At Siam Rehab we we believe in what we are doing and are willing to prove it. If you have a relapse in the first year after treatment you can come back for free.  Please read below for conditions .

What if You Relapse?

Siam Rehab is committed to our clients and we believe so strongly in what we are doing that if you complete our full programme and do have a relapse you can come back for 14 – 28 days for free. 

We also believe that the longer you are in treatment the better your chances of a full recovery are so we have structured this guarantee to encourage longer stays as we believe that completing at least 12 weeks of residential treatment gives you your best chance of lasting recovery. 

How does it work?

Complete 8 weeks treatment and if in the first 12 months after graduation you relapse you can return for 14 days for free.

Complete 12 weeks treatment and if in the first 12 months after graduation you relapse you can return for 28 days for free.

The only costs you will be responsible for is airfare, detox medication if needed and any pocket money you might need. 

This is our way of showing you that we care about your recovery and believe in the effectiveness of our programme.

Read full terms and conditions here

Siam Rehab Recovery Community

At Siam Rehab we maintain an online support group for all of our past clients, who are invited to join upon leaving our facility and inpatient treatment. The community is a place for sharing success stories with others who have been through the programme, as well as their struggles and how they overcame them. Our clients are able to connect and reach out to these people, as well as stay in contact with the counsellors and professional support staff at Siam Rehab.

Many of our past clients continue to assist with our programme as speakers in the rehab, and some take part as peer role model for new clients in Siam Rehab. We look forward to you becoming one of the success stories that motivates others to follow your path.

Siam Rehab provides treatment whose goal is not short-term, but rather a lifetime of sobriety and clean-time. Because we are dealing with the chronic nature of addiction, it takes time and care, and frankly, a lifetime of support. We are always here to help our clients, as their success is our success.

Siam Rehab Recovery Community Messages

Below is a selection of some of the posts that are shared daily in the Siam Rehab Recovery Community.

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