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Chesterfield, Derbyshire Drug and Alcohol Rehab

In Chesterfield, Derbyshire, drug and alcohol misuse statistics are not readily available. However, like other parts of the UK, the town, and nearby areas, of 150,000 people has experienced an increase in drug misuse and dependency.

In Chesterfield, Derbyshire rehabs, harm reduction services, and hospitals have reported an overall increase in drug and alcohol misuse. If you are one of these people and are ready to get the help you need to recover from an addiction, Siam Rehab would like to guide you towards the road to recovery.

In less than one day, you can arrive in Chiang Rai, Thailand where you will be warmly greeted by trained addiction specialists who understand what you are going through, where you have been, and how to help you in the most effective manner.

Siam Rehab is the only centre in Thailand with a qualified addiction psychiatrist as the medical director and head of treatment. We also have a well rounded team of very experienced counsellors, a psychologist, physical trainers, an equine assisted coach, and more. We have an incredible staff to client ratio which means you will receive dedicated attention during your stay with us. We want to help you.

We want to help you. To learn more about our private addiction treatment programme, Chesterfield, Derbyshire residents are encouraged to call us now.

Drug and Alcohol Misuse and Dependency in Chesterfield, Derbyshire

In Chesterfield, Derbyshire, drug and alcohol misuse statistics are not readily available. However, like other parts of the UK, the town, and nearby areas, of 150,000 people has experienced an increase in drug misuse and dependency.

According to the Office for National Statistics, since 2001 to 2016, there has been 3,570 deaths in Derbyshire and Derby as a result of drug overdose or misuse. These deaths have involved many different substances including controlled and non-controlled drug, prescription medication, and OTC medication.

Currently the Health Chiefs in Derbyshire has said the recent drug related deaths are typically the result of synthetic highs, like Spice, crack cocaine, and opiates such as heroin. Between 2015 and 2017, there were 119 drug deaths in Derbyshire and 43 in Derby. Bare in mind these numbers do not include accidents, medical conditions, or overdoses that did not involve a fatality; nor do they include suicides attributed to drug use.

Also in Derbyshire, the deaths related to opiates have declined or remained stable in the borough, but deaths from fentanyl have risen as have deaths attributed to cocaine. Most people who have lost their life to drugs are between the ages of 40 and 49.

Also in Chesterfield and the nearby areas, alcohol misuse is higher than the regional and national average. The under 75 mortality rates for alcohol related liver disease was 25 people per 100,000 in 2014-2016. Alcoholic related hospital admissions is also higher than the national average for males and females.

Rehab Options in Chesterfield, Derbyshire

In Chesterfield, rehab and addiction treatment services are available. Some of these can be sought directly in the town and others will require you to go outside of the area.

If you are interested in a private rehab in Chesterfield, the nearest facilities are Banbury Lodge and Oasis Runcorn. Because these are private rehabs, Chesterfield residents may be required to pay the costs out of pocket. In general, a detoxification and 28 day rehab programme in the UK is between £834 to £2,500 per week. Luxury rehabs, which include private living quarters and extra amenities like massages, can cost £3,000 per week or more.

There are many benefits of going to a private rehab. You can be admitted to a treatment programme in a very short matter of time and will be given the necessary one to one attention throughout your stay.

NHS/Free Addiction Treatment in Chesterfield

In Chesterfield, the NHS does provide inpatient and outpatient detoxification and rehab to anyone who needs help. These services are good, but because of the demand for them, they tend to be understaffed and overworked. In Derbyshire, the proportion of the population waiting for drug and alcohol treatment is significantly worse than other parts of England. On average, you will have to wait a minimum of 3 weeks to begin.

If you are interested in the NHS services, you can talk with your GP about getting a referral to an inpatient rehab. If your GP does not believe your addiction is serious, they may refer you to outpatient treatment, a hospital detoxification, or therapy.

Aside from the NHS services, there are many harm reduction organisations that offer support for anyone who is struggling with an addiction.

Chesterfield Royal NHS Foundation Trust – Provides a broad range of medical services including detoxification and referrals.

Derbyshire Alcohol Advice Service – The main point of service for anyone in Chesterfield who may be struggling with an alcohol dependency problem.

Derbyshire Substance Misuse Service – Chesterfield – A drug treatment service for adults. One to one interventions, care planning, and structured treatment is available.

Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous – In Chesterfield and the nearby areas there are weekly support groups for those who are in recovery. The two most popular groups, AA and NA, are based on the 12 steps and provide a safe and supportive environment for anyone who has had a dependency and is trying to remain sober.

A Drug and Alcohol Rehab in Thailand

In Chesterfield, private rehab treatment is limited. The rehabs that are within a few hours drive might be too close to home. Whether this is an issue, you are unable to pay the high costs of a private rehab in the UK, or just want something completely different, Siam Rehab may be the right choice.

As a private rehab in Thailand, we offer a comprehensive programme that will be customised to your addiction and physical or emotional needs. Our facility is located in a serene environment away from any potential stressors that may aggravate your recovery. You will truly get the opportunity to focus entirely on yourself. Best of all, because we are a rehab in Thailand, you will not face the same costs as that of a private rehab in Chesterfield or the surrounding areas. We encourage you to read over our site to get a feel for our facility, our treatment, and our staff. At anytime, if you want to know more about our rehab, Chesterfield men and women can call Siam Rehab to speak with our Director.