Mindfulness & Meditation

Siam Rehab offers a serene meditation room, staffed with highly skilled mindfulness meditation instructors. In this tranquil setting, you will be guided to calm your mind, focusing on the present moment and appreciating the beauty that surrounds you.

Siam Rehab Mindfulness & Meditation for  Recovery

Through the teachings within our program, our clients are taught that addiction is composed of three parts: a physical “allergy” to drugs or alcohol, a mental obsession to keep using and a spiritual unease which has left them feeling empty inside.

It is therefore vital that addicts entering recovery are offered a recovery programme that encompasses a solution to each of these components, in order to nurture the addict back to a healthy mental and emotional state.

By practicing meditation, clients are given the opportunity to begin the journey of recovery in each of the areas of their lives which has been affected by their addictions.
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The Importance of Meditation for  Recovery

Meditation is vital for our clients, teaching them mindfulness and presence, especially as many, through addiction, have lost touch with their inner selves as well as their body, leading to distress and imbalance. As they recover, clients understand the crucial mind-body-soul connection for sustained sobriety and peace.

The body’s instinctive fight, flight, or freeze response to stresses such as addiction, toxic relationships or the stress of entering recovery, can lead to chronic conditions like anxiety, depression and insomnia (to name but a few).

At Siam Rehab, we offer a serene meditation space in which our clients can practice daily meditation, helping them lower stress hormone levels and achieve balance. Regular meditation fosters inner awareness and healing, while also teaching clients to observe but not act on their cravings and thoughts. As one client noted, “When thoughts of wanting to use arise and I don’t know what to do with those thoughts or feelings, I practice a small breathing excercise as it has taught me the importance of remaining present, especially in those triggering moments.”
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