Drug and Alcohol Rehab for Couples

Couples have a hard time finding addiction treatment that they can attend together. Siam Rehab is one of the very few addiction treatment centres in the world willing to accept couples that are both having issues with drug or alcohol addiction.

Benefits of Attending Couples Rehab for Addiction

  • If both partners are struggling with addiction and only one gets help this puts the newly sober partner at extreme risk if he or she returns to the same situation with a partner that is still struggling with their addiction.
  • Entering rehab together at the same time allows for coupes therapy to take place while the addiction is also being treated.
  • Being honest in rehab is important, it is harder to hide behind wrong beliefs and half truths when someone who knows you that well is sitting there.
  • Attending rehab together can help you form a deeper connection as well as knowing what you both went through makes it easier to understand and support each other.
  • By attending rehab together you will not only learn about your own addiction and triggers you will learn about your partners triggers and be able to better take measure to avoid the triggers and situations for both of you.
  • A positive relationship can be a strong motivating factor to stay clean and sober.
  • When attending rehab together the couples motivation is continuously reinforced by the couples commitment to one another.
  • Substance abuse makes it difficult to go back to the way things were before treatment and if only one partner went through treatment they won’t understand the changes that need to take place.
  • When couples are in recovery together they can be a great source of support and motivation for each other. For example you don’t feel like going to a meeting tonight? But your partner can insist that you come along.

When Attending Rehab together is not a Good Idea

  • If there I continuous domestic abuse then partners should not attend rehab together.
  • When one of the partners has special needs that can no be addressed at the chosen centre.
  • Only one partner is interested in getting and staying clean.
  • If you don’t plan on continuing the relationship after rehab then you probably should go alone.

Couples in Rehab Together

Siam Rehab is in a unique position to offer rehab for couples since the size of our facility allows couples their own space as well as we put couples in separate groups for part of the programme. When attending rehab often times the issues at home that the other partner is dealing with can cause a partner to discharge early. When the couple is in drug rehab together they are better suited to deal with domestic issues and problems at home together.

Conditions for being Accepted into Couples Rehab

  • Siam Rehab will accept couples when both are highly motivated to end their substance abuse and live a clean and sober life.
  • We will only accept couples that have a strong relationship and intend to continue the relationship after rehab.
  • We will not accept couples when there is ongoing domestic abuse or when one is only doing it for the partner.
  • You have to both want to get clean. We will only accept couples in a committed relationship, ie: if it is your girl/boyfriend of 2 months then we will not accept you as a couple.

Coming to Couples Rehab

The initial step in coming to rehab as a couple at Siam Rehab is you will both need to fill in the admissions form separately that you can find here. You will also both need to speak to the intake coordinator privately and together.

From most places in the world it is not difficult to get to Siam Rehab in Thailand. Located in Chiang Rai we are serviced by regular flights mostly connecting in Bangkok. The centre is in a beautiful mountain valley with no temptations around. Call now to find out more about Siam Rehab’s couples rehab programme.