Yoga at Siam Rehab

Siam Rehab Thailand incorporates professional yoga instruction as an integral part of its program, offering expert guidance in this rejuvenating practice.
clients performing group yoga sessions

Siam Rehab Yoga for  Recovery

For centuries, Yoga has been a cornerstone in Indian and Eastern cultures, serving as a path to achieve divine harmony between the heart and soul, and between the mind and body.

The term 'Yoga' originates from the Sanskrit word 'Yuj', meaning 'to join' or 'to unite'. Understanding this, we recognize that the primary goal of integrating Yoga into Siam Rehab's specialized therapy services is to guide our clients on a journey of self-realization.

This journey assists them in overcoming various internal struggles, leading to an emotional state of inner peace, free from substance dependence. Additionally, Yoga contributes to bodily flexibility and strength, promoting an overall healthier body and mind.
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Clients doing group yoga for recovery from addiction
Woman sitting and stretching to represent yoga sessions at Siam Rehab

Yoga Sessions at  Siam Rehab

At Siam Rehab, we recognize the vulnerability of clients in primary care, grappling with fear, confusion, and pain. Incorporating Yoga into addiction treatment, we guide clients to release external pressures and focus on the present. Each yoga pose demands concentration and mindfulness, not just enhancing physical strength but also symbolizing various emotional states like strength and tenderness.

Yoga promotes a profound relaxation, connecting mind, body, and soul, and helping clients rediscover harmony lost to addiction. Research indicates addiction disrupts brain connections governing impulses and emotions. As substances clear, the brain begins healing. Yoga, as a mindful practice, accelerates this healing, regulating stress, reducing anxiety, and offering healthier coping mechanisms for those in early recovery.

Our own experience has shown us occasionally first-time clients entering Siam Rehab might show unease towards Yoga, as it is thought of as too mundane. We continue to see almost all clients who successfully graduate from the program, leave Siam with a newfound vigor, respect and commitment to the art of Yoga. And many continue with Yoga upon their return home.

Joining us, you can experience the many physical, spiritual and mental benefits of Yoga in your own recovery journey. Throughout the week our clients engage in professionally-led yoga sessions that help them incorporate yoga and similar practices into their personal journey.

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