Top Reasons to Seek Addiction Treatment in Thailand

The ability to recognize a substance abuse problem and want to get help is a big step in the right direction towards positive change. However, this choice can bring about feelings of uncertainty and doubt. Therefore, as soon as an individual starts planning out their treatment for addiction, it must be put into action immediately. Otherwise, they could quickly slip back into denial and believe their choice was a mistake.

Choosing to enroll into an alcohol or drug treatment program can be long, drawn out and challenging for both the user and their family. Types of programs, location, opting for a private or public facility and cost must all be factored. This can seem overwhelming, especially when it comes to choosing the right location. For some, the idea of getting treatment in and around the same area they abused drugs or alcohol is not comforting. Others are looking for a tranquil place outside of everything they are used to and the list goes on. Going overseas can be a solution to many of these obstacles. A rehab treatment program abroad can offer a clean break from work, family and triggers. It can be psychologically stimulating and physically rewarding. Plus, the cost of getting addiction treatment in other countries outside the west can be significantly less.

Thailand has quickly become one of the leading destinations, worldwide, for medical care, sometimes called medical tourism, including addiction treatment. Thailand is renowned for world class facilities, friendly attitudes and ease of access for a majority of nationalities.

Away from the Daily Routine and Environment

Sometimes an addict can feel that it is counterproductive to seek treatment near their home or work environment. This may have nothing to do with the actual programs which are available, but rather the idea that they are near familiar surroundings; some of which could be associated with using or drinking. Moreover, friends, co-workers or family members may act as a trigger towards the individual especially if there are relationship issues at hand. In many instances, the best possible thing a drug or alcohol abuser can do is completely remove themselves from their regular environment.

Serenity Rehab couldn't be more different from the likes of Western environments and even other rehab facilities. The treatment center is nestled in a tranquil setting surrounded by lush greenery and tropical birds. Apart from the occasional storm, the weather is sunny with daily blue skies and a cool nightly breezes. The person will be away from potential reminders of using and people who could stir up unwanted, negative emotions or triggers.

Zero Distractions

Research has shown that people who attend a rehabilitation center do better when they are not distracted by outside influences.  These distractions could potentially slow a persons' overall progress especially when it comes to overcoming inner conflicts which could be a contributing reason for abuse. In our center treatment at our rehab offers very little distractions which could hinder a person's sobriety. We keep internet usage to a minimum while promoting an intensive program which keeps our clients mentally, physically and emotionally engaged.

Not Exactly Easy to Leave

Entering a rehab program for drug or alcohol abuse is voluntary (unless court mandated). If someone wants to leave the program they can do so in a matter of minutes. However, it is much easier to leave a local facility in that a friend or family member could pick them up and take them to an environment which could cause them to relapse. When someone cannot exactly get home in an hour or so, it could allow time for him or her to think about whether or not they really want to give up. In addition to this, the initial apprehension of arriving a rehab to get help, can be in itself scary and present an opportunity to want to leave. Deciding to go to Thailand for addiction treatment will automatically decrease the chances of early checkout because the individual is in a new place and subconsciously will know they've travelled far to get here.

Safe Place to Heal In

The last thing anyone wants is to be in an area which is not safe or comforting. These feelings coupled with any withdrawal symptoms and the initial impact of getting help can lead to a rocky healing process.

Chiang Rai, Thailand is extremely safe. Crime is low, and what does exist is often considered petty crime like purse snatching. Traveling to and from Chiang Rai is also safe for both men and women at any hour. Even more so, it is easy to get to and can accessed directly via plane to the international airport. Once at the center safety becomes a priority. No one can walk into the center unless they are supposed to be there. A security system is in place to ensure all guests are okay and we have staff onsite 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

100% Privacy and Confidentiality

For many, getting rehab treatment in Thailand or elsewhere is a personal matter. It's not uncommon for an individual, especially with close community ties or a good career, to want to keep both their addiction and treatment as quiet as possible. People may not only be uncomfortable with a local facility, but also those in the same country. This is because certain countries require rehabs to hand over information to government agencies. In Thailand, rehabs for alcohol and drugs do not have to show anything to anyone including officials. Knowing this can offer peace of mind as well as, a true sense of privacy and anonymity.

Western Trained Care at Half the Price

Our Thailand addiction rehab center has full time staff with Western qualifications. Each of these people has a specialized background in addiction and rehabilitation as well as, nutrition, fitness, holistic healing and psychology. They come with their own personal life stories which often help clients to better connect to the team. With this, and the westernized facility, we are able to offer a world class alcohol and drug treatment program at half the cost of other facilities.