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Meditation at
Siam Rehab Thailand

With our own dedicated meditation room and world class mindfulness meditation instructors you will learn to calm your mind and focus on the present and the beauty around you. 

Mindfulness Meditation

Through the teachings within our programme, our clients are taught that addiction is composed of three parts: a physical “allergy” to drugs or alcohol, a mental obsession to keep using and a spiritual unease which has left them feeling empty inside. 

It is therefore vital that addicts entering recovery are offered a recovery programme that encompasses a solution to each of these components, in order to nurture the addict back to a healthy mental and emotional state. 

By practicing meditation, clients are given the opportunity to begin the journey of recovery in each of the areas of their lives which has been affected by their addictions.

Meditation at Siam Rehab

Meditation teaches our clients the importance of mindfulness and being completely present. Through addiction, many addicts find themselves searching for that “something” which they could never find. This then took them on a path filled with unrest, unease, pain and no balance. Many clients entering treatment for the first time relate to having lost touch with how their minds and bodies feel. This is because most people are not taught how to connect to or trust their feelings and are then further disconnected from this, through their substances of choice.  As our clients enter their journey into recovery, they learn that the connection between mind, body and soul is essential in maintaining a life-time of sobriety as it brings with it peace.

The body’s natural reaction to stressful situation is that of fight, flight or freeze. Although this is a deeply engrained instinctive response to stressful situations, the body still uses it when pushed into threatening situations such as addiction, physical abuse / stress, toxic relationships or the stress of entering recovery.  When the body is reacting from a chronic place of stress the primary stress hormone (cortisol) may contribute to many underlying causes of Western illnesses such as panic attacks, anxiety, depression and insomnia (to name but a few).

Siam Rehab best understands this which is why we boast a serenely designed and decorated room, with mindfulness being at the core of it, in which our clients can practice daily meditation. When meditation is practiced in a beautiful, serene environment and on a regular basis, cortisol levels naturally decrease which gives the body an opportunity to return to its normal level of balance (homeostasis). The longer meditation is practiced, the more our clients experience inner awareness. This state of inner awareness allows the body time to heal, as the cortisol levels begin to normalize again and the body can begin to self-heal.

An important reason why Siam Rehab incorporates meditation as a tool for recovery, into our treatment programme, is because it teaches our clients to detach from their cravings and thoughts for their drug of choice. We teach our clients that thoughts are just that, thoughts! Awareness can be brought to the thought but there is absolutely no need to act on them.

As we clearly remember one client sharing with us, “When thoughts of wanting to use arise, or when I feel anxious, overwhelmed or emotional, and I don’t  yet know what to do with those thoughts or feelings, I practice a small deep breathing meditation as it has taught me the importance of remaining present, especially in those triggering moments.”