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Volunteering at Siam Rehab Thailand

Medical care is provided by Dr. Mark Sukkhosawat, a licensed psychiatrist and general practitioner M.D. specializing in substance addiction treatment, with 19 years of experience.

Mei's Experience as a Graduate and Volunteer

Mei came to us as a client and ended up staying with us for almost 2 years as a volunteer and support worker until her journey took her off to new adventures.
Volunteering is an opportunity for some clients who finish a 16 week programme at Siam Rehab to stay on longer at a reduced fee.
Siam Rehab volunteers are clients who have done exceptionally well and it is believed by the therapeutic team that they will be a benefit to the new arrivals. They also get a chance to learn new skills and build on their own recovery adding additional clean time in a safe and secure environment.

Some Positions for Volunteers

  • Fitness Assistant
  • Evening Support Worker
  • Assistant Online Marketing

Benefits of Volunteering

  • Build upon your personal recovery
  • Half day work and a half day therapy programme
  • All meals included when on-site
  • Accommodation provided On-Site and Off-Site (When you are ready)
  • Transportation provided when you transition to Off-site accommodations
  • Medical insurance provided (travel medical insurance provided in fees)
  • Long stay visa provided
  • Weekly pocket money allowance (Included in fees and given to you weekly)
  • Chance to learn counselling skills
  • Structured programme to learn life skills and work ethics


Responsibilities of volunteers

  • Proactive and willing to work as a team.
  • Willing to submit to regular drug and alcohol testing.
  • This is not a “free” programme, it will be about 50% of the costs of full time treatment and your accommodation, transportation, pocket money, etc. will be pre-paid and budgeted in advance.

Some past clients have transitioned to a paid position at the centre as full time employees in the past. This will take at least a year and you will have to prove yourself.