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Our Team at Siam Rehab Thailand

At Siam Rehab we have assembled a team of highly qualified specialists to treat your needs and give you the best chance of lasting recovery from drug and/or alcohol addiction. 

Our Team at Siam Rehab Thailand

At Siam Rehab, we have a team of professionals who are dedicated to providing the most effective addiction treatment programme available anywhere in the world. All of the counsellors had their own struggles with addiction in the past before learning to get and stay clean and sober as well as studying for their counselling qualifications. They know firsthand the struggle with addiction, this allows them to connect on a deeper level with their clients. We have one of the best staff-to-client ratios in the rehab industry, with a level of direct contact (individual and group counselling sessions, and counsellor availability) that is difficult to find anywhere.

Besides our counsellors and client support, we have excellent team for all the other amenities needed at a full-service, residential treatment facility. This extends to our kitchen staff, hospitality, exercise and excursion programmes, groundskeeping, massage and security. 

Our team

Dr. Nattapatt
(Dr. Mark)

Medical Director


Dr. Jutta Pauls

Europe Medical Director


Dr. Erik Fleischman

Medical Advisor

Panjama (Mint) BA - Psy

Director (Thailand)

René Feyen - (Msc Psych)

Psychologist -

Intake and

Aftercare (Europe)

Roy Faessen

Director (Europe)


Team Lead





Palakorn (Topp) - M.A. (Psych.)

Clinical Psychologist

Taweechai - M.A. (Psych.)

Clinical Psychologist

Ponyanee (Nee)

Psychiatric Nurse

Tanes Ongjunta - B.A.

Boxing & Fitness Instructor

Duangduan (Noo)

Yoga Instructor

Wuttipong (Woody) - BA

Client Support Worker

Katipat (Sine) - BA

Executive Chef - Kitchen Manager

Rattana (Toi) - BA


Wilai (wi)

Massage Therapist


Therapy Canine Companion


Therapy Canine Companion


Therapy Canine Companion - Emeritus