Group Counselling

Siam Rehab group counseling is a cornerstone of our recovery program, offering a supportive environment where clients realize they are not alone. This setting facilitates learning from others who have successfully navigated similar challenges, providing reassurance that current obstacles can be overcome.
Clients sitting in a circle with counselor during group therapy in the Siam Rehab counseling room

Siam Rehab Group Counselling for  Recovery

Siam Rehab is Asia’s premier addiction treatment program, clients will take part in daily group counselling as well as their 1-to1’s. Although we place great emphasis on the importance of 1-to-1 counselling sessions, we know and understand that it is in the group counselling sessions where the true miracle of recovery unfolds.

One addict relating to another addict, one addict listening to another addict, one addict giving feedback to another addict has proven to be incredibly therapeutic and healing.

Each group counselling session is usually facilitated by at least 2 counsellors. It is in these group sessions that our clients are taught how to deal with a range of emotions such as anger, shyness, loneliness and low self-esteem.
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Siam Rehab clients sitting in a circle on chairs conversing with counselor during group counselling for recovery
Empty chairs in Siam Rehab group counselling room signifying the importance of group counselling for recovery

The Importance of Group Counselling for  Recovery

During the daily group counselling sessions, our clients are guided towards learning how to trust their own voices by developing healthier communication and socializing skills. For many addicts, self-confidence is something which has been almost completely diminished.

By learning healthier communication and socializing skills, our clients are taught how to express their issues in a healthier manner and are also taught how to accept positive criticism from others. In addition to this, our clients also learn to develop self-awareness by listening to others with similar issues.

Given that Siam Rehab is a facility that attracts people from all over the world; our clients quickly learn the importance of diversity in a group as they are subjected to people with different backgrounds and personalities. They are shown, through their interactions with one another, how it is that they may look at various situations presented to them. It is always rewarding for our clients when they learn how other people deal with their challenges, how they try to make positive changes, and, through that, how they then acquire a whole new range of tools and strategies when facing their concerns.

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