Asia's  Non-12-Step Fitness Focused Addiction Treatment Centre Nestled in Nature

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Siam Rehab offers a unique recovery program that maximizes your chances of lasting recovery from substance abuse and co-occurring disorders.

A Unique Recovery Experience

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Canadian owned and operated addiction rehab centre in Thailand with world-class facility nestled within 30 acres of meticulously manicured jungle gardens, providing an inspiring backdrop for healing and recovery.
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Open wooden pavilion in Siam Rehab garden with green lawn in foreground and sheer trees in background

We Combat Addiction with a Modern & Effective Program

At Siam Rehab, we don't prescribe the 12-step program. Our approach goes beyond treating addiction symptoms – we delve into the underlying issues that led to addiction in the first place.

Fitness Focussed Approach

We understand that one size does not fit all, and our program respects individual beliefs and preferences. With a focus on individualised care, alternative support groups, and flexible fitness plans, our clients have the opportunity to boost their physical health and self-esteem while working towards their lasting recovery.

Evidence-Based Approach

We place a strong emphasis on Evidence-Based Approaches as a fundamental component of our program. Our team relies on data and research to tailor personalised addiction treatment plans, ensuring that every individual receives the highest standard of care supported by scientific research and proven methodologies.

Holistic Treatment Approach

The Holistic Treatment Approach is a therapeutic philosophy that considers the individual as a sum of interconnected parts: mind, body, and spirit. Rather than addressing addiction as an isolated issue, this approach acknowledges the profound impact addiction has on every aspect of a person’s life.

Siam Rehab instructor demonstrating boxing technique to client wearing hand-wraps on lawn with palm treesClients sitting in circle with counselor conversing during group therapy in Siam Rehab counseling roomCounselor with client at table conducting one to one counseling under small pavilion in garden
Client standing on Siam Rehab garden pathway with plant in foreground depicting path to recovery

We’re Here to Help You Get Started On the Path to Recovery

Contact us for a confidential assessment of your needs or those of your loved ones, and for additional information on our program. One of our directors responds to all phone calls and email.

Direct or WhatsApp:

Thailand Office (Thai – English):
+66 97 943 6477

EU Office (Dutch or German):
+31 619 234 586

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Read What Our Graduates Say About Our Program

Now I'm much better and I feel like a human again. It's a massive change, when I came here I was very shy and I couldn't speak over emotions and now I'm much better and I feel like a human again.
Heidi, United States
I have desire to live again and to make change. I replaced the need of love with drugs and alcohol. With Siam Rehab, I feel like I have desire to live again and to make change in my life.
Tracy, United States
Being at Siam, people are lovely and giving me the confidence to look forward to a positive life now.
Richard, Australia
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