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Stevenage, Hertfordshire Drug and Alcohol Rehab

If you are living with an addiction in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, rehab treatment may be the best option for you.

Stevenage, Hertfordshire Drug and Alcohol Rehab

Whether this is the first time you have considered going to rehab or you have tried a programme in the past, but have since relapsed, please understand there is hope. You can learn the right tools and techniques to recover from an addiction.

Meet Siam Rehab

Siam Rehab is an alcohol and drug rehab in Thailand. For several years we have been successfully treatment men and women who were struggling with an addiction and needed help. Our team is made up of English speaking men and women who are well versed in addiction treatment and come from a broad range of clinical and professional backgrounds. As one of the leading Thailand drug treatment centres, we are recognised for our efficiency and effort. In fact, we are so confident in our programme that we offer a guarantee to our patients.

Stevenage, Hertfordshire addiction treatment is limited. Sometimes it is better to look elsewhere; thereby, giving you the chance to get out of your normal environment. If this sounds right for you, going to rehab abroad may be the best option.

To learn more about Siam Rehab, Stevenage, Hertfordshire men and women can call us today for a consultation and the opportunity to explore our programme in further detail.

Stevenage, Hertfordshire Drug and Alcohol Use

Stevenage, Hertfordshire is a small town, but like other UK towns, it has its fair share of drug and alcohol problems. County lines gangs are said to be the leading culprits of the rise in drug use in the area; particularly, cocaine, crack-cocaine, and heroin. Children are especially vulnerable to the county lines drug gangs and continue to be exploited by dealers who provide them with small amounts of money, phones, or other “enticing” items. Men and women who may be struggling with mental or emotional health issues, financial distress, or other problems may be prone to drug use and when they are not able to discontinue their use, an addiction may result. This is what is happening in Stevenage, Hertfordshire.

Drug related hospital admissions in Stevenage, Hertfordshire and the county as a whole has doubled. According to the only data available, there is an estimated 67.3 admissions per 100,000. Although high, they are lower than the national average.

Alcohol use, particularly dependency or addiction, is believed to be similar to the national average, but not higher. Statistical estimates are limited, but it is thought that nearly 24 percent of adults are dependent on alcohol on Hertfordshire.

According to local officials, including medical doctors and social workers, it is believed that people who make over £40,000 per year are particularly at risk for alcohol dependence. Those who are struggling in a relationship or with depression and high stress may also be prone to an addiction. In Stevenage, Hertfordshire, inpatient rehab programmes are limited, but available in the nearby areas.

Getting Rehab Treatment in Stevenage, Hertfordshire

Addiction is a serious condition that must be treated correctly. Apart from the high risk of harm during an unsupervised withdrawal, without knowing how to address triggers and stressors that will occur during recovery, you may struggle to cope with the process. By choosing to go to an inpatient rehab for drugs and alcohol, you can reduce the chances of a relapse. Furthermore, you can ensure your withdrawal symptoms are reduced and made safe.

The NHS provides free rehab treatment to anyone who needs it. Waiting times in Stevenage, Hertfordshire are between 2-3 weeks and are less than other parts of the country. The NHS treatment provides hospital or community detoxification and inpatient or outpatient treatment, depending on how severe your addiction may be. The severity will be determined by your GP or a partnering organisation. Although this treatment works for many people, there are concerns about the level of attention that a patient can be provided with. Resources are also limited which means you will likely not be given the opportunity to participate in a broad range of therapies.

If you are seeking a rehab that is more personalised and one that offers a high calibre level of care, an inpatient private rehab in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, or another area, may be more ideal. Private rehabs tailor programmes, and include several different therapies to ensure the patients’ mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being is addressed. Private rehabs in Stevenage, Hertfordshire and all other parts of the UK are relatively expensive with a starting price of £5500 for a 28 day programme including shared accommodation.

Going Abroad for Addiction Treatment

Apart from the high cost of a private rehab in the UK or the limited treatment provided by the NHS, many people are choosing to go abroad for addiction treatment. By doing so, you will have the opportunity to get away from your daily environment and the things that could make you prone to drinking or using. Rehab will help you to recognise these things and to cope with them when they do trigger you. 


Siam Rehab is one of the best addiction rehabs in Thailand and one that is preferred by men in women in the UK. If you are living in Stevenage, Hertfordshire, rehab treatment can begin as soon as you make the call to Siam Rehab.