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The Importance of Individual Counselling at Rehab

Therapy is an integral part of healing from an addiction. It ensures the patient makes an emotional and mental recovery and can last for several weeks to many months, or even years. Typically, various types of therapies will be introduced to a patient after they have completed a medical detoxification.

The Importance of Individual Counselling at Rehab

The medical detox helps with the physical part of the addiction while the therapies will focus on the mind and emotions that continue to be present once the substance(s) have been eliminated from the body. In general, many patients will have a great deal of confusion, stress, anxiety, unsurity, fear, and other emotions that must be worked out. Only when these pieces can be put back together can a person begin to live a healthy, normal life.

When you decide to pursue sobriety, and a brand new life, you will need to look deep within yourself to identify and address various personal challenges. Therapies, including counselling, group therapy, equine therapy, and more have been specially designed to provide you with the tools needed to manage stress, negative thought patterns, and triggers that could lead you to a relapse. They are also designed in a way that will help you better understand possible reasons why you turned to drugs or alcohol in the first place.

At a drug and alcohol rehab, group therapy and self help meetings are often included, or at least encouraged. While they tackle various elements in the addiction recovery process, they may not provide you with individualised attention. This is where individual counselling at rehab can be highly beneficial.

Individual counselling is an important element of treating addiction, and is used at a majority of rehabs, including Siam Rehab.

Individual Counselling at Rehab

Individual counselling at rehab (also known as individual therapy) involves a therapeutic environment where the patient will be involved in an individualised therapeutic process with a trained and certified therapist. Therapists come from a broad range of backgrounds, including psychology, social work, and psychiatry. They may work with individuals, children, people who are physically ill, or those who have an addiction.

Individual Counselling Benefits

Drug and alcohol rehabs choose to utilise individual counselling sessions in their programmes because they offer a broad range of benefits, such as:

  • The patient will receive individual, one-on-one attention from the therapist.
  • The therapist will have the opportunity to be very thorough when trying to understand the issues, concerns, and problems facing the patient.
  • An individualised approach can be developed to help the patient.
  • The pace of individual alcohol counselling and drug counselling sessions can be completely tailored.
  • Therapy can be sped up, which may be useful in intense interventions, as well as, slowed down when patients may need time to adjust.
  • Individual counselling at rehab enables the patient to develop self awareness by talking about sensitive issues. Afterwhich, non judgemental feedback from the counsellor can be offered.
  • Individual counselling sessions are confidential.

Unlike group counselling sessions that involve a peer setting where each person is encouraged to offer support and advice to one another, individual counselling at a rehab will revolve around one on one conversations between you and your therapist. It should be noted, both types of counselling can complement one another; thereby, facilitating intrapersonal and interpersonal work. For instance, a person who is addicted to methamphetamine may benefit from working with a counsellor in a private setting, but might also feel comfortable talking about their feelings with others in recovery during a group therapy session. Both drug counselling and alcohol counselling at rehab, either in group or individual sessions, can facilitate healing in various ways – all of which will be beneficial.

Can You Benefit from Individual Counselling at Rehab?

It is not uncommon for a patient at Siam Rehab to be weary of individual counselling sessions because they have ‘tried them in the past, and did not work’. What we try to explain is that not all counsellors are created equal, and quite often, the patient had not found the right therapist. For this reason, we, at Siam Rehab, have chosen highly qualified therapists and counsellors who work specifically with addictions and are adept at building trusting relationships with our patients. Apart from having an addiction to drugs or alcohol, if you can relate to any of the following issues, we would encourage you to participate in individual counselling sessions at rehab:

  • You are feeling a prolonged sense of sadness.
  • You struggle to change your mood.
  • You are experiencing excessive worry.
  • You struggle to concentrate.
  • You feel that you might harm yourself.
  • You are unable to maintain sobriety.
  • You have behavioural health or mental health issues.
  • You are in a stage of your life that you find particularly difficult.

The aforementioned benefits can make individual counselling at rehab valuable to most patients, and it does work. Not everyone will need it, but if can relate to the following, you should consider individual counselling as an especially valuable tool during, and after, rehab.

  • You feel an imminent risk of a relapse.
  • You feel emotionally unstable.
  • You have a history of repeated relapses despite a desire to remain sober.
  • You would like to understand why you started to use drugs or alcohol.
  • You would like to resolve the issues that may have led to your substance addiction.

Personalised Individual Counselling Alcohol and Drug Treatment

There is no mould or pattern for individual counselling sessions. Rather, this therapeutic technique is highly personalised to meet your needs, objectives, and goals. Regardless of whether or not you would like to participate in individual counselling at rehab, it is a tool worth considering. At Siam Rehab, a drug and alcohol rehab in Thailand, we can help you to decide if individual counselling is right for you.