Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to Siam Rehab programmes

The following terms and conditions apply to Siam Rehab programmes

Treatment Programme Amenities

Included in our treatment programmes are lodging, meals, excursions, therapeutic massage, personal training, Muay Thai Boxing, use of resort facilities, a team of experienced professional counsellors and support staff who provide a high level of comfort and care. In fact the only things not included in the fees are your pocket money for cigarettes (if a smoker), airfare to Chiang Rai and hospitalization (if required)

Detox and Medication Terms and Conditions

  • Siam Rehab covers the costs of your initial doctor’s visit with health check, weekly check ups and detox medication to a maximum budget of US$300
  • Medication and treatment for other conditions is not included, such as blood pressure medication, diabetes medication, anti-depressants, etc.
  • In-patient medical care, either at a clinic or hospital, is not covered by Siam Rehab and you will be billed directly by the clinic or hospital. (The vast majority of clients do not need any in-patient care.)
  • Clients will be admitted to Siam Rehab if their goal is complete abstinence from unnecessary mood-altering medication. Clients may not stay on methadone or benzodiazepines for the full course of treatment at Siam Rehab.
  • Even if prescribed by a doctor in the clients’ home country, all medication taken at Siam Rehab for detox or other conditions must be approved by Dr. Mark.

More about Detox and Medication at Siam Rehab

Free Return in the Event of a Relapse

Siam Rehab offers an industry unique treatment guarantee. 

If in the first year in the unlikely event you do relapse you can return to Siam Rehab at no additional treatment costs assuming you have fulfilled the following conditions. 

1a: You completed an 8 week treatment programme and graduated free of all mood altering substances and experience a relapse in the first 12 months; you are entitled to return for 14 days, the treatment costs will be waived. 


1b: You completed a 12 week treatment programme and graduated free of all mood altering substances and experience a relapse in the first 12 months; you are entitled to return for 28 days, the treatment costs will be waived. 

2: You returned to your home country immediately after treatment and did not stay in Thailand or the neighbouring countries, unless you were a resident of that country immediately prior to attending Siam Rehab. 

3: You graduated from your programme and were not discharged or left early against the therapeutic teams advice. 

4: You paid the full programme fees or it was agreed that you would still be entitled to a return programme if needed. 

You are responsible for your airfare and any detox medication from the doctor, if needed. 

No Show and Delayed Arrivals

If you are booked into the Siam Rehab programme and do not arrive on your reservation date without making a prior arrangement with the Siam Rehab management you agree that all terms and conditions above apply as if you arrived on the day expected, this includes refund policy, etc. Your programme will also begin on the day of your expected arrival and your completion date will reflect that.

Fair Refund Policy at Siam Rehab

At Siam Rehab we only accept clients into the programme who are committed to recovery and want to change their lifestyle. We also maintain our fees at the lowest possible rates in order to help people regardless of economic situation. In order to maintain our fees at such a low rate for the quality of programme offered, we need to rely on our clients. A cancellation can affect the viability of the programme.

When booking at Siam Rehab the deposit is non-refundable as this is to secure your place in the programme and other potential clients will need to be turned away. The balance of fees is due upon arrival. If for any reason a client chooses to leave in the first 5 days after arrival, 50% of the balance paid will be returned to you. However Siam Rehab will never give a client a cash refund as having a significant amount of money in Thailand could lead to all kinds of trouble. Your refund will be transferred to you in your country of origin once you are home safely. *Please note: We require permission from the revenue department to transfer refunds back to you without having to pay the tax on the funds, this can sometimes take 2 to 4 months.

In some extreme cases a client can be discharged with no refund offered, this would only be done for breaking serious rules or criminal behaviour. Some examples are; being found intoxicated or on non-prescribed drugs in the rehab, violence towards a client or staff member, being in possession of alcohol or illegal drugs or non-prescribed medication, having a sexual relation with another client, racism or other socially unacceptable behaviour, verbal threats towards another client or staff member, suicide threats/attempts, self-harming attempts. Please note this is not an inclusive list. 

*If you come to Siam Rehab under a scholarship programme or at a discounted fee there is no refund for the first month of treatment if you choose to leave in the first 5 days. This is due to the fact that we have had to turn other people away that were willing to pay the full programme fees. 

Note: All refunds must be agreed on prior to discharge and departure from Siam Rehab, future requests after clients have already departed, will not be considered.