Massage Therapy

Siam Rehab offers the therapeutic benefits of Thai Massage, an ancient practice known for its healing properties. This form of massage goes beyond mere relaxation, providing a multitude of health benefits to our clients.
A row of Thai massage beds in the massage therapy room at Siam Rehab

Siam Rehab Massage Therapy for  Recovery

Years of research and studies continue to show that there is no definitive therapy that will ensure that addicts will be well on their way toward a life free from addiction. However, what studies have also shown is that addicts in recovery can benefit from multiple therapies and activities that support a healthy, substance-free lifestyle. With this knowledge, Siam Rehab also includes Massage Therapy in our holistic approach to addiction treatment.

By incorporating Massage Therapy into our therapy specialized services, we can further help our clients relax in their recovery, get rid of years of physical stress in the body as well as detox the body of substance-related toxins. The physical, emotional, and spiritual pillars of recovery can also benefit from the therapeutic healing power of the human touch. The power of touch helps with reducing anxiety and pain, it helps to promote healing by bringing much-needed relaxation to the body.
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Siam Rehab massage therapy helps with recovery from addiction
Masseuse performing technical massage near the spine indicating importance of massage therapy for recovery from addiction

The Importance of Massage Therapy for  Recovery

Massage Therapy offers several advantages, including aiding the body in detoxifying itself from substances. Research indicates that massages can help reduce cravings and alleviate physical ailments like pain, as well as emotional challenges such as sadness and depression. During detox and withdrawal, the body often produces less dopamine due to years of interference with its natural dopamine production. In recovery, when substances are no longer used to stimulate the brain's reward pathways, discovering healthier methods of stimulation becomes essential.

Massage Therapy can assist in this transition by naturally promoting an increase in dopamine production. As the body heals and adapts to the absence of substances, it gradually begins to associate different activities with pleasure and reward.

Among the various specialized therapy services offered by Siam Rehab to support the body in naturally producing 'feel-good' hormones, Massage Therapy stands out as a highly favored option among our clients.

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