Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions regarding our residential rehab program at Siam Rehab Thailand

Can I see my loved one off?

Yes: If you would like to accompany your loved one to the centre that is fine. We will make recommendation on where you can stay locally or help you arrange transportation back to Bangkok.

What should I bring?

See the Admissions page.

What can’t I bring?

Illegal drugs or alcohol, aftershave and mouthwash containing alcohol, any medication that you don’t have a prescription for. Please bring medication, which you do have a prescription for, in sealed containers with the original prescription attached.

Can I have visitors?

Yes: Providing you pre-arrange and the lead therapist agrees. Generally we would suggest you don’t have visitors for the first two weeks.

Can I bring books?

Please feel free to bring any that you like.

Is there a doctor on full time?

No: but Dr. Nattapatt Sukkhosawat, MD. or Dr. Mark for short, is regularly onsite as well as there is a hospital for emergencies 5 minutes from the centre. Dr. Mark has a specialization in addiction medicine and will take care of your pharmacology needs when required, he usually works out of his office only 5 minutes from Siam Rehab and comes over on a regular schedule as well as when needed. Through Dr. Mark we can assist with medical detox when needed, either via out-patient at Siam Rehab or in-patient at the hospital when required.

What medications will I get?

When you first start your program you will be taken to hospital or the psychiatrist, when needed, for your medical check up and assessment, at that point you will be prescribed whatever the doctor feels you need and is best for your situation.

What is Siam Rehab's Refund Policy?

See the Fees and Payments page.