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Yoga at
Siam Rehab Thailand

Yoga instruction with a professionally trained instructor is part of the programme at Siam Rehab Thailand. 


For centuries Yoga has been used in Indian and Eastern culture as a way for those who are practicing it to achieve divine harmony between the heart and soul, mind and body.

The word Yoga itself is derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuj” which means “to join” or “to unite”. Once we have a clearer understanding of what the word Yoga means, we learn that the main aim of incorporating Yoga into Siam’s therapy specialized services is to guide our clients towards a journey of self-realization by helping them to overcome all kinds of internal battles.

Which will inevitably lead to an emotional state of inner peace, free of substances as well as helping the body with flexibility and strength and an overall healthier body and mind.

Yoga at Siam Rehab

At Siam Rehab we understand better than most that clients entering primary care are in an incredibly vulnerable state of fear, confusion and pain. By using Yoga in addiction treatment, clients are guided towards a path of letting go of outside influences as they are encouraged, throughout each session, to remain focused on being completely present. This practice of being completely present is achieved as each breath and sacred pose itself takes immense concentration and mindfulness. Many of the poses (postures) have various meanings and goes beyond the physical strengthening of the body.

Some poses indicate strength, whilst others indicate tenderness. When one is focused on the postures and breathing techniques of Yoga, a deep form of relaxation can be experienced. In addition to this, Yoga teaches our clients to form a connection between the mind, body and soul. It helps to find the balance they lost in their active addictions. It also helps them to learn how to use their bodies and minds in perfect harmony.

Studies continue to show that addiction negatively impacts the connections in our brains that regulates and controls impulses, decision making and emotions. Once the substances are removed, the brain can start the process of healing and “reconnecting” those connections. This does take time though and, by incorporating a mindful based practice such as yoga, into recovery, one will start to experience a regulation of the stress levels as well as a reduction in anxiety, as it helps those in early recovery find new healthier ways of coping with stress and other negative experiences.

Our own experience has shown us that the occasional primary client entering Siam Rehab for the first time might show unease towards Yoga, as the mere thought of it seems to be too mundane. We continue to see and experience that almost every client, who has successfully graduated from the programme, leaves Siam with a newfound vigor, respect and commitment to the art of Yoga, with many continuing on with Yoga upon their return back home.

Joining us at Siam, you too can experience the many physical, spiritual and mental benefits of Yoga in your own recovery journey.  Throughout the week our clients engage in professionally-led yoga sessions that guide them towards incorporating yoga and similar practices into their own personal journey of recovery.