Dreams and Ambitions in Addiction Recovery

Siam Rehab has been privy to watch men and women from all parts of the world face their addiction and conquer it. After staying in our treatment facility for a minimum of one month, we’ve seen these incredible people overcome challenges they’ve battled for years. (Most people stay with us for 3 months or more)

We felt an enormous sense of serenity when these people made goals and shared them with the group. Upon completing their addiction treatment, these strong individuals continued to follow their dreams and ambitions. This is one of the most beautiful sides to rehab; one which if you haven’t experienced it, you may not understand. However, it happens every day.

Why Setting Intentions is Important

Everyone has insecurities; they are a part of life and our own personalities. It’s easier to come up with excuses on why we can’t reach a dream or goal we’ve set. In rehab, it’s highly encouraged to eliminate negative self talk which is all too common in people struggling with an addiction. The words that put you down or make you feel a mix of negative emotions may not be intended to cause you harm, but rather you used them as a means of denial, avoidance and escape. By setting intentions, you start to build your future for the better.

However, like step 6 in the 12 steps, it’s one thing to set intentions and another thing to actually believe in your own ability to fulfill them. You may have endured countless setbacks in life because of your addiction, but once you’re in recovery, it is essential to believe that you can do the things you’ve never thought you could. You can start to live a life that you imagined having; you have the power to make that happen.

Whether you are in addiction recovery, are ready to go to rehab for treatment or are a loved one of an addict, making an effort to achieve the dreams you’ve always had can help you to improve your self esteem, self worth and overall quality of life. If you are struggling to believe in yourself, or to believe in your recovery right now, here are a few things to consider:

What you become is now up to you: The 12 steps will help you to see your life, past and present, in a clearer, more understandable way. Now the path you take is completely up to you. You are the only one who can actually achieve the dreams you made in addiction recovery.

Believing will get you in the right mindset: To reach your dreams as a sober person, it’s important to not only set them, but believe in them too. This will prepare you with a mindset actively focused on finding the right opportunities to get you that much closer to your dream. Even challenges can present themselves as a way to learn, explore and move towards the achievement.

Keep up the momentum: Once you get started, make an effort to keep going. Use your energy and motivation to keep on the right path. Don’t forget, support groups and sober friends are a great way to help you find that motivation if you’re ever feeling like you’re lacking it.

Choosing to believe will help you to stay sober: When you are determined to reach your dreams in addiction recovery, you will feel inspired and proud of yourself – especially each time you get a little closer. You’ll also notice an improvement in self esteem which is vital to your sobriety.

Listening to Your Dreams and Ambitions

If you have a dream, listen to it. Even if people tell you negative things, it’s your dream. Listening to them is setting you up for feelings of failure and regret. You may have tough moments and nights you feel like giving up. However, there is a reason for you wanting something so passionately; don’t betray yourself by not giving it a try. It’s never too late. There is no right time or wrong age. You just need to start; here’s how.

Dream about it: Your dream evolved in your mind. You imagined that it was possible. Take time to dream about your dream. Let go of the “what if’s” and be a dreamer. If you’ve let that dream grow cold, re-ignite the flame to get your gears going.

Believe in it:> Your dream may be big. For example, you may dream about having land with a house and garden. Right now, it may seem far away, but if you allow certain things to happen, if you implore other people’s help and if you work hard enough, your dream can come true.

Vision it: When you’re thinking about your dream, imagine it. Build a picture of the house, the garden and the land. See the flowers and taste the vegetables from the garden. This is the same thing CEO’s, sports players and other achievers do to reach their own dreams because it helps to prepare the mind and mindset to get going.

Talk about it: A quiet dream often stays quiet and never actually evolves into something real and tangible. Like step 5 of the 12 steps asks you to open up about your addiction, talk about your dream(s) to other people. The more you talk about it, the more you believe it. At the same time, it will hold you accountable by essentially showing others that dreams are possible!

Plan it: To make your dream come true in addiction recovery, you must have a plan. Sit down and develop a strategy. Use tools and techniques learned in treatment to help you develop an aftercare plan. Be sure to think about the fine details and when ready, break the plan into realistic workable parts.

Work for it: Even if you’re working, studying and/or caring for family, take time every day to work on your dreams. If you feel like you lack the time, do your best to make time even if that means no television or Facebook.

Live and enjoy it: Your dream will blossom into a full-fledged reality. When it comes true, enjoy it to the max. In the meantime, as you’re on the path, don’t forget to enjoy that experience too. Finally, when you’ve reached your own ambitions, why not pay it forward by helping others to reach their own dreams in addiction recovery? Remember, everything is possible.

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