Sober Living Thailand

Going directly from an inpatient rehab centre back to your routine environment at home can be an extremely difficult process. This holds true even after you’ve engaged in a number of different therapies and group sessions. During the rehab program, you will be immersed into structured activities which keep you busy and occupied. There are rules and limits to adhere to which will help you to stay on the right tract and facilitate a healthy recovery. Inside the treatment centre, there are no triggers and no negative influence; realistically, people at the rehab are protected and safe. All this is done for specific reasons and the greater good of the person, but when you leave, you will have to take the reins and learn to control yourself and societal influences. This can be easier said than done. And so to further the recovery, it’s often recommended for a newly sober person to transition from rehab into a sober living house.

What is a sober living house?

A sober living house in Thailand, or elsewhere, is a drug and alcohol free environment where addicts in recovery move to and live after getting intensive inpatient treatment. These places may be onsite of the rehab facility or nearby. Many people will transition to a sober house after a 30-90 stay at the rehab. Here, they may live for up to one year; although another 30 days to 6 months is the most common.

What You Can Expect When you go to a Sober Living Home

Once you are at the sober house, also known as a recovery house, you will be provided with a room that you may or may not share with another person. There will be a comfortable, home like feel which will help you to get used to being in the standard environment most people are used to. A staff member may also live in the home to ensure all the guidelines are being followed.

During your stay, you may not be engaged in the formal treatment you had gotten used to at rehab. However, therapy and meetings will still take place. The level of sober living home structure and programmes vary by facility, but will include the practice and implementation of tools and techniques you learned during treatment. You may also learn how to better communicate, manage money, create a resume, apply for job and other vital life skills you will need when you immerse yourself into the real world.

Social Support in Sober Living

The drug and alcohol free environment of a sober living home is one of the most obvious benefits, but another benefit of these facilities which often goes unnoticed is the social support you will have. Social support, according to research, is important to the recovery process. Knowing there are people around you who have been through similar experiences and want the same thing you do can make a big difference. You know there is always some kind of support; likewise, you will be able to give your own advice to others when needed.

Your roommates at the sober living house are like your own personal social network. You will help one another get through tough challenges and stay sober. You can do activities together and practice things you have learned at therapy and group meetings. You will quickly realise that choosing to go to a sober living house after rehab will be the second best decision you have made in a long time (the first being treatment).

A Smooth Transition into Regular Life

It’s understandable to want to resume normal life, go back to work and socialize with family and sober friends; unfortunately sometimes this can be a rocky transition. Abrupt and uncomfortable situations can occur leaving you feeling anxious and confused. It is in these situations you will be most prone to a relapse.

Another benefit of moving from rehab to a sober living home is the transition into reality is slower, more steady and balanced. You’ll still have structure and security, but not as much as in the rehab. More importantly, these coupled with the support and guidance will continue to act as a safeguard. At this secondary treatment facility, you will learn to grow as a person, gather your thoughts and readjust to society and everything that comes with it.

The sober living home environment is one of the most suitable places to spend your early recovery. If you’re feeling anxious about returning home after rehab, consider this alternative option.

Are you ready to go to rehab or a sober living home?

If you or someone you know has an addiction to drugs or alcohol and is ready to make changes towards a positive, healthy and sober life, Siam Rehab Thailand can help. We are primarily an inpatient addiction treatment programme and do not generally offer sober living afterwards. We do however have a considerable number of resources and can guid you in finding a sober living home in Thailand or your home country.