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Poole, Dorset Drug and Alcohol Rehab

In terms of alcohol use in Poole, and the nearby areas of Dorset and Bournemouth, 6 % of the population over 16 years are consuming alcohol at high risk levels. This equates to 37,000 people. In 2013, there were 63 alcohol related deaths in Poole.

Using and misusing drugs or alcohol can lead to a dependency and addiction. It may also lead to the development of depression, psychotic episodes, mood swings, and schizophrenia. When substances are mixed together, to increase the “high”, the danger of using can increase. Interactions between drugs and alcohol can cause permanent complications or death.

Your physical health is not the only thing that suffers when you have an addiction. Your mental and emotional health, as well as that of your loved ones, can also be affected.

You can put an end to these things by getting help. In Poole, Dorset private rehabs, NHS funded treatment, and organisations are available to assist you in getting better.

As you might already know, a Poole private rehab is the most effective way to address and treat an addiction; however, because they are based in the UK, the cost of a 28 day programme can be very high. If you are feeling like you cannot afford a private rehab in Poole, consider going to an international rehab centre in Thailand.

Siam Rehab is a private rehab known for its comprehensive programmes  that feature the most effective types of treatment, including counselling, group sessions, and equine assisted therapy. Because Siam Rehab is based in Thailand, we are able to offer you with an all-inclusive programme (not including plane tickets) at a more reasonable cost than what you would pay in the UK. If this sounds like something you would like to know more about, please give Siam Rehab a call.

Drug and Alcohol Use in Poole, Dorset

According to the Bournemouth, Poole and Dorset Drug and Alcohol Governance Board, most people in these areas do not use drugs other than alcohol. Those who do use illicit substances tend to do so on a frequent basis and are causing high levels of harm to themselves, as well as, their family and the wider community. In Poole, and the surrounding areas, illicit drugs, legal highs, and prescription medications are common in misusers. Around 4,000 people are estimated to be using heroin, opiates, or crack-cocaine. Although this number equates to less than one percent of the population, there are harms associated with their use. In Poole, Bournemouth, and Dorset, there are approximately 40 drug related deaths and 700 hospital admissions each year. Emerging reports about synthetic cannabis (Spice), ecstasy, and cocaine use in the area have come forward; however, it is unknown how many people are misusing these drugs.

In terms of alcohol use in Poole, and the nearby areas of Dorset and Bournemouth, 6 % of the population over 16 years are consuming alcohol at high risk levels. This equates to 37,000 people. In 2013, there were 63 alcohol related deaths in Poole. Alcohol related liver disease is of a great concern amongst doctors. In the UK, this disease kills more people than diabetes and road accidents combined.

Private Rehab in Poole, Dorset

Private rehabs provide a conducive environment for people who are trying to recover from an addiction. The 28 day programme. or more, will offer individualised treatment plans based upon a foundation of different therapies. From start to finish, 24/7 care is provided by trained and certified addiction specialists..

There are a number of benefits to going to a Poole private rehab for addiction, including the individual attention, thorough assessment, detoxification, psychotherapy, aftercare, and more. Additional benefits of a private rehab include a fast intake process which will help you to being treatment as soon as possible. A standard rehab in Poole, or the nearby area will cost between £5,000 and £8,000 for a 28 day programme, A luxury rehab which may include such as a gym, pool, massages, activities, and other amenities may be £10,000 or more.

Free Treatment Options in Poole

There are government funded programmes , state programmes , and NHS treatment that offers free support and medical care for any resident in Poole with an addiction. These programmes will vary by area. If you are seeking inpatient or outpatient care, or a medical detoxification, you will usually need to be referred to a programme by your GP.

The NHS provides drop in services to all areas of Dorset, including Poole. Although the treatment is good, and free, there is a limit to the care that you can receive. In general, in Dorset there is a 4-6 week waiting period to gain a place at a residential rehab. Due to the urgent nature of the situation, this may not be ideal for you. In this case, you may be interested in going abroad for addiction treatment or talking with a harm reduction service for advice.

Poole Addiction Support Groups

Substance Misuse Assessment & Referral Team – Poole – SMART is a well known organisation that offers free and confidential support for anyone who has an addiction and wants help.

Young Adults Drug & Alcohol Service – Poole – A service for people aged 10-24 who live and Poole and have an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Alcoholics Anonymous – AA meetings are ideal for people who are newly sober and also those who have been in recovery for quite some time. In Poole, and the nearby areas, there are a large number of meetings held each week.

Narcotics Anonymous – NA is similar to AA, but it is geared towards people in recovery from a drug addiction. There are weekly NA meetings in Poole and the surrounding areas.

A Private Rehab Outside of the UK

It is not uncommon for a person wishing to detox and recover from an addiction to want to get out of their normal environment for a while.. Sometimes, going to a rehab just one hour away from home is still too close to by. The potential triggers or stressors associated with the environment could make it more difficult to focus on your recovery. If you believe this could be a problem, you may want to consider going to rehab abroad.

Siam Rehab is a rehab in Thailand that offers several programmes , including a 28 day programme, Our private rehab offers comfortable amenities and a safe environment that encourages positivity and healing. If you are interested in learning more about our Thailand rehab, Poole residents are encouraged to call us today.


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