Substance Addiction Treatment for Women

At Siam Rehab Thailand we get it. Women and men are different when it comes to substance dependence, addiction, treatment, and recovery.1

Substance Addiction Treatment for Women

At Siam Rehab Thailand we understand. Women and men are different when it comes to substance dependence, addiction, treatment, and recovery.1

Differences in Substance Dependence for Women

There are physical and psychological differences for women when it comes to substance dependence. These differences are measured across groups of women, compared with groups of men, so they don’t necessarily apply to each and every woman. However, these differences can make a difference and it is important to be aware of them.

  • Many of us know women who have a high tolerance for alcohol or drugs. However, in general, women have a lower tolerance for alcohol as well as some drugs, and become dependent on these substances more quickly and slightly later in life than their male counterparts.
  • Women are more likely to be influenced by a partner’s substance use and abuse.
  • As well, women are more susceptible to liver disease and some cancers caused by alcoholism and drug addiction.2

Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment

We understand these differences and implement Gender-Specific Addiction Treatment.

  • In practice this means that our staff consists of apx – 50% female counsellors.
  • In group therapy, both women and men may interact differently in single gender groups as opposed to mixed-gender groups. We provide female-only group therapy (when appropriate), along with co-ed group therapy.
  • In addition, some studies indicate that alcohol and drug-dependent women are more likely to be suffering from PTSD as a result of abuse.
  • For females, relapse has been associated with living apart from one’s children, being depressed, having a stressful marriage, and using within the context of romantic relationships.3
  • Women who have more exposure to rehab (attend multiple rehabs), have an increased rate of relapse.

Women-Friendly Evidence-Based Addiction Treatment

Obviously not all women are the same, and there are many aspects of substance addiction and treatment that are similar for men and women. Siam Rehab is a co-ed facility, whose leadership and clinical staff are fully aware and dedicated to providing individualized treatment that is effective for both women and men.

Our approach is research-based and evidence-based addiction treatment. Siam Rehab adheres to the Principles of Effective Drug Addiction Treatment Guide by the US National Institute of Health. Substance dependence is serious and lives depend on providing the highest level of care.

Female Counselors and Support Staff at Siam Rehab

Sue Sandeman - BSc/CPCAB

Senior Counsellor

Sue, originally from the UK, is an experienced addictions counsellor and group facilitator. In recovery herself, Sue has been working in the addiction field in the UK, Australia and Thailand for the past 11 years. Sue’s formal qualifications include CPCAB Counselling Skills Level 2, NVQ Level 3 Substance Misuse, and most recently, following residential training in the USA, she is also an IRI certified Recovery Specialist. Sue has continued professional training throughout her career, with multiple short training courses in CBT, Working with Resistance, Integrated Practice, Motivational Interviewing, Vulnerable Adults, Child Protection, Mindfulness, ITEP (International Treatment Effectiveness Project), and Psychosocial interventions for adult substance misusers.
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Di Allen - BA (Counselling), FDAP

Senior Counsellor

Di is originally from the UK she has been working in addiction treatment for the past 13 years after overcoming her own struggles with addiction.
Di has worked as a counsellor, team leader and Head of Counselling and Therapies at Focus 12 in the UK before coming to work as a senior counsellor at Siam Rehab. Di has a BA in Counselling and multiple additional certifications. She is also a member of the FDAP in the UK (Federation of Drug & Alcohol Professionals. 
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Marijke Lamont - Dip Counseling, C4CSA

Admissions Manager

Marijke came to Siam Rehab from South Africa. As a recovering addict and, more specifically, a recovering co-depedent,
Marijke is passionately on a quest to carry the message to the still suffering addict. 
Marijke is a qualified Counsellor and is a registered member of the South African C4CSA. She is also an internationally recognized SAQA accredited Addiction Recovery Coach. 
Marijke represented South Africa at the International CoDA Convention in the United States as part of her ongoing drive to bring more awareness to co-dependency.
When you first call or email Marijke will probably be the person responding. During your conversation Marijke will assess if Siam Rehab is appropriate for your needs and guide you through the admissions process. 
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Orrapin Cromie (Aon)

Yoga Meditation Instructor