Drug & Alcohol Rehab Sydney

Drug & Alcohol Rehab Sydney

As Australia’s largest city, Sydney has both pros and cons when it comes to combating drug and alcohol addiction. Its main benefit is that it has plenty of infrastructure to help people through these problems although there are limitations for those without the proper means to pay for treatment. The downside is that access to alcohol and illicit drugs is much higher in Sydney than in other areas with the Australian Federal Police reporting massive seizures of pseudoephedrine, heroin and cocaine being smuggled into the harbour city each year.

Drug & Alcohol Assistance in Sydney

There are numerous government-run support services for those battling addiction in Sydney. For example, the Alcohol and Drug Information Service (ADIS) is a 24-hour telephone counselling service for those dealing with these issues or those who are worried about a friend or family member. There is a designated Sydney number for this helpline.

The government-run St Vincent’s Hospital offers an Alcohol & Drug Service which boasts a range of support including telephone helplines, face-to-face counselling and consultative liaisons. Its mission is to “promote well-being and minimise the harm” from the misuse of alcohol and illicit drugs.

Finally, there are other more specialised societies such as ACON (AIDS Council of NSW) which are funded by the local government and which offer needle & syringe programs and substance support services to LGBTI people in Sydney.

The Spread of Drugs in Sydney

Despite all these services, it seems some drugs are actually on the rise in Sydney. For instance, the Daily Telegraph says the number of police arrests for cocaine possession in Eastern Suburb areas like Woollahra and Waverley as well as in western areas like Parramatta, Auburn and Bankstown has risen from 2004 to 2014. The trade is so popular that dealers are allegedly bringing in $35,000 per week thanks to the boom in business.

Another Daily Telegraph article quoted the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research (BOSCAR) which says that there is a growing ice trend in Sydney. With about 30,000 arrests last year in suburbs all over the city, it’s clear that there is a large user base for this illegal drug. The Bureau says that spikes like this are due to narcotics becoming more widely available particularly in Inner Sydney.

Alcohol Use in the Sydney Region

With Australians’ love of alcohol, it is no wonder why so many have a drink at least now and then. Of course, this can go too far with binge drinking becoming a problem issue across Sydney. While there are no exact statistics on how many people drink to dangerous levels locally, a study at Westmead Hospital discovered that only 6% of patients were found to be “at risk” while 0.8% were definitely damaging their personal health. This was in line with national alcohol consumption statistics.

The good news is that excessive drinking seems to be on the decrease in Sydney at least by looking at the crime figures. With regards to alcohol-related violence, the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research says that the number of assaults has been on the decline since 2008 even within the local government area of Sydney.

Overseas Addiction Treatment for Sydneysiders

Despite the drug and alcohol support services found in Sydney, there are many reasons to look to an overseas rehab clinic for help. Having to deal with high medical costs is one factor which prevents people from seeking the assistance they need especially since most health insurance won’t cover rehab. Thailand does away with this issue as clinical support can be found there at a fraction of the cost of even the most basic rehab centres in Sydney. Even the flights to Thailand are cheap, making this a very affordable option for those wishing to break their addiction.

Flying to Thailand also offers another benefit – that you don’t need to tell your friends, family members or employer that you are entering rehab. Simply say you’re going on holiday and pack your bags! Thus, this is a private way of rebalancing your body and mind and ridding yourself of the temptation that drugs and alcohol currently have on your life.

Found on the tropical island of Koh Samui, Serenity offers world-class treatment for addiction in a setting that will take your breath away. Flights between Sydney and Koh Samui occur daily with transfers via Singapore, Kuala Lumpur or Bangkok. On arrival, you will be greeted by our Serenity staff and whisked away to our private rehab centre where you can then start the road to recovery.