and went onto qualify in South Africa as a psychiatrist.

He has a special interest in addiction and the management of co-existing psychiatric disorders.

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Dr. Shakun

Medical Doctor

Dr Shakun was trained in China and delivers medical treatments and counselling. She has supervised many complicated detox cases and has outstanding experience in the use of ibogaine when treating patients addicted to heroin.

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Dr. Dominique

Medical Doctor


Dr Dominique is a Belgian-trained Neurologist and has 30 years experience in the field. Today, he is the leading neurologist in Mauritius and assists our clients who require treatment related to co-existing neurological disorders.

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Dr. Yusuf

Medical Doctor

Dr Yusuf is our day-to-day doctor in charge of the health of all our clients. When clients contract other illnesses such as stomach pain, flu, joint pain and so on (which can often be related to symptoms of withdrawal), Dr Yusuf is there to look after those patients. He is also in charge of all medical detoxes on site.

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Anjum Heerah


Anjum Heerah, a psychologist, brings a fresh approach to mental wellness. She helps our clients to let go of a range of past traumas, which allows them to refocus and regenerate their minds.

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Psychiatric Nurse

Farshad is a registered mental health nurse who was trained in Middlesex at the University of London. Farshad has excellent experience and knowledge in the fields of rehabilitation, substance misuse, acute mental health problems and forensic management. Farshad heads up our psychiatric nursing team and performs most of the twelve-step counselling programs offered to our clients.

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Mrs. Bonnie Olson

Oriental Medicine

Mrs Bonnie Olson comes to us from the USA, where she qualified in oriental medicine. She is an excellent listener, has a gentle personality and, more importantly, has magic fingers! Mrs Olson performs many Tuina massages, acupuncture treatments and energy re-balancing techniques. She also possesses outstanding knowledge about shiatsu for management of pain, sleep disorders, stress and addictions.

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Guest Relations Manager

Corinne is our Guest Relations Manager. She ensures that each guest is well catered for, and often becomes an important confidante, helping to solve problems that may arise. She organizes shopping and sightseeing trips and makes sure that our clients have any personal items available to them at all times. This helps them to fully enjoy and appreciate all the facilities and services.

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Yoga and medication


Mohsin is the centers yoga and meditation instructor. He is a guru with deep wisdom derived from years of yoga practice and spiritual quest. He changes lives with his philosophy of wholesome living and thinking and brings calm and peace to each client who interacts with him. Mohsin possesses a strong mastery of oriental techniques to help calm the mind, ground the body and liberate the soul with the use of breathing exercises, mindfulness and reiki as his main toolkit.

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Spa Therapist

Our senior spa therapist, Kaviraj, has mastered the physical healing arts from India, China, Thailand and the west. He can perform a relaxing massage that will send you off to sleep or stretch your tendons and ligaments, erasing any bodily fatigue which helps to restore flexibility and agility. He is a true master of his art.

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Last but by no means least is Sebastien. Sebastien looks after nursing care and makes sure that each one of our clients has settled into their rooms comfortably. He can also cook the most amazing dishes made with nothing but love, using his gift and passion to transform the fruits and vegetables around our clinic into amazing dishes that ultimately bring healing energy to tired stomachs.

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Roy Faessen

Case Manager (Europe)

Roy has been clean and sober for 7 years using the 12-step Minnesota model.

Roy has worked for a number of years as a case manager helping clients get the treatment they need and is also a trained counsellor. 

When you first call he will help you decide on the best treatment for you and with his own personal experience knows exactly what you need on an individual bases.

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Wade Dupuis

CEO / Siam Rehab Group

Originally from Canada, Wade has been working with addiction recovery programmes in Thailand, Spain, Canada, The Philippines and Mauritius for the past 13 years. Wade helped build the very first addiction treatment programme for Westerners in Asia in 2007. 

Considered by many as the pioneer who started the rehab industry in Asia and structuring the business model to make it much more affordable, professional and effective. 

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René Feyen (Msc Psych)


Intake and Aftercare


René  is a specialist in Addiction rehab, Psychiatric diseases and Trauma therapy. He is a Dutch Psychologist and Business Consultant for 40 years. He also studied  (Post Academic),  Solution Focussed Therapy (Post Academic), EMDR Therapy, Biofeedback and Commercial and Business Economy (Bachelor).

He was  former director of Human Resources in the Retail business, before he started his own practice. His clients have been Multinationals, Healthcare Institutions, Schools (Secondary Education), Local Government, Clinics for Addiction and Psychiatry, Police etc.

René has experience with more than fourteen thousand clients from Board of Directors  Executives to the average person. With his personal style he can facilitate and connect with people from all walks of life.

People call him a straight and empathetic person.


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Martin Prein - MBO

Counsellor (Europe)

Martin provides client’s with counselling on addiction at Siam Rehab. He is bilingual in Dutch and English and has a diploma in Social Work. Before coming to Siam Rehab, Martin provided social care support for teenagers for two years.
As with all our therapeutic staff, he is in active recovery, and understands firsthand the difficulties that addicts and alcoholics face in rehab. Through his experience and training, Martin helps clients understand how it is possible for those with substance dependence to start a new life, and become a disciplined, and mindful person.

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Deposit and Balance Payment via Wire Transfer

Payment of the deposit is due upon acceptance to our programme. The deposit can easily be paid with a Bank to Bank transfer, our company has bank accounts in Australia, UK, Europe, USA, New Zealand and Thailand to make it easy for you to transfer.

  • As each client is unique, so is each programme. We can not state a standard fee for this programme as it will be designed to fit your specific needs. Once you have gotten in contact and we know your requirements we will design and quote the programme specifically for you. 
  • Since this is a completely individualized programme structured and designed for you the costs will be based on your requirements and needs. 

Once you are accepted into the programme our admission team will send you an invoice for the fees, your programme can not be confirmed until this is paid.