Siam Rehab Kitchen and Meals

Siam Rehab Thailand - Kitchen Staff

Food is Important in Recovery

We know that food is important and can be one of the highlights of a persons' day. Most of our kitchen staff come from the local community and know all the best places to get local fresh produce, meats, fish etc. A day for the kitchen staff generally starts in the morning fresh market in the local village, where the local farmers come to sell their produce.

Local, Fresh, Sustainable Food

We do this for a couple of reasons, Siam Rehab believes in supporting our local community as well as having the smallest ecological footprint possible. By sourcing as much of our food locally as possible we help eliminate the waste of trucking and shipping food thousands of miles and maybe more important than that to you however, is that is just tastes better when it was picked this morning and on your plate for lunch.

So our rice is not purchased from a large international company, it is purchased directly from the farmer down the road and our produce is from the veggie grower the other way. We of course have no choice but to use the big box stores for some supplies, especially for a western taste menu however everything that we can get locally and fresh, we do.

Sampling of our Kitchen

Here is a small sampling of what our kitchen offers: spicy papaya salad, bbq chicken and wings, spring rolls, steamed fish, penne pasta, green curry, pad thai, pizza, fresh salads, satay.