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Norwich, Norfolk Drug and Alcohol Rehab

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Norwich, Norfolk Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Norwich, Norfolk is a historic town situated 161 km east of London. Approximately 141,300 people call this medieval city home. It’s known for its architecture, sports, bars, clubs, and is a tourist hotspot for UK citizens and foreigners alike. Although the economy is considered to be strong, there is still a great deal of poverty and economic hardship in Norwich. Between this and the party tourists who come from London on the weekends, drug and alcohol use in Norwich has significantly risen over the last decade.

Alcohol Problems in Norwich

Alcohol abuse and addiction is a lingering problem throughout the UK. In Norwich, alcohol dependency tends to affect the older population, from the age of 50, upwards. Paul Martin, the chief executive of the Matthew Project is urging the Norfolk Council on Ageing and other organisations to provide support to older people who are affected by alcohol addiction. He claims there are limited options for them and their needs or preferences for help greatly vary from those of younger people with a substance problem.

Labour MP Liam Byrne released figures that suggest Norwich is also one of the most dangerous drinking spots in England. Coming in at number four out of 50, for being a place in which people require hospital treatment after a night of drinking. As of 2019, the alcohol crisis in Norwich has worsened with alcohol-related deaths hitting a 10 year high and nearly 60 people every day being admitted to hospital.

Drug Use and Addiction in Norwich

According to police, there are at least 20 drug gangs operating in Norwich. The city has one of the highest rates of heroin deaths in the UK with recent figures stating there are 4.1 deaths per 100,00 people. The Serious and Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) has responded with one of the largest drug operations in Norfolk – known as Operation Cayman. In the past 18 months at least 640 people have been arrested, including 126 juveniles. Even so, drug use is at an all time high. One anonymous heroin addict says “It’s everywhere, on every corner.” He claims he would like to get off of heroin, but that it’s hard because of the people around and “everyone knows everyone.”

Heroin, methadone, cocaine, and cannabis remain the most popular drugs of choice in Norwich. The Office for National Statistics show a link between deprivation, poverty, and drug abuse. Ranked second at the bottom for social mobility, Norwich is struggling to keep people under the age of 35 off of drugs.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment in Norwich

If alcohol or drugs are affecting your life and you would like to get help, there are addiction programmes  in Norwich, Norfolk. Some of these programmes are outpatient, others are inpatient. Private rehabs include Sanctuary Lodge. Although prices vary, a typically detoxification may cost £2400, inpatient treatment may upto £4999 or more for a 28 day programme,

Norwich charitable organisations are making efforts to address substance misuse in the area and make it both easier and convenient for people to access treatment. At this time, free addiction services in Norwich include:

Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital – NHS hospital services. Phone – 01603 286286

Norfolk Alcohol and Drug Behaviour Change Service, from Change, Grow, Live – Offers interventions, support, groups, and one-to-one work sessions.

Turning Point – Provides health and wellbeing services for people with an alcohol or drug problem.

The Matthew Project – Support for adults and children with a substance abuse problem.

Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous – AA and NA meetings are available every week in Norwich, Norfolk. Their schedules can be found on the links below.

Narcotics Anonymous Schedule

Alcoholics Anonymous Schedule

Going Abroad for Treatment at a Thailand Private Rehab

Sometimes the best way to get treatment is to seek it in a new location away from your everyday surroundings. If you are in Norwich, private rehab treatment is available outside of the UK. Siam Rehab offers comprehensive care, including detoxification, counselling, therapy, and more for substance dependent people. Approximately 15 hours by flight, you can get the help you are looking for at an affordable price.