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Long term rehab in Thailand

Siam Rehab’s long term rehab in Thailand.  Presented by world class physicians, psychologists and addiction counsellors. 

Long Term Rehab in Thailand 90 days+

long term rehab thailand

Many young adults we encounter have experienced multiple rounds of rehab, often lasting one or two months, only to relapse soon after. This pattern is understandable given that addiction often takes more than just a few months to develop. Therefore, a compelling case can be made for recovery taking longer than a few short months to stabilize.

Siam Rehab offers a comprehensive long-term treatment program primarily aimed at younger adults. Our program is open to individuals aged 18 and over.

A long-term rehab is typically longer than three months and may extend to a year or more. In addition to promoting sobriety and teaching the skills required to maintain it, our program emphasizes education and life skills. All participants in Siam Rehab’s long-term program are required to engage in some form of study. This could range from learning the Thai language to finishing high school, or from training in boxing and Muay Thai to becoming a fitness instructor. For a practicing carpenter, for instance, an accounting certificate could prove useful upon returning to work. Given the opportunities provided by online learning, these are all viable options.

The study component of the program is tailored to each individual’s interests and needs. Furthermore, through Siam Rehab’s fitness program, you will attain the best physical shape of your life.

Included in your Programme


  • Private room with en-suit bathroom
  • All meals (onsite)
  • Twice Weekly 1-to-1 Counselling sessions in Primary
  • Daily Educational Group sessions
  • Daily Recovery Group Sessions
  • Meditation Training
  • Fitness Training 
  • Muay Thai Boxing Training (optional)
  • Yoga Sessions
  • Pick up / Drop off at Chiang Rai Airport
  • Laundry Service
  • Maid Service 
  • 24 hour onsite staff
  • Weekly excursions
  • High Speed fiber internet on site

Not Included:

  • Airfare to Chiang Rai
  • Tuition fees for your online/onsite courses
  • Visa and visa extensions
  • Medication from the doctor
  • Additional doctor visits and transportation
  • Transportation for non-treatment related activities
  •  Additional massage and spa treatments

What is Long Term Rehab?

Long-term rehabilitation programs typically span over 90 days, with some extending six months or more. These programs are designed to offer more intensive, all-encompassing care compared to their shorter-term counterparts. Their primary objective is to aid individuals in overcoming addiction or behavioral health issues, ultimately establishing a robust foundation for sustained recovery.

Such programs provide a variety of services that encompass individual and group therapy, family therapy, medical detoxification, medication management, psychiatric care, and holistic therapies like yoga, meditation, and fitness, among others. The extended duration allows a more thorough approach to treatment, particularly targeting the underlying issues that fuel addiction or mental health complications.

At Siam Rehab, we facilitate a structured environment characterized by a consistent routine. This structure is notably beneficial for individuals who struggle with impulse control or those who require additional support in fostering healthy habits. Moreover, peer support is a crucial element of our long-term rehabilitation program, fostering a tight-knit community that provides ongoing support and encouragement.

Benefits of long-term rehab Thailand

Increased chances of sustained recovery: Studies indicate that prolonged rehab stays correlate with superior outcomes, including reduced relapse rates. This could be due to the extended time frame that long-term rehab provides for individuals to acquire new coping mechanisms, tackle underlying problems, and build a more robust support network.

More thorough treatment: Extended programs usually encompass a broader range of services compared to shorter ones. These include individual therapy, group therapy, family therapy, psychiatric care, medical detox, medication management, and holistic therapies such as yoga and meditation.

Emphasis on underlying issues: Extended programs allow for more time and resources to be dedicated to addressing root causes that contribute to addiction or mental health disorders. These could range from trauma and co-occurring disorders to unresolved emotional concerns.

Peer support: Long-term rehab programs foster a close-knit community of peers who offer continuous support and motivation. This feature can be particularly beneficial for those who have previously struggled with isolation or loneliness.

Structured environment: Long-term rehab provides a highly organized setting with a predictable routine, which can be significantly beneficial for those grappling with impulse control or needing additional support to establish healthy habits.

Minimized distractions: Siam Rehab’s program is situated in a remote location, effectively reducing distractions and temptations that could potentially impede recovery.

For individuals committed to recovery and in need of intensive support to overcome addiction or other behavioral health issues, long-term rehab can serve as an invaluable option.

Who is Long Term Rehab for?

Long-term rehabilitation is typically suggested for individuals who have battled addiction or other behavioral health issues for a prolonged duration, or those who have tried short-term rehab programs without achieving the desired results. It can also be a suitable option for those with a history of recurring relapse.

Such rehabilitation is generally advised for people displaying high motivation to effect a significant change in their lives and demonstrating a commitment to the process of recovery. It may prove particularly advantageous for individuals who have attempted different treatment methods in the past without achieving sustained sobriety or recovery.

Costs of Long Term Rehab

One common concern related to any addiction treatment program is the associated cost. Thankfully, due to lower operational expenses in Thailand, Siam Rehab can offer a program at a significantly reduced price compared to equivalent options in Western countries. In most instances, the cost of a one-year program at Siam Rehab is less than a three-month program at many facilities in the USA or UK. This remains true even after incorporating additional expenses such as airfare, visa extensions, and educational tuition fees.

Is Long-Term Rehab Right for You?

Whether long-term rehab is the right choice for you depends largely on your personal needs and circumstances. If you’ve been battling addiction or other behavioral health issues for a significant duration, have attempted shorter rehab programs without achieving success, or have a history of recurrent relapse, long-term rehab might be a suitable option for you.

This form of rehab can also prove beneficial if your addiction has led to substantial ramifications, such as legal or financial troubles, strained relationships, or health problems. Moreover, if you’re dealing with underlying mental health conditions or have experienced trauma, long-term rehab can offer the time and resources necessary to address these issues as part of your recovery journey.

It’s vital to remember that long-term rehab requires a substantial commitment in terms of time, resources, and effort. It isn’t a quick fix but rather a comprehensive approach to managing addiction or other behavioral health issues and building a foundation for enduring recovery. This process will encompass a highly structured environment, daily therapy sessions, and engagement in a community of peers.

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