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Siam Rehab is Asia’s premier addiction treatment programme. Is fortunate to have access to Thai Massage, not just for relaxation there are many health benifits to this ancient form of massage. 

Massage Therapy

Years of research and studies continue to show that there is no one definitive therapy that will ensure that addicts will be well on their way towards a life free from addiction. However, what studies have also shown is that addicts in recovery can benefit from multiple therapies and activities that support a healthy, substance-free lifestyle. With this knowledge, Siam Rehab also includes Massage Therapy into our holistic approach to addiction treatment.

By incorporating Massage Therapy into our therapy specialized services, we are able to further help our clients to relax in their recovery, get rid of years of physical stress to the body as well as detox the body of substance related toxins. The physical, emotional and spiritual pillars of recovery can also be benefited by the therapeutic healing power of human touch. The power of touch helps with reducing anxiety and pain, it helps to promote healing by bringing much needed relaxation to the body.

Benefits of Massage Therapy

Some of the other advantages of Massage Therapy is that it can aid the body as it detoxifies itself of substances. Studies also show that massages can reduce cravings and help with physical ailments such as pain and emotional struggles such as sadness and depression. When the body is going through a detox and / or withdrawal, the body produces less dopamine as a result of years of interference with the body’s natural ability to produce this chemical. When in recovery, substances are no longer being used to stimulate the reward pathways in the brain and other, healthier ways needs to be discovered.

Massage Therapy can help with this process by naturally triggering an increase in dopamine production. As the body heals itself and adjusts to no longer having substances in it, it slowly begins to associate different activities with pleasure and reward.

Along with all of the other specialized therapy services that Siam Rehab offers our clients to aid the body in naturally producing “feel good” hormones, Massage Therapy is a firm favourite amongst our clients.