How Martial Arts Can Help Treat Addiction

How Martial Arts Can Help Treat Addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction is a debilitating disorder that is continually researched by medical professionals and scientists in multiple countries around the world.

How Martial Arts Can Help Treat Addiction

Breaking free from an addiction and its habits is not easy, especially without assistance and help from an inpatient rehab. Furthermore, it is prudent the right therapies and techniques are provided. That said, not all therapies will work for everyone. For example, group therapy might be ideal for one patient, but not effective for another. At Siam Rehab, and other leading facilities, martial arts for addiction treatment is known to be one of the best forms of alternative therapies.

Group Therapy is Not Effective for All Patients

Some therapies revolve around a group setting, and while this can be conducive for many patients, like any other treatment, it is not for everyone. For example, introverted people or those who are not comfortable opening up to a group of people may struggle with group therapy. In this case, an alternative therapy, such as Muay Thai to treat an addiction may be ideal.

The Benefits of Martial Arts for Addiction Treatment

Martial arts for addiction treatment creates a positive, nurturing atmosphere that enables patients to feel secure and abe to unwind in a group-like setting.

Learning Discipline

Self-discipline is absolutely crucial to avoid a relapse. Lacking willpower or mental strength can be one of the sources of addiction, and in martial arts, discipline is considered to be a central tenant. This life skill can help a patient to succeed in all areas, including recovery and avoiding a relapse.

Escaping Boredom

Boredom tends to have a role in addiction, and when a person is bored, they may struggle with their recovery. By staying occupied and focusing the mind on other things, patients can stay on track. After participating in martial arts at rehab, patients are encouraged to pursue the activity in their home area if they enjoyed it. Martial arts training can take up a lot of freedom and prevent boredom. Once sober, money that was once spent on feeding the addiction can now be used for classes.

Physical Activity

Exercise and physical activity is important during addiction treatment. Exercise, including Muay Thai for treating addiction can encourage a healthier lifestyle, reduce depression, alleviate high blood pressure, and encourage weight loss. The stronger the body and mind is, the less likely a relapse will occur.


Mindfulness is becoming one of the more popular tools for addiction treatment, especially to help reduce cravings. Many martial arts, including Muay Thai, emphasise meditation and mindfulness – both of which build mental strength. By focusing on the values of martial arts, various aspects in life can be improved; thereby, encouraging a healthy, long term recovery.

Meeting Positive People

Martial arts schools are one of the best places to meet positive people who are seeking to improve themselves in some way or another. For many patients, past friends are not conducive to their sobriety; therefore, following rehab, it may be advisable to find new friends. By attending martial arts classes, you will surround yourself with people who are trying to build integrity, mental strength, self discipline, and perseverance – all of which can be a lifesaver to anyone in recovery. Finally, positive people, such as your classmates and instructor, can assist you in warding off a relapse.

Improving Self Esteem

It is common for patients to have low self esteem, and during recovery, this can be a hindrance to sobriety. Martial arts for addiction treatment can provide patients with a sense of purpose and accomplishment. New skills will be learned, while at the same time, new levels reached. A heightened sense of confidence and self esteem reaffirms self worth; thus, reducing the chances of addiction.

Muay Thai for Addiction Treatment

There are many different types of martial arts, and each of them has their own benefit. Because all forms can assist with addiction treatment, if you don’t like one, you should try another. As a rehab in Thailand, we incorporate Muay Thai into our addiction treatment programmes. The benefits are broad, and include:

  • Helps to develop new, healthy habits
  • Encourages better dieting
  • Continuous training will help you to overcome procrastination
  • Builds strength and stamina
  • Gives you a sense of fearlessness
  • Improves self esteem
  • Allows you to break personal limitations
  • Assists in anger management and controlling negative emotions
  • Increased cardiovascular conditioning
  • Improves mental focus and clarity
  • Helps you to meet new friends

Regardless of the type of martial art for addiction treatment you choose, the activity, values, and principals can help to ward off cravings and encourage a positive recovery.

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