About Siam Rehab Thailand

Siam Rehab is Asia’s premier addiction treatment programme. Operating out of a remote 30 acre facility we have the programme and services you need to finally be free of your addiction. 

About Siam Rehab Thailand

Siam Rehab operated as Serenity Rehab Thailand from 2014 to mid-2018. Due to increasing confusion with the many rehabs in various countries which have the same name Serenity, we now operate under the name Siam Rehab.

Brief Timeline - Siam Rehab

Founded on Koh Samui – December 2014
Move to Chiang Rai – January 2016
Dr. Mark Sukkhosawat appointed Medical Director
Equine-Assisted Therapy Introduced – May 2018
Name Changed to Siam Rehab – August 2018
Moved into new Facilities in Chiang Rai – November 2018

Founded on Koh Samui - December 2014

Siam Rehab began as Serenity Rehab on the island of Koh Samui, Thailand, in December, 2014. Founded by Theo de Vries, himself a veteran of addiction and substance dependence rehabs:

Ever since the age of 12, I have been struggling with addiction and all the problems associated with it. About 15 years ago I entered my first rehab, and it took me 5 different rehabs to finally admit to myself that my life was totally unmanageable, in all areas and I needed to do something new.

After several years in recovery, I started to dream about how I could help other addicts get clean, and how I could use my experience to help them to stay clean and enjoy a life without the compulsion to use drugs or alcohol.

Theo built a team who shared his mission to share with clients the process he went through, and to provide them with the same opportunity to begin their recovery, and experience how beautiful life can be without having to use any mood-altering substance, and also to share how life can be lived in recovery, free of drugs, and experiencing inner peace at the same time.

This inner peace is widely known as in recovery circles as Serenity, which is the origins of the name Serenity Rehab Thailand.

In early 2015 Theo met Wade Dupuis who is a veteran of the operations and structure of addiction treatment centres, having set up the first addiction treatment programme in Asia for Westerners in 2006 and starting a new industry in the region. 

Move to Chiang Rai - January 2016

Samui is indeed a beautiful location with a variety of excursion options. However, we found many of our clients struggled in being surrounded by such a party scene, especially so early in recovery. We also found that our costs were too high for many who could not afford, but needed and wanted to participate in our addiction treatment programs. Learning from our history treating substance addiction on the Island of Samui, we began to plan and develop a new treatment center. We wanted to stay in Thailand, as that provides significant cost advantages, and it is where we call home. But we needed something more remote, yet convenient to international airports and medical facilities. We found a great location in Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand. While Chiang Mai gets all the press — and is a world-class tourist destination — this makes it less attractive to us. We need to offer our clients a safe, secure location, conducive to building a strong foundation for their sobriety, and far removed from active party scenes. Also, Chiang Rai provides a cost advantage, furthering our core mission, to make our treatment programs accessible to everyone who wants it.

Dr. Mark appointed Medical Director

Shortly after the move to Chiang Rai we began working with Dr. (Mark) Nattapatt Sukkhosawat, MD. Dr. Mark has been practicing medicine for 19 years. He graduated from the University of Chiang Mai Medical School, trained at Suan Prung Psychiatric Hospital, specialising in psychiatry and addiction medicine.
Regularly on site at Serenity Rehab, Dr. Mark oversees all medical needs of our clients, as well as detox as an outpatient from his clinic in town, or at nearby Kasemrad Sriburin Hospital. Kasemrad Sriburin is an excellent private, full-service hospital which offers offers emergency, psychiatric, detoxification, and a variety of other inpatient and outpatient specialties. The proximity of excellent medical care was an important determining factor in choosing Chiang Rai as the location for our new treatment center.

Equine-Assisted Therapy Introduced - May 2018

In May of 2018, Serenity Rehab became the first and only rehab in Thailand to offer Equine-assisted Therapy sessions for our clients, as an optional (not required) adjunct therapy. We have had good response from our clients and most people find the therapy enlightening and enjoyable. Those who find the treatment useful, may schedule additional weekly sessions (with fees paid directly to the horse ranch).
The Equine-Assisted Therapy at Serenity Rehab’s partner ranch is conducted in a beautiful valley on a 100 acre organic farm with 28 horses.
There has been a limited amount of scientific research into the use of Equine-Assisted Therapy and Equine-Assisted Learning. Nevertheless, a systematic review of effectiveness of complementary and adjunct therapies and interventions involving equines found significance in multiple research studies. There is strong evidence for effectiveness of this adjunct therapy, and further research should bear that out. Several decades of practical implementation of Equine-Assisted Therapy have already taken place, beginning in North America and spreading to South America and Europe. Serenity is the first, and only, to offer this therapy in Thailand.

When I went to the horses, I didn’t know what to expect, to be honest. I would see people come back from the horses, and they would have a look on their face. And when I asked them what did they do, they wouldn’t say much. All they said was “you just have to experience it”. –Serenity Rehab Client

Name Changed to Siam Rehab - August 2018

By mid 2018, it had become increasingly apparent that the Serenity name was causing confusion, due to their being many Serenity Rehabs in many different countries, nearly all unrelated except in using the same name. While Serenity remains a deep part of the identity of the rehab, a new and unique name was needed to provide a better way of identifying our rehab.
Previously in the early 2010s, Tim Armstrong, an Australian therapist and counselor with 30 years experience founded Siam Rehab in Nakhon Sawan, a respected addiction rehab treatment facility. After a number of years, the rehab was closed and the name Siam Rehab came into disuse.
After a company-wide creative brainstorming and name search, we decided upon Siam Rehab as the name of our treatment facility. Everything else about the program and the team remains the same.

Move to new Facilities in Chiang Rai - November 2018

On 06 November 2018 Siam Rehab moved into it’s new 30 acre facility a few kilometres from its previous location in Chiang Rai.
Siam Rehab operated as Serenity Rehab Thailand from 2014 to mid-2018. Due to increasing confusion with the many rehabs in various countries which have the same name Serenity, we now operate under the name Siam Rehab.