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One on One Drug Counselling

One on one drug counselling helps people to identify and address the root causes of their addiction while receiving personalized support and guidance.

One on One Drug Counselling

The choice to participate in one on one drug counselling in Thailand might feel like a challenge at the beginning. Some people feel unsure about opening up to another person whom they don’t know. Unlike the group like setting in group therapy, others might feel more isolated in their individual sessions. Regardless of the initial difficulty one on one drug counselling might pose, the sessions are incredibly effective in helping people identify and address the core causes of their addiction.

At our Thailand drug and alcohol treatment facility, two one on one drug counselling sessions are provided each week. These sessions are guided by a trained, certified counsellor who has extensive knowledge in addictions, as well as, common co-occurring disorders. To compliment the drug counselling at rehab, patients will have access to a qualified addiction psychiatrist, a psychologist, and several other professionals. We believe the process of addiction recovery should be organic, and unfold through compassion, support, and cooperation. Thus, we will not force or push anyone further than they are ready to go. This approach encourages comfort and a feeling of safety. One on one counselling at our drug rehab provides patients with the best possible chance towards achieving long term sobriety.

Combining One on One Counselling with Other Therapies

One of the most important things to understand is that not everyone will respond to every addiction therapy; nor in the same way that another person might. In the past, people with addictions were treated in the same way. Sadly, this is still common in public rehab facilities, such as those in the U.K. and Australia. Private rehabs, including Siam Rehab, understand that in order for treatment to be effective, the individual person must be treated from the inside out.

To put it simply, we know that drug counselling at rehab is not the only therapy that can benefit a person. Therefore, we include several other therapies that support the recovery process and act as a surrogate to one on one counselling when the later is not available or applicable at the time being.

We have known of people who struggled, albeit were unable, to talk about a certain traumatic event in their past – especially in the beginning of the programme. Our therapists are trained to identify this and will be ready to offer alternatives until the patient is comfortable to discuss what has occured in life. With this in mind, our drug rehab in Thailand incorporates a well rounded programme that engages the body, mind, and spirit. Patients will have access to one on one drug counselling, group counselling, horseback riding, meditation, Muay Thai, yoga, weekend activities, journaling, educational classes, and more.

The programme is aimed to equip each and every patient with the tools needed to recover, as well as techniques that may be utilised after leaving rehab.

What Can You Expect During One on One Drug Counselling Sessions at Rehab?

At Siam Rehab, you will meet with your individual counsellor at least twice per week. This will allow you to develop a rapport so that you feel more comfortable about opening up. The initial process can be difficult, especially for those who have never been completely open and honest with another human being. It is important to remember that counselling can take some time. The emotions that arise can be dealt with as they come.

Your counsellor, or therapist, is someone you can rely on for advice, guidance, and unbiased support. Specifically, the relationship will provide you with someone who can:

  • Listen to your problems and talk about them without any bias or judgement
  • Combine their expectations and needs into a modificable, yet specific, goal-orientated, recovery plan
  • Will support you and help you to reach your goals on your own terms

One on one drug counselling will give you a lot of time to cover specific topics each session. It is also an opportunity to discuss topics in private rather than in a group setting. Further benefits of one on one drug counselling at a drug rehab in Thailand, include:

  • Greater attention and opportunities to address the stages of recovery
  • Personalised guidance regarding psychological issues that may have contributed to your addiction
  • A safe opportunity to talk about sensitive topics
  • A focus on developing healthy life skills
  • An opportunity to reduce anxiety, depression, and stress
  • Ability to reclaim your self worth
  • The drug counsellors at Siam Rehab will walk with you, side by side, and help you to make it through all parts of the early recovery process. We are a team who have ears to listen, hearts to share, voices to support, and shoulders to lean on.

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