Residential Rehabs Manitoba

A list of some residential rehabs Manitoba, Canada. we are not endorsing or recommending any of them as I have not visited or reviewed the programmes with the exception of looking at their websites where they have one.

Residential Rehabs Manitoba

A list of some residential rehabs Manitoba, Canada. we are not endorsing or recommending any of them as I have not visited or reviewed the programmes with the exception of looking at their websites where they have one.

This list of residential rehabs Manitoba is for information purposes only and to give you a starting point when you are looking for help with your addiction issues.

Residential Rehabs Manitoba

Teen Challenge Brandon

Brandon (204) 729-0870

Teen Challenge offers a dynamic training and discipleship program that includes academics, counselling, life-skills training, work detail, recreation, spiritual disciplines and more. It is an intense, structured program that seeks to break addictions and help develop men & woman of excellence.

A minimum of 12-months in length, the Teen Challenge program is broken up into two main phases: Induction and Training. We operate recovery centres out of Brandon (Woman), Winnipeg, Denare Beach and Thunder Bay.

Addiction Foundation of Manitoba


Government run programmes for people in need, with help lines and information lines to services.

Whispering Pines

Teulon 204-886-3580

Our programs are designed to begin with an initial detox period if required which varies depending on the type of addiction. Then continuing through our primary care program and if required our 2nd stage. Every program is individually customized and flexible to meet your needs, ensuring you meet your goals.

Nelson House Medicine Lodge

Nelson House (204) 484-2256

Nelson House Medicine Lodge offers an easy and rewarding means to achieve sober, healthy lifestyles.

Our organization offers ancestral practices and processes that span all seasons of the year, and we are working to expand on these programs.

The Medicine Lodge sincerely appreciates the continued support from clients and our partners in the public and private sectors. Drop in and see for yourself some of the rewarding experiences the Medicine Lodge offers.

Peguis Al-Care Treatment Centre

Peguis First Nation 204-645-2666

20 bed First Nations Facility for adult men and women, for the treatment of alcohol or drug (hallucinogens, narcotics, prescription) abuse.

42 day, 6 week in-patient treatment program. Provides outpatient services as well.

Provides: Intake Screening / Assessment, Orientation, Alcohol / Drug Education, Case Management, Consultation with Professionals, Cultural Activities, Crisis Intervention, Group / Individual Counselling, Individual Treatment Planning, Personal Recovery plans Lifeskills / Personal Development, Recreation Therapy and Referrals. Open to 18+ and First Nations.

Sagkeeng Mino Pimatiziwin Family Centre

Fort Alexander 1-866-329-0736

The Sagkeeng Mino Pimatiziwin Family Treatment Centre is a family addictions treatment facility located in Sagkeeng, Manitoba. We offer a seven-week traditional and holistic treatment program in a residential setting for First Nation & Inuit families struggling to overcome drug and alcohol addictions.

We have self-contained suites for up to four families, a day care, classroom, family room, and sweat lodge. A certified teacher staffs our centre for school aged children and adolescents. Prior to arriving, parents are required to make arrangements with their children’s home school to bring enough work for the duration of treatment. A certified teacher will provide educational support during this time.

An Early Childhood Educator is also on staff for pre-school children.

As with other Native addictions treatment facilities, the core of our program is based on the culture and traditions of Indigenous People. Our culture and traditions are integral elements of treatment and are supplemented with basic life skills training and relapse prevention mechanisms. Our program also has a strong family component with family based activities inclusive of the children.

Southport Compass Residential Youth Program

Southport 1-877-710-3999

The Compass Residential Youth Program is an 8-week program for youth aged 13-17 who are experiencing significant problems with their use of alcohol or drugs. A licensed child care facility located about one hour west of Winnipeg, Compass offers a safe and therapeutic environment for young people who recognize their substance use is a problem and who want to make changes.

Compass has a multi-disciplinary team of professionals which includes youth care workers, counsellors, nurses, a learning co-ordinator, leisure consultant and clinical supervisor. Clients also have regular access to medical and psychological services. We offer a range of programming aimed at meeting the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual needs of young people. While at Compass youth are involved in individual and group counselling, an individualized school learning program, leisure education, a variety of recreational activities, an introduction to self-help and health education sessions.

Compass appreciates and encourages the involvement of family and community supports throughout the program: helping with the application process, coming for admission day, participating in scheduled conference calls, attending Home Team Days, being involved in reintegration leaves and discharge planning.

The program is located at Southport, Manitoba (approximately one hour west of Winnipeg and about 4 kilometres south of Portage la Prairie). Southport was a Canadian Air Force Base that has become a thriving community with a recreation centre, convenience store, restaurant, satellite campuses for Red River College and the University of Manitoba, a new flight training centre and Compass.

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