Medical Detox

Our medical care is provided by an experienced and licensed psychiatrist as well as a general practitioner with expertise in substance addiction treatment, delivers top-quality medical care.

Medical Detox Treatment for Addiction

Similar to most countries, detox medications in Thailand are controlled substances and can only be prescribed and dispensed under the supervision of a licensed medical doctor. 

Siam Rehab’s Medical Director is Dr. Nattapat Sukkhosawat, also known as Dr. Mark. He has been practicing medicine for 20 years and is a graduate of the University of Chiang Mai Medical School. He underwent training at Suan Prung Psychiatric Hospital, specialising in psychiatry and addiction medicine. 

Dr. Mark frequently visits Siam Rehab to oversee all the medical needs of our clients. He also conducts detox as an outpatient from his clinic in town or at the nearby Kasemrad Sriburin Hospital if necessary. Kasemrad Sriburin is a private, full-service medical facility and is recognized as the premier medical center in Chiang Rai province.

While detox is seldom an easy process, under Dr. Mark’s supervision, clients will be made as comfortable as possible. The detox prescriptions will vary depending on the substances our clients have been using and their degree of physical dependence.

Abstinence-Based Program of Addiction Treatment

Siam Rehab’s treatment program is based on the principle of abstinence. We do believe that detox medications can be a useful part of the initial stages of addiction treatment. However, to be a part of our program, it is imperative that the client shares our goal of abstinence.z

If a client is on a quick reduction regimen of detox medications, they are permitted to stay at Siam Rehab. However, we do not endorse the prolonged use of detox medications for maintenance therapy or as a long-term solution. Therefore, if a client's plan includes ongoing medication usage, we cannot accommodate them at our centre. Our objective is to provide a recovery environment that supports complete abstinence from substance misuse, with the ultimate goal being sustainable, long-term recovery.

Medication & Prescriptions

Siam Rehab recognises the importance of maintaining regular medication regimens for various health conditions, which encompass but are not limited to hypertension, cardiac ailments, and various others. It is fully supported and expected that clients will follow their prescribing physician’s instructions for these essential medications

Regarding the detoxification process, our dedicated medical professionals will determine the suitable medications depending on your particular needs. The overarching aim is to ensure you are comfortable and capable of actively participating in the program, therefore, if detoxification medications are deemed necessary, a rapid tapering strategy will typically be employed. The ultimate goal is to facilitate your transition to a completely clean state as swiftly as possible, enabling you to fully engage with the recovery process.

Medication Used in Detox for Addiction Treatment

Medications play a crucial role in the detoxification process for addiction treatment, helping individuals safely navigate withdrawal symptoms and embark on their path to recovery.

At Siam Rehab, we employ carefully selected medications as an integral part of our addiction treatment detox process, providing a safe and supportive environment for individuals on their journey.

Alcohol Detox, Amphetamine Detox, and Stimulant Detox

For alcohol and amphetamines, we have often seen Dr. Mark prescribe diazepam, liver supplements, and sleeping pills — for shortest duration necessary. Dr. Mark has treated detox from benzedrine, cocaine and crack, marijuana and synthetic marijuana, and methamphetamine.

Benzodiazepine Detox

Ambien, valium, and xanax addiction are now all too common, and Siam Rehab has many clients who misuse these drugs. Dr. Mark has experience in treating addiction to these substances with an effective detox regime.

Opiate Detox

Siam Rehab has had many clients who struggle with addiction to opiates/opiods, including demoral, ketamine, methadone, morphine, oxycodone, oxycontin, percodan, and vicodin. Opiate detox is an area of expertise for Dr. Mark.

Terms & Conditions

Medication Acceptance

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Siam Rehab does NOT accept clients on high-dosage opiate replacement therapies like Methadone, Subutex, or Suboxone. We can accommodate those using substances like Heroin, Morphine, Oxycontin, etc., after a thorough assessment.

Medication Costs

The cost of medication for detox and other health conditions (e.g., hypertension, diabetes, depression) is not included in our fees.

In-Patient Medical Care

Any in-patient medical care, whether at a clinic or hospital, is not covered by Siam Rehab. You'll be billed directly by the medical facility if such services are necessary (though most of our clients don't require in-patient care).

Abstinence Policy

Siam Rehab only admits clients committed to total abstinence from non-essential, mood-altering medications. We do not allow clients to continue using methadone or benzodiazepines throughout their treatment with us.

Medication Approval

Any medication intended for detox use at Siam Rehab must be approved by our Medical Director, Dr. Mark, regardless of prior prescriptions from a client's home country.

Chiang Rai Medical Facilities - Kasemrad Sriburin Hospital

In Chiang Rai, you'll find a premier private healthcare facility - Kasemrad Sriburin Hospital. Offering a comprehensive range of medical services, including emergency care, psychiatric support, detoxification, and various inpatient and outpatient specialties, Kasemrad Sriburin Hospital is synonymous with excellence in healthcare.

Our decision to establish our treatment centre in Chiang Rai was strongly influenced by the proximity of this outstanding medical institution and the availability of Dr. Mark. With an unwavering commitment to providing top-tier medical facilities and compassionate care, Kasemrad Sriburin Hospital is not just a hospital; it's a trusted partner in your journey towards wellness.

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