Muay Thai Boxing

Siam Rehab sets itself apart as perhaps the only rehabilitation facility globally to feature an on-site regulation Muay Thai boxing ring, offering a unique approach to recovery and physical fitness.
Two clients performing light sparring in the Siam Rehab gym

Siam Rehab Muay Thai Boxing for  Recovery

Muay Thai Boxing is the national sport and cultural martial art of Thailand. The word “Muay” means “combat” and is derived from the Sanskrit word “Muay” which means “unite together”. The word “Thai” is an adjective of the Thai nation with its meaning being “free people”. Therefore, when combined and simplified, the word Muay Thai can be translated to “Thai boxing/combat”.

Muay Thai was developed several hundred years ago as a form of close combat that utilizes the entire body as a weapon. It is also known as “the art of 8 limbs” as fighters use 8 weapons when sparring against their opponents: 2 feet, 2 knees, 2 elbows, and 2 fists. Over the past 100 years Muay Thai has significantly progressed into the disciplined sport it is today.

*Muay Thai training is optional, you do not have to participate if you don’t wish to.
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Instructor demonstrating technique to client wearing hand-wraps on Siam Rehab lawn during Muay Thai boxing for recovery
Two rows of clients practising Muay Thai technique during Muay Thai boxing at the Siam Rehab gym

Muay Thai Boxing at
Siam Rehab

Massage Therapy offers several advantages, including aiding the body in detoxifying itself from substances. Research indicates that massages can help reduce cravings and alleviate physical ailments like pain, as well as emotional challenges such as sadness and depression. During detox and withdrawal, the body often produces less dopamine due to years of interference with its natural dopamine production. In recovery, when substances are no longer used to stimulate the brain's reward pathways, discovering healthier methods of stimulation becomes essential.

Massage Therapy can assist in this transition by naturally promoting an increase in dopamine production. As the body heals and adapts to the absence of substances, it gradually begins to associate different activities with pleasure and reward.

Among the various specialized therapy services offered by Siam Rehab to support the body in naturally producing 'feel-good' hormones, Massage Therapy stands out as a highly favored option among our clients.

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