Drug Rehab Regina Centers

Here is a list of some Alcohol & Drug Rehab Regina centers. I am not endorsing or recommending any of them as I have not visited or reviewed the programs with the exception of looking at their websites where they have one. Also please note I do not generally write the description of the programs, descriptions are taken from the centers websites or marketing materials.

This list of Alcohol & Drug Rehab Regina centers is for information purposes only and to give you a starting point when you are looking for help with your addiction issues.

If you operate an Alcohol or Drug Rehab Regina center and would like to be listed here let us know via the contact us page and we will get it up there.

Drug Rehab Regina Centers

Addiction Services Programs Regina, SK Appointments/Referrals (306) 766-6650 These programs are available for any person who is dependent on or affected by another's use of alcohol or drugs. Individuals are assessed according to their needs and placed in the most appropriate combination of programs and services. This could include individual counselling or group sessions for the substance-affected client or family members. On completion of a treatment program, clients may continue with aftercare follow-up services.

Addiction Services is a strong advocate for those wishing to include traditional cultural care into their recovery plans. First Nation and Metis Elders are available for support and guidance to all clients wishing to follow a cultural path. If you wish to speak with an Elder, one can be available by request.

Our holistic approach to treatment and recovery follows closely with the Medicine Wheel teachings that to fully heal we need to treat the body, mind, emotions and spirit together. To this end we provide the resources that our clients require, including a smudging and healing room for spiritual practices.

Oxford House Society of Regina Inc. 3015 – 13th Ave Box 33120 Regina, SK S4T 1P1 Phone: (306) 570-5708 Oxford House provides housing and support for individuals who have recently completed an addictions program and have limited options to continue their recovery.

The Oxford House concept offers a unique concept in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction. In its simplest form, an Oxford House is described as a democratically run, self-supportive and addiction free home.

Metis Addictions Council of Saskatchewan Inc. (MACSI) Regina, SK Phone: (306)-522-3681 Toll Free 1-866-815-6515 Inpatient treatment is a 28-day residential option for adults. Inpatient service provides an abstinence-based healing environment where individuals can focus on recovery from substance addictions.

Individuals participate in holistic programming, therapeutic group workshops, one to one counselling, educational sessions, self help meetings, cultural teachings, recreational programming and more. The supportive and structured environment of inpatient treatment fosters a return to a healthier life.

There may be times when a longer treatment stay is needed. When available, additional support is provided to meet more complex needs. This support is short-term, recovery focused and flexible in order to meet unique needs.

NA & AA Meetings in Regina

Regina Area AA Intergroup Office Regina, SK Phone: (306) 545-9300 Alcoholics Anonymous is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from alcoholism. The only requirement for membership is a desire to stop drinking. There are no dues or fees for A.A. membership; we are self-supporting through our own contributions. A.A. is not allied with any sect, denomination, politics, organization or institution; does not wish to engage in any controversy; neither endorses nor opposes any causes. Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety.

Southern Saskatchewan Area of Narcotics Anonymous Regina, SK Phone: (306) 757-6600 We offer recovery from the effects of addiction through working a twelve-step program, including regular attendance at group meetings. The group atmosphere provides help from peers and offers an ongoing support network for addicts who wish to pursue and maintain a drug-free lifestyle. Our name, Narcotics Anonymous, is not meant to imply a focus on any particular drug; NA's approach makes no distinction between drugs including alcohol. Membership is free, and we have no affiliation with any organizations outside of NA including governments, religions, law enforcement groups, or medical and psychiatric associations. Through all of our service efforts and our cooperation with others seeking to help addicts, we strive to reach a day when every addict in the world has an opportunity to experience our message of recovery in his or her own language and culture.

These are the drug rehab Regina centers that I was able to find, if you operate or work for another and would like it listed here please get in contact via the Contact Us page and send me the information, I would be happy to get it up there.

Again just to repeat my disclaimer from above I am not endorsing or recommending any drug rehabRegina centers since I have never visited or assessed the centers. This is just the results from my online searching.

Also here is a large list of other Saskatchewan Drug Rehab Centers that we recently put together as this one is only Regina proper and there are a considerable amount more services in Saskatchewan that are on that list.