Home Recovery Programme

We understand these are troubled times and many people are on home quarantine. This is not an optimal situation for a newly recovering addict or someone thinking about changing their life. 

Online Rehab Programme

At Siam Rehab, we are affected by the Coronavirus the same as you, however our treatment centre is one of the few still open. Unfortunately at the moment due to travel restrictions clients can not get here unless they are already in Thailand.

Please note people needed treatment that are presently in Thailand are welcome at Siam Rehab. 

To address this we have developed an innovative online treatment programme to help you into early recovery or help you stay clean if you are already in recovery. (aftercare)

How are we are doing this? With online one-to-one sessions with a counsellor, group programmes online that you can log into and join with a counsellor, facilitator, real time live online lectures with Q&A afterwards and a group of other people in the same position as you. You will have a schedule of sessions to help you through this difficult time and someone to talk to to help you gain the tools and knowledge you need to live a life free of addiction. 

Online Addiction Treatment Programme


  • 3 one-to-one sessions per week with an addiction counsellor or psychologist
  • Daily Group Counselling (*) Mon – Fri.
  • Scheduled real time educational groups with a world class addiction counsellor with Q&A afterwards that you can join.
  • An online support group of peers in a similar situation as yourself. 
  • Fees for online care deducted from your primary care if you come to the centre after. 
  • Priority Admission to Siam Rehabs In-Patient programme as soon as the boarders open again. 

Fees of Online Treatment

The fees for the online programme are set at US$1,500 per 4 weeks.  You can see above what is included however we want you to know that any fees that are paid for online treatment can be deducted directly off the fees of a primary in-patient programme if you come to the centre for treatment after the travel restrictions are lifted.

You will also be given priority admission the the programme one we resume full operations. 

How Does it Work

At Siam Rehab we teach people how to get get clean and sober and stay that way. Part of the process is learning not to isolate themselves. Unfortunately during this time that is nearly impossible with social distancing, self isolation and quarantines.  Our Online Treatment programme with give the the next best thing, a support network and one-to-one addiction counsellor on your computer in your home when you need them the most and work to do to actively work towards your own recovery in a guided manner. 

Call us today and let us help you get on the path to recovery. 

Please also feel free to call us if you need an intensive aftercare programme that you can do from your home.