Rehab For Heroin Addiction

Why Rehab is Necessary for Heroin Addicts

Cold turkey is the method some heroin addicts will choose when quitting the drug, not realizing the intense withdrawal ahead. Others will switch to methadone thinking it is the way out only to become addicted to the medication. Then there are those who enlist the help and support of a heroin detox and rehab center. While the aforementioned two options could work for some addicts, they are not recommended. Moreover, coming off of heroin without being monitored can be risky. A heroin rehab program is the safest and most effective way to attain and maintain sobriety.

A Heroin Addiction Carries Risks

As a person uses more and more heroin, they will become addicted to the drug. Quickly, the natural process of neurotransmitters in the brain begins to shut down. When the abuser does not get their fix from heroin, the body begins to go through a withdrawal. This is far from a mild headache or irritability, but rather can include extreme sweating, grinding of the teeth, shaking, trembling and an overwhelming cocktail of emotions. These symptoms of withdrawal are the complete opposite of the heroin high. To escape or avoid them all together, an addict will use more of the drug to feel “normal”. Motivation for anything but using is nonexistent.

As the physical structure and physiology of the brain is altered, a person’s ability to make logical or reasonable decisions could become impaired. In addition to this, the addict’s behavior may significantly fluctuate from happiness to sadness, anger to loneliness. In between these emotions, the ability to intuitively handle stressful situations may seem difficult.

With continued use, the risks of a heroin addiction start to mount. The immune system is significantly lowered and the body is in a great desperation for help. The addicts risk for a heroin overdose becomes more prevalent with each passing day. Financial responsibilities are tossed aside, family is neglected and work or school is forgotten. Moral decisions could be skewered or faded; drug dealing, crime, prostitution or other risky behavior could begin to take place. A rehab for heroin is vital.

Included in a Heroin Treatment Program

Hopefully, things won’t get this bad. Rehab centers are always just a phone call away and are readily prepared to handle each individual case of an addiction to heroin. Treatment programs vary from rehab to rehab and even country to country. For the purpose of this article, we will briefly discuss the average treatment program for heroin and then touch base on what Serenity Koh Samui Rehab offers.

First and foremost, heroin treatment programs’ effectiveness will often depend on whether or not it is private or public. Both are useful and both can be effective, but in general private rehabs have more advantages. Primarily because they are small, individualized and offer low staff to client ratios.

Heroin treatment programs will also include:

A detox (detoxification) – This is the first step in heroin treatment and will begin immediately after the cessation of the drug. Withdrawal symptoms will be at their peak; to help ease them, medication may be given. Medical staff will be on hand throughout a heroin detox to ensure the addict is safe.

Counselling and therapy – These sessions will take place in a variety of different forms and include group counselling, one to one therapy, art therapy, CBT and holistic or alternative therapies.

Aftercare – This occurs after rehab and well into an addict’s sobriety. Aftercare may include sober living homes, counselling, meetings, support groups and continual addiction education.

Serenity Koh Samui Drug and Alcohol Rehab accept people with an addiction to heroin and other opiates or opioids. We offer complete customized programs which are tailored to specific needs and adjusted throughout a person’s stay. A heroin detox is carried out at, or under the supervision of, the reputable Bangkok Hospital Koh Samui. If hospitalization was necessary, once this is complete, the patient will move to the onsite private rehab facility to begin the recovery process. This involves daily counselling sessions, support groups, meetings, fitness activities and integrative therapies. These take place at our rehab which hosts no more than 12 people at any one time. Our 1-1 staff to patient ratio and philosophy in treating the whole person and not just the addiction has allowed us to become one of the leading rehabs in Thailand.

Contacting a Heroin Rehab in Thailand

An addiction to heroin is a serious matter which should not be taken lightly. Our rehab in Thailand is a luxury facility for heroin and drug addicts for a fraction of the cost. Private care does not get much better and could mean the difference between a fulfilled sober life and a life which could lead to illness or death.

If you or someone you know has an addiction to heroin and is ready to seek the support and guidance of a Thailand drug rehab, contact us today to find out how we can help. There is no better time than now.