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Resort Facilities

The Siam Rehab addiction treatment center is located outside the city of Chiang Rai, Northern of Thailand. At Siam Rehab, we have resort-like facilities, indoor and outdoor dining rooms, smoking area, group room.

We've designed this location for your treatment program, with multiple secluded sitting areas where you can go to read a book or reflect.

We also have a fitness program with access to a full gym (twice per week), swimming pool (twice per week), and daily walking/running in a rural setting.

Cellular and Internet Access

We have free high speed Wifi Internet access throughout, and there is reliable 4G cell phone service with a nearby cell tower (sim cards can be purchased at the local 7-11).

Excursions and Meetings in Chiang Rai

We regularly do outings to the AA & NA meetings in the city as well as exploring the cultural activities on our Sunday excursions.

Food and Beverage Service

We have a full kitchen where our chefs Toi and Op and their team are regularly preparing delicious and healthy Thai and Western dishes made with locally sourced produce and seafood to be sure it is as fresh and healthy as possible. All dietary requirements and tastes are catered to.

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Tropical Weather and Air Conditioning

Being in the North of Thailand we are lucky to have some of the best weather in Asia with seasonal cool evenings. For those times when it is a bit warm, the center is air-conditioned as are all of our comfortable rooms.

Beautiful Rural Setting in Chiang Rai

Spread across nearly two acres of beautiful manicured gardens, Siam Rehab addiction treatment center is truly a place where you can heal and reconnect with nature and find inner peace leading to a joyful life in recovery.

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