Aftercare and Ongoing Addiction Recovery

Primary treatment is only the first phase of recovery. At Siam Rehab our goal is to teach you how to live a joyful life without the need for mood altering substances.

Siam Rehab Recovery Community

At Siam Rehab we maintain an online support group for all of our past clients, who are invited to join upon leaving our facility and inpatient treatment. The community is a place for sharing success stories with others who have been through the program, as well as their struggles and how they overcame them. Our clients are able to connect and reach out to these people, as well as stay in contact with the counsellors and professional support staff at Siam Rehab.

Many of our past clients continue to assist with our program as speakers in the rehab, and some take part as peer role model for new clients in Siam Rehab. We look forward to you becoming one of the success stories that motivates others to follow your path.

Siam Rehab provides treatment whose goal is not short-term, but rather a lifetime of sobriety and clean-time. Because we are dealing with the chronic nature of addiction, it takes time and care, and frankly, a lifetime of support. We are always here to help our clients, as their success is our success.
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The Importance of Recovery Community

At Siam Rehab, we deeply value the recovery community as an integral part of the journey to sobriety. This community provides a safe haven where individuals facing addiction can come together and find understanding, empathy, and support. It fosters an environment of accountability, essential for maintaining sobriety, and acts as a robust defense against relapse.

Beyond the mentioned benefits, the recovery community offers opportunities for learning, personal growth, and the establishment of healthy relationships. It plays a vital role in reducing the stigma surrounding addiction, replacing judgment with acceptance. In this collective effort, individuals can find strength, inspiration, and the knowledge that they are not alone in their pursuit of a healthier, addiction-free life.

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