Drug and Alchol Rehabs in the UK

This is a set of resources listing drug and alcohol addiction and dependence and treatment options in various parts of the UK.

Substance Abuse and Rehabs in UK Communities

Inpatiet Rehabs Abroad

Another option that many people take advantage of is treatment in a foreign country. This includes a level of anonymity that can not be matched in one's local area. In addition, fees come in at a fraction of the rates in the UK. Quality of treatment need not suffer, and often provided by UK registered health care professionals.

Substance Addiction Treatment in Chiang Rai, Thailand

For UK residents, there are daily flights from many different airports in the UK going to Thailand, you can be in Bangkok 11.5 hours after departure and in Chiang Rai with just a 1 hour connecting flight. A quick search on SkyScanner shows flights from London to Chiang Rai arriving 14.5 hours after departure, including connections, and costing a reasonable £580.

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction and having a hard time finding the treatment you need due to high costs and long waiting lists. Consider Siam Rehab in Thailand. We can help, a considerable number of our clients come from the UK, we rarely have a waiting list and are considerably less expensive then similar programmes in the UK.